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Date: September 08 2023 1:19 AM Title: How Do You Like It Back There?

Nice, cute story.  Hopefully there are going to be more chapters to this.

Other than a very few grammatical errors {e.g. “And there you all! The place you spent...." rather than "And there you are!  The place you spent ..."} your story reads easily enjoyable.  It is paced fast enough to keep the readers interest; yet just slow enough to keep the suspense ongoing.

Hopefully any future chapters will go into detail about Muark's experience in Jasalean's butt-crack.

Little details, such as picking up the rest of Muark's armor would be an added touch, as it intertwines the practical, mundane aspects of being shrunken along side of the fantastical and whimsical parts we all crave.

Bravo on your story.

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for reading! 

Sorry for the pesky mistakes! Seems like I didn't use the back of the pencil hard enough. 

Until next time!
~ Yr. Pal, Underscore 

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