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Reviewer: DrNefario Signed [Report This]
Date: May 22 2023 12:17 AM Title: Prologue - Chapter 1

Wow! This is the best gts story Iv read in awhile. I really enjoy the interactions between Jeanie and her tiny roommates and I think the world you’ve set up is really cool! It’s even inspired me to start crafting my own sizey universe. 

I’m just having a hard time comprehending the sheer size of Jeanie(mostly because my simple American brain can’t understand anything involving the metric system). So to help me understand, Let’s say the Lilliputians were the size of regular humans. How big would Jeanie be in comparison?

Author's Response:

Thank you very much! Certainly. Jeannine stands just under 6 miles from the Lilli POV. 

Reviewer: imaybegae Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 19 2023 5:39 PM Title: Part 4 - Chapter 38

that certainly explains myra's previous reactions

Author's Response:

Indeed :)

Reviewer: ro1994 Signed [Report This]
Date: May 11 2023 7:18 AM Title: Part 4 - Chapter 37

Well, I seriously thought we were going to see the first unaware accident!

caught up by Jeannine's body when her walking outpaces the max speed of the vehicle, slapped after being mistaken for an insect when she tried to 'protect' MG from it, or unknowingly stepped on after his chute fell to the ground, etc....

Author's Response:

I couldn't do that to Icarus. He may be reckless, but he doesn't deserve a fatal accident.

Reviewer: kenrios Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: May 10 2023 10:20 PM Title: Part 4 - Chapter 37

Google translator again, please :D

Me identifico mucho con el personaje de Ícaro. De hecho creo que pensamos similar. Es decir, como ingeniero en ciencias informáticas me encanta la tecnología pero también me identifico con el pensamiento de este científico. Sin embargo, creo que le falta un poco de autocontrol o se volverá un científico loco :). La mente, para mí, es un músculo que tiene que estar activa, ejercitarse pero también descansar, la ciencia debe aportar al progreso pero debe saber medir con claridad los riesgos y si es posible minimizarlos, sobreponerse a ellos para que el desarrollo sea algo realmente fructífero y maravilloso.

En fin, un gran capítulo nuevamente. Te felicito nuevamente. Esperemos que Ícaro sepa considerar con sabiduría estos riesgos y realmente darse un descanso :D.

Author's Response:

También me identifico mucho con su personaje. A veces me concentro demasiado en una idea y me meto en problemas. También he tenido mi parte de accidentes, generalmente porque estaba siendo imprudente.

¡Gracias! Creo que se calmará y descansará. Espero que sigas leyendo la historia hasta el final.

Reviewer: Macroscope Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 26 2023 8:36 PM Title: Part 3 - Chapter 35

D'aww, this chapter was really endearing. It's so pleasant to read that Sara's beginning to warm up to the Lillis, seeing them as actual people... It goes to show what seeing the world from someone else's eyes can do for your perspective, huh?

I imagine that her earning the tiny citizens' trust will be an uphill battle, though, but I look forward to seeing her try someday. She seems to have taken a liking to Nick in particular... Wonder how she'd react if she knew he witnessed her eating Lillis alive that one time. That's going to be a harsh blow to the conscience.

Author's Response:

Thanks! Exactly, all it takes is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Sara is going to take the spotlight soon, so look forward to that. Her role and development in this story is going to be important. That 'friction' you're predicting will hopefully play out in a satisfying way. As for Nick, well, you will just have to wait and see.

Reviewer: ro1994 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 26 2023 7:06 PM Title: Part 3 - Chapter 35

Love these "brobs seeing themselves from lili perspective" scenes, hope we see more.

And a heartwarming episode? this does feel like the calm before the storm. Accidents are bound to happen with this size difference~

Author's Response:

It's one of my favorite scenes to write! I can't have it every chapter, but you can expect it a few more times.

Don't be so negative, things can be happy without foreshadowing impending doom...

Reviewer: imaybegae Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 06 2023 4:48 PM Title: Part 3 - Chapter 33

I find it interesting how both Jeannine and the Lillis themselves (or at least, Nick and Ori) seem to view the saved Lillis as something like a statistic. For instance, they focused on rescuing Remnants instead of those in pet stores because it was more efficient that way. In this chapter, Ori and Jeannine seemed to imply that it didn’t matter if others were killing Lillis; they just had to save more than were killed.

Also, I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but how would you imagine the economic system in MG works?

