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Reviewer: Alpha Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 08 2023 4:41 PM Title: Another Month at EA Tech

This is well written and love the storyline. Would love to see these characters expanded upon. I really like that you overarc a lot of your own stories into the same world. It is sad to see some people just don't take the initiative to improve their workload yes, it may have been unfair that this was thrust upon him and it alludes to being intentional due to Ravi and the affair. I wonder sometime how someone could be so gullible and just walk into a room like that and undress at work. Great story and hoping to see how this could intermingle with the overall Forbidden Dish World. This is such and interesting concept and reading all the stories based in that world the logical thought would be this technology being melded into all our daily lives and how this may create a whole new outlet for shrunken people.

As always looking forward to the next episode of the The Nibbler's Forbidden Adventures.

Author's Response:

Thanks for the feedback Alpha. I did go back and add a small amount of verbiage to make Kevin's walk into the room more realistic. btw, Andra is indeed mentioned a few times in the FD stories, especially at the end of the latest Nibbler chapter. She will be one of the prominent characters in upcoming Nibbler stories.

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