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Reviewer: JDO Signed [Report This]
Date: March 10 2016 12:17 AM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever

I didn't find this funny so one star.



JK it was hilarious and accurate as fuck. Though I have to say at 17 (and now) if a cute girl invited me back to her house I probably wouldn't care about her intentions much either. Maybe I'm too trusting. Either way, this was genius.

Reviewer: GiantessLover122 Signed [Report This]
Date: August 15 2015 1:57 PM Title: Story four: The Worst Giantess Story Ever 2: The Unnecessary Sequel Nobody Asked For

Loved them!

Reviewer: Ancient Relic Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 28 2014 11:21 AM Title: Story four: The Worst Giantess Story Ever 2: The Unnecessary Sequel Nobody Asked For

This is so bad it's great. I was laughing through most of it.

Author's Response:

You should have seen me while I was writing this. I know its sad to laugh at your own jokes, but I made an exception this time.

I'm glad you found it just as amusing.

Reviewer: Ancient Relic Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: May 28 2014 11:20 AM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever

Writers, if you find yourself doing anything in this chapter, change it.

Author's Response:

Except for referencing Honda Civics. We can never have enough Civic content on this website. :D

Reviewer: gadgetmawombo Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 27 2014 10:58 PM Title: Story four: The Worst Giantess Story Ever 2: The Unnecessary Sequel Nobody Asked For

Wow this is pretty funny and surprisingly, kinda sexy too! Good job, I guess if I had to complain it would be that it kinda got complicated at the end with all the authors and cameos!

Author's Response:

Ah shucks Gadget. The cameos were the best part.

Oh well, at least it managed to live up to the original

Reviewer: Mr E Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 17 2013 5:40 PM Title: A Day in the Shrunken life

the last review I wa sonyl paying around.  this one was an excellent short story. I wish I could write them like this.  I love his view on life at the end anf of course the inshoe material which is one of my favorites.

Keep up the great work!

Author's Response:

I could tell your last review was meant to be humorous and I responded in a similar manner. :D

Also I'm glad you enjoyed that first chapter. it was my first first person story.

Reviewer: Mr E Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 17 2013 5:32 PM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever

you iz goods authors. thisizgreatesst stroy eva ritten! Congratewlasion.

Author's Response:

thx dud, I makez gud stuff wit da words.

Reviewer: youre_my_slave Signed [Report This]
Date: October 02 2013 4:28 AM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever

"Don’t capitalize a person’s speech unless their shouting."



Author's Response:

I take it this is a positive review. :)

Reviewer: Xandar357 Signed [Report This]
Date: September 21 2013 12:13 PM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever


" “Sally I didn’t know you were pregnant seeing as that’s the only way women produces milk” " 

Author's Response:

I'm guessing this is a positive review, or a way to point out the terrible grammar in this sentence. Either way, thanks for reading Xandar357.

Reviewer: SafetyPin Signed starstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: September 07 2013 5:57 PM Title: A Well Deserved Fate

Good descriptions of the predicament that led up to the shrinking and then the crushing ending.

But you glossed over all the middle part that had so much potential for detailed description of many acts of dehumanizing cruelty.

"The next few weeks for him were hell....beatings, humiliating and dehumanizing games, and having his entire body stuffed into the Indian girl's snatch every time she felt in the mood."

There could have been so much more to make this story great. : (


Author's Response:

I agree. Looking back I really should have stretched out the middle more, but I had planned this to be a short story and I didn't want to leave with a cliffhanger or a really long block of text.

I could potentually write an expantion, and perhaps elaborate on the many things they did to him.

Reviewer: Pico Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: July 26 2013 2:08 PM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever

That was great. It seems that you have the same "weird" sense of humor that I have. I also wrote a spoof-kinda shrunken male story. Although very different approach then you and I don't know if I pulled it off since some people don't get it.

"for the sake of the plot I temporarily lose my ability to think rationally"

This made me laugh for about a minute.

Something similar bothers me that you didn't convey... or maybe also share my opinion on but couldn't get into this plot.

I see many stories where the reaction of the female toward the shrunken man progresses the same. They are very realistic... your average woman, warm, kind and caring... a normal human being. When first presented with a tiny man, it just takes about 10 seconds for her to drop 40 IQ points and turn into sadistic bitches driven only by animalistic urges. 

At least turn them into sadistic tormenters over a gradual process... similar to those RP-ing experiments where normal people must simulate prisoners and prison guards. (If you know what I mean by this, certain sociology experiments... even a great german movie about it "Das Experiment".)

Also... the amount of fluid a vagina can create sometimes baffles me (in certain stories). Why would women even wear textile panties if this were true? 

I also strongly agree on the foot issues. Now, I don't judge people who have a foot fetish. I'm sure I have fetishes that are deemed weird. (I am not disgusted by feet howerer, just not turned on by them either.) But that foot play is only great for the shrunken man who is into that. No issue with that point of view. But from the giantess' perspective, highly unrealistic. The majority of people are very ticklish on their feet, and could stand anything touching it, especially small lifeforms. They would giggle and by involuntary reaction violently shake the foot and crushing the shrunken person. Unless you happen to find that rare person who is not ticklish there.


Wow, I didn't see a lenghty comment like this coming myself. :)

Although I must say, I want to be respectful to anyone on this site, no matter what they write. And I don't come across that many stories with an unimaginative plot. (Maybe I am lucky... also I don't click anything that contains the tag "feet". LOL :D Unless it's written by UHF.)

