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Reviewer: Shaman Signed [Report This]
Date: January 26 2023 8:54 PM Title: Chapter 12 - Letís Talk Money [September 29th, 2006]

I'm really enjoying the mental and moral struggles Becca is going through. Reading her justifying her decisions and trying her best to be willfully ignorant about the probable suffering and deception her subject is facing. Really exciting!

Author's Response:

At the time of writing this particular R&R story, walking that line was the most important thing to me so thank you for mentioning it.

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: January 26 2023 2:03 PM Title: Chapter 12 - Letís Talk Money [September 29th, 2006]

(not sure) "held it up, pinched it" -> "pinched" without "it"?

Wow, subject compensation went down - participants were paid too much, but the subject? does he make minimum wage?

I didn't remember that Lori's subject heard about growing being impossible ATM - does Lori know?

And since the previous comments are deleted, let me remark once more how much I love that they make decisions for them without even thinking of asking them.

Author's Response:

Haven't worked minimum wage in some time but hopefully its higher than $180 a month!

All evidence points to the idea that Michael heard what Dr. Walker was saying from inside the container, at least from Becca's perspective.  In reality, we'll see!  Lori's story is currently written up to the Isabella/Thief in the Night encounter, which takes place approximately 6 months before Becca receives her subject.  We'll have to see what Michael heard and how he responds!

I agree, its such an important component!

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: December 23 2022 3:56 PM Title: Chapter 11 - Post-Procedural Debrief [September 29th, 2006]

Merry Xmas & merry everything!

TIL "training underwear" (maybe I did even the 1st time? I'm getting old...)

"Regardless of which category your subject falls into is not a problem for him" - missing subject?

"just for the sake of testing" imho is a bold thing to tell a new participant, but that's just me.

Also fwiw using the horrible almost handmade method I told you and I was too lazy to improve the diff looks like - make sure that what you're using looks better :)

(Eventually some participant will go all "awww" at the discovery that he's cold without her)

Reviewer: matrix2590117 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 23 2022 5:58 AM Title: Chapter 11 - Post-Procedural Debrief [September 29th, 2006]

My brother, your story is very beautiful, it is the greatest ever, and it deserves great fame

But I am greedy and I hope to download a chapter of it daily !

I think Becca was happy hearing that she can farting on him 😂

Reviewer: Ensar Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: December 21 2022 5:19 PM Title: Chapter 10 - Installation [September 29th, 2006]

Finally the long awaited episode has arrived. it's a very good story but can you quickly share the other part for this part?

Author's Response:

I'll shoot for a 12/23 upload =)

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: December 20 2022 5:10 PM Title: Chapter 10 - Installation [September 29th, 2006]

Now I'm thinking of Lori running... and everyone else of course!

the peg was never reinserted after the run I think?

overall I kinda preferred the old, less detailed version - gives that "most of it went over Becca’s head" impression better imho... but I admit the new one is better for world building purposes :D

(you'll need to publish the R&R labs map someday)

Author's Response: Yes, that will be fun!

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: December 16 2022 3:22 PM Title: Chapter 9 - Pre-Installation Screening [September 29, 2006]

Just a bunch of scattered notes as I usually do...

Becca went full "awww" when she saw her subject, not sure what it's going to be like now that she's already seen a tiny one

"excited to meet you" - random trivia: "eccitato" in Italian means sexually excited (unless you're taking about electrons), coming out of Jane's mouth it sounded funny to my ear :)

"Older than Beccawas"

It's a bit weird that DrWalker is so open ("the dignity" etc) with someone who still doesn't have her participant, but I love the way she thinks so I won't complain!

Author's Response:

You're right; I think "the dignity" part of her speech crosses the line on ambiguity.  Will remove just that part. Thanks!

Reviewer: barabba9000 Signed [Report This]
Date: December 16 2022 1:50 PM Title: Chapter 1 - They Pay...A Lot [September 29th, 2005]

Can't understand why this story in being reposted.. BTW some things could have been changed, what about an injection in the ass and the other one in the sole? 

Author's Response:

Its being reposted because there were a lot of continuity errors and plot inconsistencies, especially once more R&R content was written.  