Author's Response:

It was certainly a tough decision for them. As much as the group would like to help others, they are limited in what they can do. Remember that buying Lillis on the black market is both dangerous and expensive. Jeannine is a university student with very limited funds. I'm sure she would do both if she could. As for Ori, she wasn't saying that it didn't matter, but rather that Jeannine's mother could not be stopped by force. In that case, it would be better for Jeannine to focus on making a difference on her own rather than trying to change someone who refuses to do so. None of the mother's actions are being dismissed.

It's not a stupid question. I imagine their society to be capitalist. Imperialism was the driving force behind the invasion of their country, so there is also that.

Reviewer: kenrios Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: April 05 2023 11:10 PM Title: Prologue - Chapter 1

Please men, use Google Translator. English is not my mother language :D

Y aquí está. Supongo que esa es la razón de la actitud de Jeanine hacia los Lilis. Lo maravilloso de todo esto es que mientras lo estoy leyendo siento cada una de las emociones de la chica como si fueran mías. Es un arte ¿sabes?, atrapar al lector de esa manera es algo que pondero de tus escritos, amigo. Maravillosa obra que te pone a reflexionar y te hace desear seguir leyéndola para ver que sucederá a continuación.

Admiro el personaje de Jeanine. Es capaz de mantener sus principios incluso si eso la lleva a contradecir los de su madre. Sigue así, hombre. Te apoyo desde aquí.

Author's Response:

I hope this translated correctly! Forgive me if there are issues here.

¡Gracias por tu reseña de mi historia! Me hace muy feliz que disfrutes mis escritos. Jeannine es un personaje que me gusta mucho. Estoy feliz de que puedas relacionarte con ella. Espero que sigas leyendo mi historia hasta el final. ¡Su apoyo es muy apreciado!

Reviewer: kenrios Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: March 23 2023 2:13 AM Title: Part 3 - Chapter 31

Sometimes I find it hard to believe that people are inherently evil. We all have evil and good within us. The important thing is the decisions we make or what we believe is right and wrong and the path we choose. Jeaninne's mother's genocidal tendencies did not take root in her daughter despite everything. But I always believe that there is a reason in everyone to act in some way, beyond doing it because we can. Otherwise it would be a true barbarism. As I'm sure it was the war between Lilis and Brods

Author's Response:

Well said. I agree, people are blank slates. We are the products of our decisions. I'm glad the chapter could provoke such introspection :)

Reviewer: ro1994 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 15 2023 7:10 PM Title: Part 3 - Chapter 30

After previous chapter, I was wondering if we were going to have the first 'incident' soon. Now it's starting!

Looking forward to her coming back to 'fix' and accidentally messing things up even more---

Author's Response:

There's more to fix than just the physical. Not everything that is broken can be fixed.

Reviewer: ro1994 Signed [Report This]
Date: March 15 2023 7:09 PM Title: Part 3 - Chapter 29

This feels like the calm before the storm.

Perhaps we are going to have some lethal accident from this gentle 'goddess' soon?

Author's Response:

Jeannine's pretty careful, but not immune to mistakes. She's avoided hurting those small than her thus far. Who knows?

Reviewer: RedSplotch Signed [Report This]
Date: February 16 2023 6:15 AM Title: Part 3 - Chapter 26

Some have been asking for a romantic relationship between Nick and Jeanine, but that is really unworkable and a trope of giantess literature....

so I really like what you did with some light flirting and hip-checking the table. great stuff; story keeps getting better!

Author's Response:

This isn't a romantic story, considering how impractical a relationship between a Brob and Lilli would be. The latest chapter was my way of answering the people asking for that. I hope I didn't disappoint them too much! I think Jeannine and Nick's relationship is a strong, emotionally intimate one, despite being platonic. There's definitely love there, just not the kind that leads to anything physical.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed their teasing and banter :D  

Reviewer: antrohimecas Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 12 2023 4:41 AM Title: Prologue - Chapter 1

I love this story, especially the parts where the story feels like a city building simulation but with the help of a 10 km giantess, somehow with your attention to detail when you are writing these sections you have made a giantess that feels more powerful when she is building stuff instead of destroying things randomly and I think that deserves praise.

This might sound silly but is it possible for you to tell me the heights of the main characters of this story if everyone was of the same race? because I keep wondering if Jeanne is a tall or short person for brob standards or how tall she would be in comparison to the lilis if she was their race. 

Author's Response:

That’s all I hope for. I want my story to show how fun a helpful/gentle giantess can be. There isn’t enough of that, in my opinion. 

