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Reviewer: SamTheFatMan Signed [Report This]
Date: July 23 2021 9:46 PM Title: A Good Man is Hard to Find

Wonderful Story!!

I love all of these and thank you very much for writing them! 

I enjoyed the entire thing, but if there was one thing I could ask, 

Would it be possible, if ever you were to make another addition to this story, 

If you could make it similar to this story in that the dude gets eaten for his birthday, 

But in a birthday cake/cupcake, aware or unaware? Do you have a Patreon/somewhere that we can 

Suggest things? Bc I really would like to see something like that.

Reviewer: 8cm50 Signed [Report This]
Date: November 11 2011 12:50 AM Title: A Good Man is Hard to Find

Aw... You're dead ? It's kind of sad :)

but i'm sorry, I can't understand what Martha is doing here in the end... She was writing the whole story ?

Whatever, this bet idea was a great one, and I'd like to read the afterglow, when Meghyn wins, when Audrey knows, her reaction... 

For the whole story, every chapter was enjoyable for me and I like the  way you use in human nature : like butterflies burning their wings in the light of a flame, men with vore or shrinking fetishes can't help coming at forbiden dish and let them shrink... When they change their minds, it's always to late: it's good to know it when it's happening, because IT is the central event of the story ! The eating is just an enjoyable  consequence. The hang on is in "who" will swallow the guy ... 

I Think you and Girlfood have made a kind of classical ! No doubt it deserves the name of "tales".

Thank you very much !

Author's Response:

In the world where the story takes place I'm having it where I only wrote my unaware stories and the stories that I've written for forbidden dish were written by martha. at the end of the story she is supposed to be watching what is happening and recording it as a story. She stole the journals as well.


I am glad you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it.

Reviewer: girlfood Signed [Report This]
Date: November 01 2011 10:53 AM Title: A Good Man is Hard to Find

An enjoyable first person narrative; good storytelling, some humor and a great build up to the ending. 

Reviewer: fated11 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 29 2011 11:14 PM Title: A Good Man is Hard to Find

wow this chapter is a new personal best for u. love the way u had the waitress step in at the perfect time to distract the wife.

Author's Response:

Thank you very much. I wanted there to be a few near misses and glimmers of hope.

Reviewer: Parrot Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 28 2011 8:33 PM Title: A Good Man is Hard to Find

i love this story.  you have a creative mind that matches even girlfoods ability for ingenuity in our strange, strange realm of fiction.  keep it up

Author's Response:

Thank you very much. As long as I know people are enjoying them I will try to continue to write stories.

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