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Date: November 26 2022 3:55 AM Title: Kale, The Toilet

I think many guys, if not most, have fantasized about being some babes' toilet or in her toilet. 

For me, I think the idea first popped into my head when I saw Debbie Harry, lead singer for the rock group Blondie, back when I was a kid.  Somehow her pee and pooh just seemed appetizing.  I thought no one else ever thought such thoughts, till years later I picked up my first porn magazine.  It was about D/s and S/m, and showed a few pictures of a Mistress sitting atop a toilet seat on a wooden frame for a slave to lay down beneath her.  That's when I realized others fantasized about a woman using others as their toilets; and my desire to be Debbie Harry's toilet were probably shared by many others.  Enough about me.

I like how you made being in her toilet and transformed into her toilet (as well as transported in and out of her toilet) part of wizard spells.  Explains every thing while keeping it all simple.  Nicely done on your part.

While kind of turned off by her vomit (Partially digested food, disgusting.  Completely digested and turned into her crap, YUMMY!  Go figure?  I think it's because of the smell of vile and vomit is simply that much worse do to hydrochloric acid being present in the stomach.  Come on, it's acid.  It's bad.), I am excited to read more, and especially about the dreaded "transformation spells go wrong quite easily" possibilities.

I also like that Kale was her toilet, no matter what toilet she used.  Both a nice touch and great immersion therapy experience for Kale.

Keep up the great work!

Author's Response:

Thanks for the detailed review ! More will come as part of "The Perverted Wizards" series :p

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