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Reviewer: BFR Signed [Report This]
Date: November 25 2021 10:15 PM Title: introducing the characters

Can I ask if you still have the remaining chapters still available to read? Could you let me know if there is a fee to get access?

Reviewer: Glaslow Signed [Report This]
Date: November 21 2021 10:42 AM Title: introducing the characters

Hi ! First I want to congratulate you on your stories, I'm a big fan! On the other hand I wanted to ask you : Could you tell me where did your story "Tales of a shrinking sister" go? I was able to read all the chapters (and loved it!). But unfortunately only chapter 1 is displayed. It seems the others have been removed ... And I think it's shame :(

Reviewer: Woobles Signed [Report This]
Date: October 12 2016 7:05 PM Title: introducing the characters

Fantastic job on the new chapter, I really hope to hear more about Stacy's butt stuff with Jessica and maybe even others!

Reviewer: Woobles Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 13 2015 8:17 PM Title: introducing the characters

I'm so excited for the next chapters, please continue!!

Author's Response: Ask and you shall receive ... Within a certain time.

Reviewer: The Reviewer Signed [Report This]
Date: May 10 2015 2:41 AM Title: introducing the characters

I really hope you come back to write this :|
This story is one of the few that can blow up my mind!

Author's Response:

This story, as well as all my other stories, are for the most part dead. Maybe one day through the ancient power of necromancy I shall revive it but unfortunately my dark, satanic abilities have lately been devoted to more soul crushing deeds. Specifically university, where I have written so many reports that the mere thought of writing makes me consider the sweet embrace of death. Please understand, I appreciate the support this story has recieved but you will need to find solace in the literature of better authors of this site which I can assure you there are many of.

For the record, this comment is higly sarcastic since I am very tired at the moment and so this is not intended to be insulting.   

Reviewer: The Reviewer Signed [Report This]
Date: November 07 2014 9:20 AM Title: introducing the characters

Please keep going ... I want her to end up on Amy's shoes already :(

Author's Response:

I've kind of taken a permanant break from writing. I update chapters sometimes but only when I really want to. I also don't have many plans to do with this story. Because you asked I might update this but I most likely won't. I apologize.

Reviewer: big-little-world Signed [Report This]
Date: April 20 2014 12:02 PM Title: introducing the characters

Now I really want Stacy to get the viruse, to see her reaction on finding out she has it and Emma's reaction to her getting it would be totally sweet to read. Also love what you did with Jessica, I bet her and Emma would be awesome best friends.
On the end chapter notes lol man:)

Reviewer: Slacker28 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 22 2014 8:07 PM Title: introducing the characters

Thank you for replying.  You made good points, but my main point is that Kate could become nothing more than a vagina toy.  It doesen't have to be something maternial.  She is leteraly just a toy being over whelmed by a single body part.  I thought it would fit in well with your souless Kate idea because in the last chapter she still conciders Sarah her mom and would feel protected in her vagina.  It would most likely increase her bond with Sarah like in the shower scene and she is still alive so you can do whatever you want afterword.  This is your story and I am pleased you took time to review my idea and replied.  Please do as you feel best.

Author's Response:

Ah, that was your point, I apologize for misinterprutting. Although I do like your idea better than the one I presented I can't change it. You see it is Stacy's (Not sarah) idea, she wanted to consume Kate and dominate her completely. She wouldn't see trapping Kate in her vagina nearly as dominating. Humiliating, yes, but she would also see full oral consumption as more humiliating. I have to do what I believe my characters would do in the situation. Also, she isn't actually going to eat Kate. That's just how she felt in the moment.

Reviewer: Slacker28 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 22 2014 5:09 PM Title: introducing the characters

Nice with the latest chapter that was sexy.  What I would do is rather then devower her vore wise, but insertion wise.  There is a story on this sight called close Close by Gheed.  At the end of the last chapter and the beginning and the end of the epilogue it shows a step-mom making her vagina her step-son's home.  This makes her step son bond with her more and the 2 become unseperatable.  I thought this theme would be better at a subjigation theme while still showing consumption in some form.  If not then pleace continue what you are doing.  Please let me know what you think.

