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Reviewer: Petite Soeur Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: November 29 2022 12:42 AM Title: Look What The Human's Dragged In

As someone who is always seeking kemonomimi plus size-fetish, this story has caught my attention, and your story-telling abilities thus far are quite nice. If you can keep up the 3-4 day chapter schedule, checking this page may very well become part of my daily routine.

I'm curious what kind of story you have in mind, since you're only updating the tags as the story progresses. The fact the protagonist seems unphased by the existence of the Japanese catgirl gives me the impression animal girls are normal in this universe, so this isn't going to be like Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Path's 'Master! Master!' serial where the protagonist is trying to keep his ever-increasing harem of animal girls a secret. Animal girls being a normal part of society has a lot of potential. I'm guessing based on the title, this is going to be 'shrunken woman' or 'amazon' since the apartment needs to remain big enough to house all the animal girls, though your previous story with the nano tag makes me hopeful extreme size difference is in the cards in the future (i.e. cat and mouse play, full body tongue baths, etc.). I'm unfamiliar with any Japanese legends or media that use Tanji as a name for a cat, and people who have named their cat that tend to give it to male cats. Though, with her foul mouth 'poor bastard' as her English equivalent of 'binbou-yarou', Tanji strikes me as a tomboy cat girl with a wagamama body. Curious how this sort of relationship is going to develop in the coming chapters.

In any case, thank you for writing this. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response:

Thank you a lot for the comment! 

You are right in your assumption. I am hoping to add a lot of different sized girls - some big, some small, and some even smaller. 

I am still new to writing, so I might need to iron out the details. But the basic premise is that animal girls exist in the universe, except that they are extremely rare and seen as a novelty for the rich. Micheal really doesn’t know about any of this, not only because it’s a relatively new trend, but also because he came from a farm in southern USA. He’s an outside in this world’s version of American West Coast which is under higher Japanese influence. But he’s heard enough to not immediacy assume that some sorcery is at play 

Once again, I really appreciate the kind words.

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