As I'm going through and addressing these errors, its also a great opportunity to be a little bit more descriptive with the scenes and more adventurous with character interactions.

Injection Therapy will come eventually!

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: November 28 2022 4:22 PM Title: Chapter 7 - Second Chances [September 29th, 2006]

Since you rearranged the chapters one of my favorite quotes went away, let me preserve it for posterity:

"Okay everyone, I continue to be humbled by everyone's interest in Lori.  I have been dropping hints with increasingly less subtley and let me say now in no uncertain terms that the next installment of the R&R LAB SERIES will be centered on Lori."

:D :D :D

Good job on how you handled Becca pulling out, you made it look like something she would 99% do

gave myself a chance <- no opening quote

Wow, this is crazy <- no closing quote

(if you copy & paste a chapter into any programming editor, say eg notepad++, this kind of things show up, you'll just have to tell the editor which characters you're using to open/close quotes etc)

TIL that North Carolina has something in place to allow 16/17 year old to drive

I kinda wanted to write something about the move from 18 to 38 minutes, but I'm not sure I want to know how you picked that number... ;)

at least 38/5 = people in the Warren household won't complain their mom has been in the bathroom for too long

Author's Response:

I'm very glad people were so insistent about seeing more of Lori! 

Reviewer: matrix2590117 Signed [Report This]
Date: November 18 2022 3:09 AM Title: Chapter 6 - Subject Storage Facility

Excellent details 👌 

But i have a question!

(Life in a woman's rear without it would be even more shocking and initially unpleasant)

What that sentence meaning?

What is that liquid that she injected inside the subject?

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 17 2022 10:47 PM Title: Chapter 6 - Subject Storage Facility

"He didn’t struggle within the doctor’s hands except to stabilize himself when he felt like he might fall."

As someone who's terrified of heights, he has my respect.

I know I told you already, but those screenshots are basically a cheat code to make me love the chapters they appear in...

Btw, "interest out of all of them" - maybe I'm just tired, but my English is failing me here

Love the way you rebalanced the injection from weeks of pain to days of pain + surprises :D

And of course one day you'll have to write something about grateful subjects! (or subjects that some doctor was expecting to be grateful maybe?)

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 10 2022 4:25 PM Title: Chapter 5 - Acclimation Therapy [September 12th, 2006]

(double checks) you're right, it was "actual" food - I saved most (nearly all) updates the 1st time you posted it, and originally it said "Today they're pestering you to sit angled in your seat...tomorrow they're asking for actual food"

I love, love, love, l.o.v.e the new section you've added, in no small part because for some reason I can't get enough of the peculiar way that (Brandi/Brandy?) is worried about him and rooting for him.

BUT... since you brought up Dante... Italy's 2nd most read author, Alessandro Manzoni, spent YEARS rewriting his "betrothed", please take it as a cautionary tale :D

Good to hear about the housing guide!!

Reviewer: matrix2590117 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 29 2022 4:53 AM Title: Chapter 4 - Rejection and Approval [September 30th, 2005]

Excellent chapter with more details as always 👏👏

And I hope to creat a story about a woman who does this housing operation without the need for money ,

meaning :: A married woman, for example, decided to take revenge on her husband by persuading him to go there, and they made him smaller and handed over to her forever. It will be a different and beautiful story

Author's Response:

Thanks for the feedback. We'll see what happens

Reviewer: matrix2590117 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 27 2022 1:21 AM Title: Chapter 1 - They Pay...A Lot [September 29th, 2005]

Excellent work with more details 👏 

I have a question 🤔 

Does these women have any sexual pleasure during they keep their subject inside ?

Author's Response:

Thank you!