Author's Response:

Although your idea of consumption does include subjegation and domination it is no where near to the enxtent of vore. In your example the son is forced to live in the mothers vagina. I'm not being harsh but this is why I believe that vore is so much more power.

1- Living in anothers vagin is more parasitic. That is still quite erotic but nowhere near as submissive as being vored. In one example you are living on anothers body in the other example you are being forced to BECOME that body.

2- Being he is more of a parasite he still has his mind. In my example the girl has nothing. No mind, body or soul as they have all been taken from her a consumed. They no longer belong to her but belong to Stacy. She is now Stacy herself, yet only a part of her.

3- Similar to the previous example. Kate is also forced to be turned into Stacy's fecal matter. Her shit. What Stacy's body chooses not to use, what it chooses not to consume is transofrmed into a useless pile of nothing. Shit is literally what the body doesn't want creating a nice represesntation of two Kates. The first kate is everything she was good at, everything that was good about her. This bit was turned into Stacy as fat or energy. The other is everything that was wrong about Kate or everything she was bad at. This is turned into Stacy's shit. The meaning behind that is far more powerful than the man who is forced to live in the mothers vagina. Yes his status has changed but he is still himself.

4- In your example it is a mother 'consuming' her child. In my example it is a younger sister 'consuming' an older one. It is more pathetic to be defeated by a younger generation than an older on.

These are my reasons for why I believe vore consumption is more powerful and contains more subjegation than Vaginal voring. Although I do like your idea and might incorporate it in a chapter or story I Stick by my previous statement. Let me know what you think too, =) 

Reviewer: Sora Signed [Report This]
Date: March 22 2014 4:13 PM Title: introducing the characters

"She wanted so badly for her to simply shrink down right there and then so that she could consume her for real. To eat her whole and enjoy as her very body and mind were forcefully turned into her own body and fecal matter. What greater domination could there possibly be? She would truly own Kate after doing that. She would belong to her forever."


This passage sent chills through me. To dominate Kate in this way would the ultimate form of subjugation. Truly amazing stuff. I can't wait to see where you go from here! 

Author's Response:

I am glad that my work impacted you so. I actually thought that chapter was a little bit to much but I'm glad people have enjoyed it. There will be a few more chapters with Stacy and then the story will change. This is an important time in the story. I hope I continue to please you =)

Reviewer: big-little-world Signed [Report This]
Date: March 21 2014 4:25 PM Title: introducing the characters

Thanks for responding to my comment it means a lot but anyway I love Emma she's an Excellent sister, so very caring, absolutely great job man:)

Author's Response:

I always try to reply to comments especially if a questions or provocative statement has been said. I Like Emma as well and even constructed her so that she would be caring and kind. However, she isn't an angel and can do bad things as well. She's no "snow White" but she's still a good person.

Reviewer: big-little-world Signed [Report This]
Date: March 02 2014 3:38 PM Title: introducing the characters

I have an idea, give Stacy the shrinking virus:)

Author's Response:

Funny thing is that I have now come up with how the shrinking virus works. UNder these rules it is actually possible for Stacy to get the virus. It's possible for all the children to get the virus. Well, as long as they all have the same father which they actually don't but still.

Reviewer: Chozo Signed [Report This]
Date: February 20 2014 6:39 PM Title: introducing the characters

Have you ever seen the 3rd Karate Kid movie where the bad guy pretends to be Daniel's friend and takes him under his wing and corrupts him and turns him against Mr. Miyagi? Could this perhaps be what Stacy is doing here?

