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Reviewer: Nightwatch Signed starstarstarstarhalf-star [Report This]
Date: February 09 2023 4:00 PM Title: Chapter 1: G37 Trial - Week 3

Got to say this was a amazing read from start to finish the only thing that missing Is the explanation of what the hell g37 is and how it became to be as for Jennifer she got to get her feelings in order for someone or something bad happened between Vasquez and Trish I mean Jennifer got the hots for both ladies and probably want to be dominated by both of them in a FF/f, outside of that seeing as this unknown organization wants to make super soldiers, I guessing we might meet more female giantess es and maybe a few gigas aka giant Men in the squeal, nurse Cass got a lot of heat coming for her next squeal.

Author's Response:

I'm not sure I've fully understood but I'll try to answer your questions:

G37 is a serum that was created initially for medical purposes by Cass. She was coerced into re-purposing it by Smith and his friends. She explains it a bit more in the chapter 'Answers', I think. Basically, it's a serum full of designed cells that act like stem cells and can become any other cells.

Vasquez and Trish are in rival gangs. Because of prison politics they're kinda of forced to fight one another. There's a chapter from Vasquez's pov that discusses it a little bit towards the end of the story.

For sure going to be an exploration into more ladies and test subjects in the sequel. I'm going to stay away from male giants though (which I'll explain more in the sequel too)

Glad you liked what you read though! Hope I cleared some of the confusion up :)

Reviewer: thoria Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 15 2023 11:09 AM Title: Alternate ending C - The darkest timeline

Amber is back! One of the hottest things i ever read, the way you describe the growth in this was soooo good i could really feel amber growing in front of me, i love your descriptions and creative ideas. 

I absolutely love the detail of turning one of ambers eye golden from the syringe turning her into some kinda half goddess with the golden eye SO GOOD!!

i also appreciate how smooth you worked in vasquez and jennifers conversation about the g38 in chapter 20

i might need to re-read jennifers win after this for some redemption 

Thanks for the alternative endings, loved them alot! 😇

Author's Response:

Thank you so much! I'm really glad I was able to deliver on this chapter to be honest. It's taken such a long time to get back to writing 😅

Hahaha, yeah the two alternates are kind of like yin and yang (which wasn't 100% planned).

And, you're very welcome! Thank you for sticking with the story and always reading/reviewing!

Reviewer: Wizalex Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: January 14 2023 2:05 PM Title: Alternate ending C - The darkest timeline

Well worth the wait!

Both of the alternate endings were incredibly satisfying in their own way, especially with the triple-digit growth. I'm hoping we get to see that kind of progression for Vasquez in the sequel. Loved the different responses of the characters in their methods of getting rid of their former competition and the descriptions of how the G38 affected them.

Keep up the great work!

Author's Response:

Thank you so, so much! I was very worried that things would get very samey and be boring but it looks like they diverged enough to keep people at least somewhat engaged!

It was actually a ton of fun writing the what if scenarios! The last one might have been the most fun actually. I could just go full evil and let Amber do anything, haha

Thank you for sticking with the story from the beginning! Your reviews (and everyone's) played a big role in keeping me motivated :)

Reviewer: Wizalex Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 26 2022 10:36 AM Title: Chapter 20: Grief

What a fantastic story! Thrilling all the way through and constantly intense. Great job with the delightfully horrific characters too, they were a joy to hate.

Burning out the G37 is such a visceral scene, especially with Vasquez’s usual brute force approach to it.

It definitely makes the most sense here for Vasquez to grow, but I'm still really intrigued by the other options. Especially by what a grieving Jennifer might have done to Amber if she didn't get to Vasquez in time.

Can't wait to see your next work!

Author's Response:

Thank you! I was terrified the entire way through that I'd somehow compromise quality, so your words mean a lot. I still think I can improve this last chapter and will for sure flesh it out more when I have time.

The only way with Vasquez is brute force, haha. She's pretty much wrath distilled into a 55 foot tall woman.

I'm most looking forward to the Jennifer timeline tbh.

I have some ideas for short stories (a size theft centred plot and one maybe tailored around the seven sins as growth triggers), but I'm eager to start the continuation of this story too. I have a lot of ideas that never got included in this that can be.

Reviewer: thoria Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 24 2022 5:45 PM Title: Chapter 20: Grief

Cant believe i was starting to feel bad for Amber even after what she did.

imagine screaming up to a 55ft tall muscle amazon 😳 thats pretty ballsy since you know what she is capable of, guess thats why she is the leader and also speaks of the respect Vasquez have for Maria.

