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Reviewer: sporadicx Signed [Report This]
Date: July 30 2013 8:24 PM Title: Chapter 1

Very good! I love how you focus on the tinies, as if their deaths and predicaments are so important... all for just a seemingly worthless speck to the woman. Maybe this is repetitive, but I certainly wouldn't mind just seeing more chapters of her purchasing new tinies to play with. Personally, I really appreciate the straight forward action. You do a nice job of making it sexy and intense. Next, maybe you could add on by having her purchase smaller tinies, where they are cheaper due to being less risky or whatever (how you choose it to be). Some even like an eigth or sixteenth of an inch, where she can focus on tormenting them and create a horribly pathetic situation for them or she could just have her way with several at a time. Maybe you could entertain the thought of sex with the tinies, girl on girl scenarios, anal, etc.. The possibilities are endless really. Just a few thoughts...

Author's Response:

I'm only just starting to experiment with narratives consisting of more than just 'A giant woman is doing sexual things to small people RIGHT THIS SECOND.'  Originally this was a more sci-fi-oriented settting, with the characters being colonists on other planets, but I cut that when I realized I had no plans to explore it.  I may bring back that aspect in the future, but rest assured, there will be lots of sexual stuff happening no matter what level of depth I decide this story's setting deserves.

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