Author's Response:

I have not seen karate kid and that is kind of what Stacy is doing. I shall give you a clue that will practically give it away. There is an author on this site called italykeke who has been writing a story based on this universe. There is one aspect to that story which I will add to this one (If I haven't already, I sometimes forget key elements to my own story creating plot holes and such). Anyway the thing is that Shrinkers need to be put under the care of a guardian when they reach a certain height. Since they are going to shrink to a size where they will need to be looked after the government wants to know if it have to look after you or will a friend or family member look after you. This "guardian" can be anyone and any age as the government really only wants to know if you have a carer or not and don't really care about age restriction or what not. Right now Kate is not under any guardianship because she hasn't reached a critical height yet (But she is fast approaching!) and she was planning on being put under the care of her mother or Emma as they are responsible and will care for her. However she doesn't see them in that light anymore. If Stacy uses her acting ability she could warp Kate's mind into trusting her completetly as she will be able to "Protect" her from the people who have abused her. Psychological.

Reviewer: voredom Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 24 2014 7:57 AM Title: introducing the characters

Really looking forwards to seeing what happens when she shrinks down further, but it's been good seeing more variety in the way she's being treated now that her other sister's involved.

Reviewer: italykeke Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 20 2014 8:53 AM Title: introducing the characters

This last chapter was one of my fav ! :) good job once again !

Author's Response:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: realRS Signed [Report This]
Date: January 18 2014 2:53 PM Title: introducing the characters

I've been reading this series from the start and have had a great time, especially in more recent chapters since the focus on torture let up a bit. 

Author's Response:

Thankyou so much. It is nice to know that people have good times with my stories. I've learned doing my writing that torture isn't everything and sometimes you have to give a story a little character development and content.

Reviewer: italykeke Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 18 2014 10:17 AM Title: introducing the characters

I waited so much to see you continuing it ! I'm so glad you finally did :) !

This new chapter for sure turned upside down the situation , it shows there is still hope for Kate :P ! I wonder how will it evolve. I really like how Kate evolve in a dangerous environment where she lost control on everything , we can clearly see how she is threatened by anyone when she does something. A funny thing would be to have Jane yelling at her for not listening when she tries to meditate xD, or even not trusting her if she denounce Stacy , with Emma also trying to hide the truth and siding against her older sister grounding her for lying, then explaining it was for her own sake .

For the mysterious master, I don't think he/she is related to Jessica as they discovered that it was her younger siblings doing that only recently , I still hope to see it soon and good job writing such an amazing universe ! :)

Ps: there is just a tiny flaw , you mentioned that kate was only 1ft 1/2 then in this last chapter she is at the height of Stacy's waist. (Well it's No problem with me as it announce she will probably shrink a lot soon :D). Could you also tell me what was my email I forgot ha ha ! I wish good luck to you and hope to see more soon ! :)

Author's Response:

thankyou =) I have been meaning to write more but with my internet down while moving it has been impossible. Yes, I wanted to create a feeling of total isolation with everyone in the family kind of squeezing her but in their own way (Stacy being mean, Emma being forceful, Mother being over baring). The next chapter might also include that drunken scene that has been discussed.

Damn, I hate it when I make inconsistencies! I didn't realize I had shrunken her down that far and thought she only came up to Stacy's waist (Or was it Amy's waist?) Well, lets hope none of these inconsistencies continue =( Thankyou for alerting me to it so I can be more careful.

And what do you mean "They" have only known that it was the younger siblings recently. If you mean Jessica then they have known for a few days (Ever since school) And that would be more than enough for someone with jessica's power to organize somehing. Don't forget, she is super rich!

You asked for your email address. These are the only ones I could find I hope they are helpful =) <>; or <>;

Reviewer: italykeke Signed [Report This]
Date: December 18 2013 3:46 PM Title: introducing the characters


I enjoyed how happened this last chapter , it would be cool to see this cold asian agent some times,  maybe you should make her less robotic and more of the buisness-first kind I think though. 

I have some other ideas if you want , maybe one with stacey having heard of what the agent said abuse Kate and if she menace to denounce her she could answer, "if you do you'll end up in a shrinking center and you'll be enslaved till the end of your life so now shut up bitch, ha ha, hooo you'll cry poor baby? wanna suck on my tits? ha ha ha" 

also maybe making Kate not able to control her anger because of the news she'll be breastfeed and somehow shrinks a bit. then Emma and Jane come in to discuss about if she agreed to be breastfeed but when they see she had shrunk again they do not hesitate and force her to accept and yell on her saying she has to stop to act like a child.

then again that's only ideas that crossed my mind, maybe some others would be better ^^. See ya !