I might have missed it but did Vasquez realise it was Jennifer that made her grow with the new serum since she was kinda out of it during that part or did she just think it was the g37? If she was even thinking at all during the rampage lol i guess she might not have time to think about it since she was overflowing with rage.

I had that sad feeling when you know a great series is ending these last chapters, but these last chapters have been so amazingly good and you tied evrything up and made such a good ending that im just happy how it turned out instead of being sad that it ended, hope that makes some kinda sence lol 😂 

SO FREKKIN AMAZING!!!!! Once again thanks you so much for sharing this incredible story and to gtortoise for helping.

Enjoy a super well deserved break😇

Author's Response:

Right!? As I was writing I started to feel bad too, haha. That influenced Jennifer's reaction, actually.

So Maria is incredibly manipulative. She worded what she said very carefully to keep Vasquez in the palm of her hand. Blaming her and twisting the truth stopped her from being stomped into nothing, haha. Years of practise manipulating Vasquez meant she could do it and get away with it.

So, your review just helped me rewrite pray of the chapter and clarify some things I wanted to convey. Vasquez currently doesn't know Jennifer saved her or why she grew. She doesn't even know G38 exists. Coming back from death and ask the anger, etc has her not questioning anything. In the holding cells she didn't even really see/register Jennifer completely. But yeah, thanks for the question and helping hone the story!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the closing of this part of the story. I know I said I wanted a break but I'm already itching to start writing part 2.... Biggest bitch in lab C 👀

Reviewer: thoria Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 19 2022 8:06 AM Title: Chapter 19: Perfection

Holy hell when i thought there is no way this could get even better, you overdeliver by a thousand!! Im speechless how good this chapter was but i shouldnt even be surprised at this lol 😊 thank you so much for sharing this masterpiece with us   and a big thanks to gtortoise for helping you along the way i cant wait for the final chapter(s)seriously amazing!!!!!!!😇

Author's Response:

Wow! Thank you! Over delivering by 1000 sounds like a very big deal 😂 thank you so, so much!

Yeah gtortoise has been a massive help in a bunch of chapters. His writing is amazing so I'm always happy to get some help. The whole Amber face sitting Vasquez scene was his idea (which I think really tied the scene together in a way that I wouldn't have been able to)!

Reviewer: bustyshrink Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 18 2022 8:57 AM Title: Chapter 18: One last chance

Hey! I’m late to the game on this one but WOOOOOWW what an incredible story!! You hardly ever get protagonists as interesting as Jennifer and the plot is so well paced and ridiculously compelling. Also the third act as been one of the best evil rampaging giantess content I’ve read in a looooong time. Just cause Jen is my girl I’m still hoping she ends up “biggest bitch” at Godzilla size lol but I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Excited for more! 

Author's Response:

You've found the story at a great time, to be honest! Just two chapters left and them I'm going to create one (or two alternate time lines).

Thank you so much! I'm glad the characters and the plot are compelling and pacing was alright (I've been worried it might be boring to some) 

I actually just saw your vote on twitter before this review, so I'm sure you saw the result of the poll. Godzilla Jen won the votes and will have her own limelight to bask in.

Reviewer: Wizalex Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 12 2022 8:59 AM Title: Chapter 18: One last chance

Another fantastic chapter. There's always a bittersweet feeling that comes from knowing that a story as good as this is approaching an epic conclusion.
As for who gets the G38, Vasquez makes sense of course, and I can’t wait to see just how big our Biggest Bitch will be at the end. Personally, I’m rooting for an alternate end with Jennifer, to allow her to truly let loose with her feelings after being pushed down for so long. And because I’m a twisted individual, I fully support the idea of a truly devastating bad ending with Amber getting it.
Very excited for the final sequence.

Author's Response:

In all honesty, it's a bit bitter sweet for me too! I keep questioning if I should have slowed down more and explored their other sizes at time went on. I had ideas for some guard sanctioned fighting ring and stuff like that. I have no idea what I'll do with all the time free time not writing....

I guess writing a new story 😅

I'll do my best to deliver on this ending as well as the Jennifer ending! It looks like she's winning the votes (currently ahead with 75%). I'll have to think about the Amber ending a bit more to make it impactful.

Reviewer: thoria Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: November 10 2022 7:02 PM Title: Chapter 18: One last chance

Amazing once again 😇

To me  Vásquez  have been my star of the series so i feel like this was deserved 😇, even if all i have been thinking about the last chapters have been amber she really stole the ending so far.