For your question, I'd point you to the "experiments" that Mrs. Hernandez's daughter Jenn conducts on her mother's subject. ;)

Reviewer: Shaman Signed [Report This]
Date: October 26 2022 9:02 PM Title: Chapter 4 - Rejection and Approval [September 30th, 2005]

I'm 99% sure Dr. Walker is fully aware of the horrible fate these men go through and is pretending that they're fine with it and are giving proper consent to it - and I'm 99% sure this all is not for the actual experiment but simply her desire to see men removed from society and dominated by women. I think I'm in love ^^

Author's Response:

Interesting theory!  I'm looking forward to hearing more from you :)

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: October 25 2022 10:26 PM Title: Chapter 4 - Rejection and Approval [September 30th, 2005]

I will never not point out that the "real food" remark was better, even if technically a spoiler; nice to see Lori agreeing he's kinda spoiled after just one week... (but he stopped after 30 seconds instead of minutes, he's learning so quickly!)

typo - "tol stop"

as much as I love the image I didn't remember Lori lifting her feet, I'm getting older :D

"keep on reviewing the literature" - Lori reviewing the literature? (honest ESL question: do the instructions she received count as "literature" in English?)

I will bother you some more if have any idea about it; I haven't been on discord recently because your discord is the only one I ever visited and it seems they require a phone number now, dafuk?

Author's Response:

I don't think I recall the real food remark you're referring to.  I don't remember removing anything like that from this chapter but I could be wrong.  The "real food" situation is brought up for the first time during Becca's post-procedural debrief if I remember correctly.

Literature is sometimes used to refer to technical information but it is a bit unclear; I'll refer to it as what it actually is: the R&R Housing Guide...which is also in development as a fun appendix item FYI

Reviewer: Shaman Signed [Report This]
Date: October 24 2022 5:01 PM Title: Chapter 3 - Preliminary Screening [September 29th, 2005]

Some very interesting build up here for the rest of the story, and I love how detailed you worked in the whole information exchangd (she sounds like a genuine research professor). Looking forward to ch4!

Author's Response:

Some of the best praise I/she could receive.  Thank you! 

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: October 24 2022 4:23 PM Title: Chapter 3 - Preliminary Screening [September 29th, 2005]

Nitpicking as usual...

"hear it is" (what's wrong with Vermont btw? I'm Italian and I have no idea if I'm missing anything)

"Its too embarassing"

(not sure how Dr Walker resisted the temptation to say "no, not people, only males")

"subjects" vs Participants - I like to believe she thinks in uppercase/lowercase 

That switch from "participants" to "Participants"... did I mention how much I love Dr. Walker? Recently?

"Whoa, a Participant ..." - I like that Becca is going uppercase as well :D

"Both the subject and participant would experience an increase in compensation" is the only deletion where I'm not sure, but ok.

I hope you realize that I'll be pester you to write something about both some of the subjects who do 24 hours only, as well as the story of the 1st subject, the one who let them learn the hard way (is it Mrs Romero's?); you're basically digging your own grave with all these details ;=)

Author's Response:

Thanks as always for the detailed look and I appreciate your noticing of the changes!  Vermont was removed simply because it seemed like too many states for just one intern to manage and just one less detail the reader feels like they may need to remember for later (which they do not).

The revisions and omissions you pointed out here are all deliberate and will hopefully have nice payoffs over the next few chapters, the one about the deletion being particularly subtle. That one will be coming when Dr. Walker and Becca first meet. 

Mrs. Romero and her subject are the very first Participant/subject pairing in the R&R Universe.  Her story is a commission presently under development and as of right now, there are about 4 chapters worth of content written.  It'll be posting that story once these others are caught up. I've been brainstorming ideas for the 24-hour Participant but honestly I'm having a hard time coming up with entertaining and believable reasons why a woman would turn down that money. Send me an email or reach out on Discord if you have any ideas!

Reviewer: Shaman Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 24 2022 4:10 PM Title: Chapter 1 - They Pay...A Lot [September 29th, 2005]

Did you actually first write this around 2004 as the story suggests? That would be wild

Author's Response:

No, certain events throughout Becca's and the other womens' stories sort of anchors the timeline in this way.  

Reviewer: el_rooto Signed [Report This]
Date: October 21 2022 2:21 PM Title: Chapter 2 - A Phone Call [September 29th, 2005]

First the usual...

"syllabus It" (missing '.')


The more you insist on describing Mrs Jensen's features, the more I want to see her participate... maybe some student is looking for a summer job, maybe her nephew is an intern at R&R and she's doing her a favor, (checks old story) maybe we can fix Mr Handsome Waiter disappearing from the story... :D

And I see that Becca herself wonders why someone would let themselves etc - good to see I'm not the only one who forgot about uninformed

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