Author's Response:

1) I made the asian character robotic so I would have to write a whole lot explaining her emotions as she speaks. That chapter was already pretty long so if I added "explanatory" text it would be horrible! I also made her robotic so I would have an excuse to simply explain the story quickly and easily. If I got a "normal" character to explain and discuss everything the same way the agent did it would seem really out of character and unrealistic. Robotic characters don't look so obvious when giving exposition in other words.

However, having said that, now that all that explaining is over, it would be easy for me to tweak her character to be slightly emotional but simply "business-like" as you said. The main reason why I probably won't do that is that I already have way too many side characters as it and don't want to shove anymore into the story just yet. Hell, I still have to bring back amy's "friend" who was helping her abuse Kate. She's been missing for like ten hcapters or something. Anyway, if I get a chance I might bring back the agent but she is far down on my list of priorities.

2) You're second idea is interesting. I really like the idea that Stacy learns that Kate doesn't want to be sent to a shrinker centre. This would give her the ability to torment Kate while keeping her silent. Your second suggestion regarding how she does it probably won't make it. But I still like the general suggestion =)

3) Yeah, I'm going to make Kate become angry with her situation as she has all these rules and restriction enforced upon her and now there is the chance she might be force breastfed. This outburst would slowly turn her mother and Emma against her (not in the same way Stacy is) as they see their actions as helping while Kate is being stubborn and selfish.

All in all, thankyou for your suggestions. I always appreciate them =) 

Reviewer: Chozo Signed [Report This]
Date: December 15 2013 1:15 AM Title: introducing the characters

Yeah, I know what you mean about the "stereotypically large breasted women". I would not suggest that every woman in a story be described that way, but I don't see anything wrong with using them sparingly because large breasted women do exist in real life, so to have just one such woman in an entire story shouldn't be a problem, but I would agree it shouldn't be over done. I just think having the agent have big breasts would work well with the whole breastfeeding thing because it would really underscore that, and maybe its another thing that could add to Kate's humiliation.

Personality wise, it would be cool if the agent was kinda like Jessica in that she loves to help people and that's why she choose this occupation, and if she has huge breasts that could be another reason why she got into this because they would be an asset to help with the shrinkers...

Maybe since this agent has met with and helped other shrinkers maybe she's met Jessica before and maybe suckled her? You said Jessica doesn't have sisters, so maybe Jessica can't get the breastfeeding she needs from her own family so maybe this agent visits with Jessica regularly and suckles her?

This brings up possibilities because then the agent becomes another link with Jessica and there's alot of potential you can do with that... but to start off with maybe have the agent ask Kate about school and stuff, and then Kate would mention she has a friend there and describes her and then the agent's eyes might light up and she says "I know her too! she's that cool shrinker girl I breastfeed" and that could get an intersting conversation going and maybe you could have Stacy eavedropping behind the corner and hearing the whole thing and plotting and scheming with whatever she's hearing.

Have the agent anyway you like though... even if you want to go with your original idea of using a man that's fine too. Doesn't really matter too much because he/she is just a minor character anyway so its no big deal either way... I just think that a woman would be better personally because of the breastfeeding potential and then you could have that link with Jessica because Jessica could be a regular client so they know each other very intimately.

But no matter what you do I think one thing you need to think about is the agent is probably going to look at Kate and how small she is and then look at how long she has had the disease and make the connection that something isn't right, and this will have to be explained.

Also, Jane still knows something isn't right about how fast Kate had shrunk and that was never fully explained to her either. The way you described her is that she seems like an uncaring mother, but really she does care though, so if that's the case she needs to get to the bottom of this one way or the other.

Whether Kate and Emma tell the truth to Jane and the agent or come up with some sort of lie to explain it is up to you, but I think for realism sake they have to say something, because realistically a mother and a welfare agent isn't just going to ignore something serious like that.