I dont have twitter, so i cant vote but i dont really have a opinion on trish or jennifer getting it, since i feel like Vásquez was my top1 pick and somthing wicked inside me had  amber as second lol😈 but if you do another ending im of course going to read it since you are that amazing.  

Author's Response:

Thank you 😭

Haha, I'm glad Vasquez has left an impression.

I literally posted a message earlier today talking about Amber maybe having got the shot, haha. I should have put her in the poll! I'll see how many votes get registered. If it's many then I might just do a 'bad' ending instead 👀

Reviewer: Chillin Signed [Report This]
Date: November 10 2022 2:30 AM Title: Chapter 18: One last chance

Way to build the suspense! Friggin awesome! Keep up the great dialogue and descriptions of the action! Another worthy chapter to this story.

Author's Response:

I appreciate it! I wasn't sure if I built the suspense for too long in this one so it's nice to hear some validation, haha

Reviewer: thoria Signed [Report This]
Date: October 30 2022 8:23 PM Title: Chapter 17: The clash

Every chapter is somehow getting better and better and it was already 10/10 from the first chapters, from the guillotine the guard and when Alvarez was trying to hide in her hiding spot from amber, and the soft vore, so beautiful and creative descriptions i want to keep highlighting things but then i would just copy the entire page lol

so frekkin good!!!😇

Author's Response:

Hahah, thank you! I'm always trying to improve so that's incredible to hear.

And honestly, highlight away. I've taken a lot of inspiration from other authors and it's probably pretty apparent if you read their works 😂

Reviewer: shadowguy015 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 30 2022 11:42 AM Title: Chapter 17: The clash

still hope Jennifer grows

Author's Response:

She juuuuust might.

Nah, but as soon as I post next chapter, I'm creating a poll for an alternative ending. What I post is the cannon ending, but I'll make chapter 18 (and maybe 19) b based on popular demand. So you're going to see two endings either way :p

Statistically, I'm thinking one will be Jennifer no matter what.

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 30 2022 5:23 AM Title: Chapter 17: The clash

I applaud you for not holding back on the violence in this chapter, really shows a realistic (and brutal) portrayal of how far someone with Amber's mindset would go.

When you said she goes full rampage, you did not disappoint. 

The imagery of her chomping off the guards head was very vivid, and the way she tore through the other so easily.

I have to say the Vasquez and Trish tag teaming Amber was great XD

And that final section!!

Ouch..... :( 


XD (I think I know we're you're going though with Jennifer grabbing the syringe. Vasquez may seem dead, but is probably still alive enough for that dose to heal her and turn her into a gigantic powerhouse of a latina  woman.....well, more so than she already is) Come on Jennifer! inject her and let Vasquez re-take her position as biggest bitch XD

I doubt this is her end, she still needs to put Amber in her place/under her and kill her.  Especially now that Amber stomped on her, she deserves a foot stomping of her own XD

And Smith!!! Ooh, I am on the edge of my seat now just wishing for the next chapter to be here. 

Another very visual/visceral chapter in terms of content, but I am not complaining, you weave the violent acts in so well with the characters, and it all plays out and flows greatly while reading. 

As I said, I can't wait for the next chapter XD (And hopefully Vasquez getting back up, she can't be 'dead dead') 

Author's Response:

Hahaha, man you gave this review fast! Thank you for being so quick on the draw and always interacting with me :D

I won't say any spoilers,  of course, but I can tell you that there's going to be a poll with the next chapter.  You can vote for an alternative ending so if things don't pan out the way you wanted in the cannon,  then you can see another way it can go.

As for Amber and Smith... Let's see what happens when they come together. Will he survive her?

Reviewer: thoria Signed [Report This]
Date: October 23 2022 7:09 PM Title: Chapter 16: An uneasy truce

This amber arc is amazing, so well done once again 😇 

Author's Response:

Thank you! I'm really happy that people are enjoying it all because I was super worried it was too brutal. Apparently, I can just go wild and people will like it 😂

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 23 2022 3:03 AM Title: Chapter 16: An uneasy truce

Short but sweet, but without a doubt a well written chapter as always. 

This chapter really again nails home the sadistic power trip Amber is on.As well as showing her use of her size in a dominating fashion as well as fitting, she would get off on subjugating and dominating the .gangs, especially the Lobos and other ethnicity's she would view "beneath her" and killing those who can't (and killing them just for kicks)

Amber really is a psychotic evil bitch who needs to go down. 

The sexual content was well written, and the description of Amber taking on the bullets and growing larger really shows just how outmatched everyone else is.