I never thought about that. I guess I can come up with some numbers for you. These are for the ‘important’ characters. I’ll probably need to update this as new ones are introduced:

Jeannine 6’0”, Nick 5’9”, Ori 5’10”, Daedalus 5’6”, Icarus 6’2”, Sara 5’11”, Louis 4’2”

Reviewer: RedSplotch Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 02 2023 3:43 PM Title: Part 2.5 - Chapter 24

I cannot wait to see the lilli reaction to that encounter!

Author's Response:

It might not be as extreme as you expect :0

Reviewer: DarcKage Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 02 2023 12:05 PM Title: Prologue - Chapter 1

So it ended up happening after all, although by accident!

I like the way you write Sara, it's very easy to get annoyed with her ignorance and disregard, but not enough to hate her because she's trying to at least understand a little bit, even if it's more for Jeannine's sake.

Author's Response:

Jeannine isn't the type to reveal a secret like that, no matter the circumstances. As much as she would've liked to, it would be selfish and irresponsible of her to put so many people in harm's way without their say. As you've seen, she's serious about making everyone feel important, reminding them that they are people. Their say matters, especially to her.

Thanks! She's a complicated character. I leave it to the readers to judge her. I'm only concerned with keeping her realistic as opposed to 'good' or 'bad'.

Reviewer: Macroscope Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: February 02 2023 11:06 AM Title: Part 2.5 - Chapter 24

Oh wow, when I made that prediction in my previous review, I didn't think it'd happen so soon! I was reading this chapter with bated breath, which I think says a lot about how invested I am.

Glad that that panned out okay, though I imagine there's going to be some fallout from this development. It's one thing for Jeannine to forgive her best friend, but I imagine Nick and the others won't be so quick to trust given what he's seen her do (and what she threatened to do immediately after discovering them)... This will require some delicate diplomacy on Jeannine's part.

Author's Response:

The fallout won't come immediately. Despite the scare, nothing actually 'happened' to the tinies thanks to Jeannine. It'll be up to her to keep things stable.

Reviewer: fleant86 Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 27 2023 8:38 PM Title: Part 2.5 - Chapter 23

This is the best size story I've read yet! You're very good at this, keep up the good work!!

Author's Response:

Thank you, I will!

Reviewer: Macroscope Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 26 2023 2:34 PM Title: Prologue - Chapter 1

I love this story, been quietly following it for some time. Very admirable balancing between worldbuilding, establishing characters, dialogue, and action.

I'm anticipating some point in a future chapter where one of Jeannine's Brob acquaintances visits her without warning and discovers her 'little' project. I'd expect Sara since so much dialogue is spent convincing her that Lillis are people too. It'd be the ultimate test to see if Sara has taken Jeannine's words to heart, and if Jeannine can protect her tiny friends from her big friend. It'd also be interesting to see how the Lillis respond to that situation.

I also can't help but wonder how Jeannine envisioned the future. She's not going to be a student forever. What if she has to move out of her apartment? Will she just uproot the entire city and take it with her?

Author's Response:

Thank you, it always makes me happy when someone enjoys my work.

You bring up some good points. Rest assured, I already have plans to address them all in future chapters, we're just not there yet. As for 'uprooting' the city, that was already avoided when she constructed the plot all the way back in the early chapters. The entire thing from the bedrock to the buildings is built atop a tray-like foundation. It's something solid enough to allow the city to be moved, if necessary. There would be damage, but it wouldn't outright destroy it. Jeannine's always planning ahead.

Reviewer: Lupin Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 26 2023 1:24 PM Title: Part 2.5 - Chapter 23

 Jeannine and Nick chapters are my favorites. I Can't get enough of their chemistry. I'll be surprised if they're not dating by the end of the series even with the size difference. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response:

Their relationship is platonic but you're not the first to bring that idea up. I think they work better as friends but who knows? Thanks for the stars!

Reviewer: DarcKage Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 19 2023 5:31 PM Title: Prologue - Chapter 1

Loving the story so far, there's nothing quite like it on this site and that makes the premise more unique.

I'm very curious if Jeannine will eventually decide to trust Sara or Myra or anyone else with seeing Magna Gratia, or if she just decides to keep it her secret.

Author's Response:

Glad to hear it! I'm happy that Magna Gratia stands out in a good way.

Who knows? Sharing a secret isn't a problem when it's your own. When a secret belongs to so many, it becomes harder to make a decision like that.

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