I figure some people are not here to write great plot-driven stories, which is okay (they probably realise that themselves). I view it as vocalizing their own fantasies, mostly for their own benefit. As an outlet. 

I must admit... you have a bit of a mean streak in your parody. But I see what you were trying to achieve and you did it brilliantly and in an original way.


Would read again... and appearantly I will... ;) (Did you get that?)

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it Pico. I also took a look at your parody and left a review on it for you.

As for GTS story tropes I totally agree with you on the issue of sadism. I can't stand it when the giantess suddenly snaps and turns into some kind of animal.

Also about the feet thing, I seem to have forgotten the fact that people are ticklish down there. My main focus was about how the gts in many stories simply puts something in her mouth thats been on her feet which most normal people wouldn't do.

And I'm glad you enjoyed my style of humor, even if its a little blunt in its approach.

Reviewer: unknown1 Signed [Report This]
Date: June 29 2013 8:54 PM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever


the rest of the story was ok but this is CAPITAL

Author's Response:

Well this is "The Worst Giantess Story Ever", so honestly I think misspellings and grammar mistakes work better in this case

Reviewer: youre_my_slave Signed [Report This]
Date: June 29 2013 1:34 PM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever

“Sally I didn’t know you were pregnant seeing as that’s the only way women produces milk” That's...Not entirely true, actually. Being on the pill can make you...Dribble.

Author's Response:

I supose that the correct phrase would be "... thats the only women naturally produce milk"

Reviewer: gerald Signed [Report This]
Date: June 29 2013 12:55 AM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever

A joke? *holds up card saying 'joke'*

But more seriously: yeah, lots of so-called 'writers" approach their "stories` in this way. I don't think exaggerating will help much.. if one doesn't care, then such example won't make a difference - but that's just my opinion.

As for the moral, I would add several more wishes: some actual plot, consistent characters (their motivations can be shallow - and often are with real people - but they have to be reliably so), some conclusion (especially if one doesn't want to continue the story - just kill them all - or whatever - don't leave it like..), also not _just_ sex - it may be the first thing that comes to mind, but certainly wouldn't be the only one.

Author's Response:

Sadly this is true; even with the writing tools and examples of good stories people still manage to fuck up. Honestly though this story wasn't meant to educate since I am painfully aware that even if I told them directly they would continue to make the same mistakes.

The "moral" is in fact a joke. It's really more me ranting about different tropes than an actual lesson.

Reviewer: youre_my_slave Signed [Report This]
Date: June 28 2013 10:20 PM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever

You also forgot "Sally was dressed very revealingly, because that's hot, and all teenage girls like to do that and she managed to get into school dressed like that because it's not like high schools have dress codes or anything like that."

Author's Response:

Damn another missed opportunity!

Reviewer: youre_my_slave Signed [Report This]
Date: June 28 2013 8:18 PM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever

Oh my god. This chapter as accurately described every single story I've ever written. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I just do kids in their teens because I'm in my teens and it feels more comfortable than writing about someone who could be old enough to be my older brother or possibly father. Let's face it, this entire fetish is implausible. You wouldn't be able to shrink someone and REALLY get away with it, because who in the hell would just go, "Oh, x didn't return home last night and isn't answering my calls, I guess I won't CALL THE COPS OR ANYTHING." (Yeah, I'm guilty of this too.) As for the whole vore thing, I usually like to write them 2 inches or below because otherwise it'd be near impossible to swallow safely. And I'm just going with two inches because the human body can bend and with the right concentration you could probably swallow it. But the there's all that thrashing around to account for... Eh, what the hell. I saw a woman on YouTube swallow 12 gummy bears WHOLE. She must have practiced or something because I expected her to choke to death on camera. Damn you, now you've made me ramble and given me an unanswerable question to ponder! (Story was hilarious. If you want to watch a woman swallow 12 gummy bears whole just YouTube "12 gummy bear swallow" you should watch it, it's impressive, if nothing else.)

Author's Response:

I actually took the time to read all this, and let me say that if you want to write about teens go right on ahead.

In truth that first paragraph was meant more to make fun of the fact that so many stories are set in high school than about the age thing.

Also teens are not "kids".

I should know I am one

Reviewer: scrymgeour Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 28 2013 8:09 PM Title: The World’s Worst Giantess Story Ever

Yes! You overplayed your hand just a little bit in the second half -- but you definitely made me laugh. I've been thinking about writing out a mock-scenario like this for some time. 

"So we were sitting in class and it was the last class of the day, because it absolutely has to be the last class otherwise I’d have to explain how she covered up my disappearance and that would make my brain hurt.

'OMG Brian I, like totally have a crush on you, please come to my house.' She said to me as the final students left the class.

...For the sake of the plot I temporarily lose my ability to think rationally and agree to go to her house despite knowing nothing about her or her family."

[Just reposting this review under the proper chapter heading.]

Author's Response:

This was exactly the reaction I was looking for. You have no idea how relieved I am that you enjoy this story.

Also I think you should definitely write that mock-scenario, there needs to be more joke stories on this site

Reviewer: Dudemanguy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: June 26 2013 2:12 PM Title: A Day in the Shrunken life

Tis good and fair, the tiny man, endeth up on the sole of his goddess' foot, nothing more than a speck of dirt. 

In other words; Good job.

Author's Response:

Welcome back Dudemanguy I'm glad you found the story enjoyable.

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