Hopefully someone *cough Vasquez cough* will soon be big enough to put her in her place/end her XD 

Excited to read more as always, you're doing a great job leading up to Ambers inevitable downfall. As said before I hope it's fitting (and painful for Smith when he gets his own commeuppance). Amber being killed by Vasquez would be great revenge for her fellow gang members, as well as the non-aryan prisoners who were killed by Amber.

And ending her under her foot would be both fitting, as well as definitely something Amber would consider an insult to her, being killed under the foot of a strong, latina woman. (or just killed by her in general, but the foot crush/stomp would definitely be symbolic as well as her being put beneath someone she viewed as beneath her)

And would also call back to Amber using her foot to kill people before.

Can't wait to read more, this was a surprising update as I thought the next chapter would take longer to come. 

Thank's for posting :) 

Author's Response:

Thank you and you're very welcome! 

Glad you're enjoying Amber's reign and how it's building up tension!

I never considered the whole under foot thing. I guess Amber does enjoy stomping people 🤔

Reviewer: Chillin Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 23 2022 1:24 AM Title: Chapter 1: G37 Trial - Week 3

An absolutely amazing chapter! The action is riveting and I can't wait to see what happens next. Great dialogue and descriptions!

Author's Response:

Hey, thank you!  I was actually very worried about the dialogue so you calling it out specifically means a lot.

I hate bad dialogue but also feel like it's subjective so always wonder if people might hate MY dialogue, haha

Reviewer: Wizalex Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 20 2022 4:59 PM Title: Chapter 15: Vendetta

Another great chapter. I’m really loving Amber’s scenes here, hope we get to see a lot more of her rampage before the conclusion.

As for fighting fire with fire, I’m incredibly torn on who would be the best option, but am actually leaning towards Jennifer, just so she gets a chance to be the biggest for once.

Whoever you choose though, I’m sure it will be great!

Author's Response:

Thank you! The next chapter is almost done and it has a lot of of Amber and her activities!

I have a plan in mind for how this all happens buuuut, I might do a poll and do an alternate ending for fun too 🤔

Reviewer: shadowguy015 Signed [Report This]
Date: October 17 2022 1:02 PM Title: Chapter 15: Vendetta

great story! i hope Jennifer gets the G38

Author's Response:

Interesting! I might have to make a poll to see who people want to grow the most. I didn't think Jennifer have much backing but I could be wrong!

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 17 2022 2:29 AM Title: Chapter 15: Vendetta

A concentrated dose....I wonder who that could go to XD

I mean I haven't made my desires a secret, it has to go to Vasquez she's the biggest (besides Amber) so giving it to her would make sense in order to right fire with fire. 

I hope she grows to be as big as Amber at least (or better yet, bigger XD) just wanting to see her beat Amber into a bloody pulp, or under her foot would be a fun read.

I mean....Amber is a nazi....and is brutal. The way you wrote the brutal scenes is again well written though, you really did a great job painting a picture of her actions.

When she had the prisoner Wendy in her grip, I thought she was going to pop/destroy her boobs with her fingers like squashing grapes, but having her slam her between her now giant breasts was more fitting (in her own fucked up/sadistic mindset)

Again, I love that Vasquez knows something was up with Jennifer not getting her dose, and knowing there was something going on.

I can't wait to read more! (again, Vasquez has to reclaim her title as biggest bitch XD)

And Smith!! That bald bastard needs to get his own comeuppance for his actions.....and I hope it hurts :) 

Author's Response:

Hahaha, I love how invested you are in the characters! I won't spoil anything but yeah, Amber and Smith have to get their just desserts.... Right? 👀

I did wonder if Amber should be even more brutal with Wendy's boobs, but thought it was best to shy away from it. I'm doing my best to walk the line of brutality without being gratuitous 😅

Reviewer: vegetaboy Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: October 17 2022 2:17 AM Title: Chapter 14: Answers

I totally missed this chapter being posted!

Just finished reading it and it was a nice explanatory chapter. Nice work incorporating Jones/Cass's backstory and making Smith look like even more of a dick.

I love that Vasquez knew that something was up with Jennifer not getting her dose. 

And now Amber.....damn, I hope fighting fire with fire means Vasquez is going to get bigger to put that nazi bitch down XD

Author's Response:

Yeah, this chapter was a lot more talking and a little less action. Buuuut, it does explain somethings and, of course, we got to see Amber having fun!

Fight fire with fire means SOMEONE is going to be growing for sure

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