Author's Response:

1- I didn't mean "big dreasted women" as in women with normal big breasts. I was referring to the fetish in which women have unrealistically big breasts. Just normally big breasts are fine by me, I guess I thought you meant the fetishy big breast. My bad =)

2- I was thinking of Making the agent be nice and kind but for some reason she is coming out as strict, professional and uncaring. A person of business. A guess i wrote her like that because I have been writing a lot of characters who are nice so my mind wanted a change. also, I didn't want a character people would like as she isn't really a minor character. I could make her have a nice side, like a warm caring personality under her hard exterior.

3- I wouldn't be able to connect the agent (Erika jones, BTW) with jessica because of a very important reason. As jessica is part of a rich family they have enclosed themselves off from the world officially. Therefore no-one comes to their house unless they have to specifically be there. Jessica would have been diagnosed by the family doctor and any treatments she recieved would be from a trusted doctor. They wouldn't use a random government agent. That's at least how I see it.

4- I never had the Agent originally as a male, that was just my default character. I knew I needed an agent character but I hadn't thought about them at all so I just made them male. I was most likely always going to go with a female character as I wouldn't know what to do with a male character in that circumstance.

5-The truth to the agent and the mother are my biggest concern. I knew that the agent was going to notice the sudden shrinkage and ask about it but I had actually forgotten about the mother (Thankyou for reminding me=)) They'll probably be fed some BS story about kate being overstressed but The agent will most likely not buy it all.

thankyou once again for your helpful input. I've written half of the next chapter and might be able to get it out in a few hours (My brain is fried right now). =) Hope you continue and enjoy reading.

Reviewer: Chozo Signed [Report This]
Date: December 14 2013 10:36 PM Title: introducing the characters

Sorry for writing so many "reviews" but there's no simple messaging system on this site so I have no other way to give you any suggestions/ideas I have... but that's not really what this reviews section is for and I'm sorry that its getting cluttered up like this. You do have the ability to delete them though if you want...

But there is one thing I thought of about that breastfeeding idea that I didn't think of until after I had sent that last "review" and that was if the agent that comes from the government program is a woman then she could not only bring up the breastfeeding idea and discuss it with Jane and Emma, but also give a demonstration of it by suckling Kate to her breasts, much to the dismay of Kate who might not like the idea but wouldn't really have a choice...

But if you were intending the government agent be a man that's fine, but it would rule out that possibility... but if you go with a woman agent and go this route you could have describe her as being a very well endowed woman with very large breasts and you could say she's a professional shrinker suckler and that she knows she has large breasts and she decided to put them to good use by helping shrinkers with them and she explains to Jane and Emma how its a pleasurable experience and that once they get into it they will love doing it too and look forward to it... even though Kate on the other hand might be humiliated by it and be a fussy "baby" and not cooperate... but if Jane and Emma grow to like the feeding thing then you could have it so that this becomes one of Kate's chores like the foot rubbing and Jane in particular expects it whether Kate wants it or not, but maybe Emma is more lenient about it and more respectful of her sister's wishes so she doesn't force it, but still enjoys it nonetheless.

Author's Response:

Don't apologize for writing so man reviews. I enjoy getting reviews as it gives me something to do in my boring life. If you really find it a bother but still want to give me suggestions we could easily find a way to do that =) But anyway, about you suggestion. I hadn't really thought about the agents gender and had given tehm the default of being male. But I would most likely change it to female. So, a big breasted, well rounded person, huh? I could do big breasted but might decide to do normal sized breasts as I have trouble writing about the stereotypical "big breasted woman", if that makes sense. I could write about how She not only gives the family the idea of breast feeding but also (under teh government plan) supply them with lactation hormones. These special hormones produce milk which is specialy designed to help stop the shrinking process. That might work.

Anyway, don't think that getting too many reviews are annoying as it honestly isn't. If I did find it annoying I would just stop reading reviews, there prolem solved =) but i do enjoy reviews as I love to hear the opinions of others.

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