Reviews For Displaced Anger
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Reviewer: pongoxxl Signed [Report This]
Date: June 05 2017 1:56 PM Title: Displaced Anger

Excelent story! I'm wodering if you can go  further.  How about to have Todd  trapped on the gas  pedal of Debbie's  car? Eventually  to have Suzy pretending  driving and revving the car and offcouse Todd  being  stuck  on the gas pedal...

Anyway, congratulation  for the outstanding work!

Author's Response:

Sorry for the slow response.  I didn't get the notice that you reviewed.

I only have a rough idea on how to continue the story.  I don't have an outline yet.  Nothing is "jumping" out at me.  I feel there needs to be a sequel though.  Thanks for liking the story.  I hope you read and like my other works.



Reviewer: Carycomic Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 13 2013 2:40 PM Title: Displaced Anger


Author's Response:

I'll take that as a good "WOW".  :)


Reviewer: Dudemanguy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 04 2013 9:04 PM Title: Displaced Anger

Are you sure you,re not jacksmith? I really had a hard time not saying while reading "another great work Jack". This is really god damn good. If you didn't put in the last little paragraph, the ending would have been a bit more satisfying, but I still really enjoyed the story. You've gotta email me and tell me how you are so damn good at dialogue. That's my biggest problem.

Super F***ing good.

Author's Response:

Finally!  You read it!  I thought you might like it.  I know the ending is dreary.  I wanted to be different and unpredictable.  However, my failure lead to a sequel but not until I finish with "That Should Be Me" sequel.  As for dialog...I have a couple of ideas on how I can help.  I'll contact you.

Thanks for another five!

Reviewer: Ace of Spades Signed [Report This]
Date: December 19 2012 9:24 AM Title: Displaced Anger

This story is great, I loved the game plays with Kaylie. But I guess the end could be a little better. Anyway, nice style.

Author's Response:

I'm glad you liked it.  I tried to be different with the ending but it didn't work out according to those who read it.  But the good news is, is that it can lead into more I can write on.

Reviewer: edexdexx Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: August 16 2012 11:38 AM Title: Displaced Anger

Lol, rule one for all shrunken people, don't go outside alone. But, I sorta agree with Strongkobayashi, it was a very good story with good characters. Although I'm all for tragic ends, this was a little on the depressing side that it ended rather abruptly as soon as it got really interested when Vanessa realized what Carol was doing to him. It was a good read nonetheless, and I do hope you come back to this story.

Author's Response:

Thanks Edexdexx!  I'm with you!  I'm for tragic ending too.  I just wanted to be different with this story.  However, you readers would like to see more and something different.  Good to know!  Perhaps by me trying to be different created a demand for future writings...  From your review, it seems you liked the relationship between Todd and Vanessa.  I hope I"m right because I plan on developing more plot between them.  Thank you for spending time to review!

Reviewer: Strongkobayashi85 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: August 15 2012 7:56 PM Title: Displaced Anger

Hey yo wait a second here this cant be it. I mean will he ever make it back???

We the readers demand answers in form of a second part ^^


Author's Response:

Wow Strongkobayashi85!  You broke out the cat-and-nine tails on that review!  LOL  Ok!  Ok!  I'll write more, just put that whip away.  :)  To be honest...I wrote a different ending for this story compared to my other stories to be...well...different!  My girl friend, Mistress Anez, (who's also a member here and will be posting stories shortly), told me as soon as I finished the story that I needed to write more on it.  Since it was the longest story I ever wrote, I told her "No way!"  But because you were gracious enough to not only read my whole story, spent the time to review it, and put stripes across my back I'll do it.  Again, even though I had no intentions on writing more on Displaced Anger, (Shhh!  Come closer...I have a secret), I already have an idea on what more to write.  Just don't tell anybody.  :)  As you probably know, stories often write themselves.  Protagonists in my stories usually fall victim to giantesses to exploit giantesses' sexiness and power.  I believe (or strangely want to) think that if women were in the place of power over men, they'd exploit it.  Why shouldn't they especially if there were no consequences.  Since Displaced Anger was a story about "the life and times" of a shrunken young man, I didn't want to end the poor guy especially after all he had been put through.  Luckily for you, it ended in a way I could give you his full story.  Give me time to talk to Todd Summers, interview him, take notes, and I'll finish his biography for ya.  :)  Thank you for your review!

Reviewer: tylby Signed [Report This]
Date: August 11 2012 6:48 PM Title: Displaced Anger

Please more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response:

Thank you Tylby!  I wasn't going to write on this story anymore because it was already the longest one I've ever wrote.  I can't believe you enjoyed it enough to not only read the whole thing, but to ask for more.  I'm honored!  Your reviews are what we writers strive for.  Since you and others enjoyed it enough to ask/demand for me to write more, I'll break my promise with myself and write more.  In the mean time, please read my current posts and watch for future ones.  Keep  reviewing!  And if you writers are reading this post, reply to your responses.  Readers took time to review your hard work and it gives cynergy to this website.  :)

Reviewer: Weary_Traveler Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: August 10 2012 11:00 AM Title: Displaced Anger

Best story I've read in a while. Very good pacing

Hope you continue :)

Author's Response:

Thank you!  Sorry for the late response.  I'm glad you noticed the pacing.  I work on that as I write.  I didn't think readers actually paid attention to that!  LOL  As you know, reviews are VERY important to writers.  That's why we share our efforts!  At the moment of this response, Displaced Anger was my longest and most recent story I wrote.  It took me months to write it (due to life issues) and I was sooooo glad when it was finished.  I promised myself that I would never write that long of a story again.  However, due to the demand of you grateful readers, I must comply.  In the mean time, please watch out for further stories that I've already written and will post regularly (about one story a month).  They are older and shorter but I hope you enjoy them just the same if you enjoy my style.

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