Reviews For The Neighbor Girl
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Reviewer: Exosaur Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 17 2023 7:45 AM Title: Allison's Choice

I love so much this kind of stories that leave me with the feeling of having a hole in my chest, man, I'm gonna miss Allison so much.

Great story! As always, you couple bonding is awesome and your characters are pretty lovable, maybe it's just me, but things with Allison kind of scalated quick, but with how powerful she was and her initial repressed desires, it was going to happen eventually, luckily she decided to remain on the good side, getting a little mean but remaining like the caring Allison she always was.

Also, I think I got that Allison doesn't care about Sadie doing as she wants with Clark because she's always in the master/pets role, but I thought Allison would be at least a little jealous with them getting too close with their interactions, in the end, she seemed to enjoy it, I just hope she seems Clark more as her boyfriend than her pet, but considering they sleep together at the same size, I'm pretty sure she stills seems him as an equal outside of the roleplay thing. 

Author's Response:

You're right on a lot of it, Allison is okay with Sadie and Clark fooling around because in her mind they're both "hers" although she does generally see them as equals outside of her playtime. This one could have probably been stretched out a bit more, narratively speaking.

Reviewer: tinyguy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 03 2022 9:04 AM Title: Allison's Choice

Another great work!
Any chance we’ll see another addition to the One Year Lease shorts before you publish the Halloween story?

Author's Response:

I don't think so unfortunately, I've got a couple in my back pocket for the one year lease shorts but I've got to get this Halloween story out while the time of year is right lol

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