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Reviewer: GhostWriter44 Signed [Report This]
Date: September 20 2021 9:33 PM Title: A Matter of Principle

My goodness, you are the absolute expert at writing cruel giantesses. I absolutely love the hopeless scenarios you put the innocent tinies in. Give them a little bit of hope and then take it away. And like a previous review mentioned, I freaking love the switch in perspectives. From the casual and carefree feeling of the giantesses to the absolute horrors that the tinies are going through. And the amount of detail you have in these, it's just insane. And tiny women (my favorite) being heavily used to top it all off. Absolutely can't wait for your next one!

Author's Response:

Thank you so much for the high praise! Yes, that brief hope spot before the prey's last chances of survival are utterly crushed is a personal favourite of mine. It might be a bit predictable by now, so story-wise, I'll need to come up with at least some variations on that in the future. But smut-wise, I can't help myself because it makes everything that inevitably follows just a bit better still :D

I'm glad people seem to like the amount of details, this story in particular had me worried that it would just be too long, nearly 30k words are quite a commitment to ask from the reader. So I'm pleased that it pays off in the end! Shrunken women will also feature a bit more prominently in the future - I personally prefer female preds and male prey, but ultimately don't mind writing either. More is under way!

Reviewer: tinyguy33 Signed [Report This]
Date: September 20 2021 7:00 PM Title: A Matter of Principle

This story gets so much right. Love the perspective swaps mixed with the differences in emotional tone; desperation and callous indifference. A good mix of watching and participating on both sides of the vore, with a surprising amount of character development in a short time while still being smut-driven. It reads like a good horror script, a nice 'will they survive?' suspense as the tinies are recognized. New to the vortex style, the themes of recognition and playful indifference are certainly among my favorite. Digestion is often overlooked or swept over, but I like the intense and pervasive detail here. My only complaint would have been to request some hard(er) vore but this is obviously a matter of personal taste and not of actual criticism. Going to come back to this one, and try the others.

Author's Response:

Thank you very much! Yes, the perspective switches are something I enjoy writing for many different reasons. First of all, they just allow me to describe things from different points of view, thus enabling me to go into more details, but they also somehow serve to intensify the emotions involved, maybe because you literally get to see both sides of the story. It's always difficult to 'justify' the preds' actions in vore stories, but I always found stories that manage to portray their behaviour in a plausible way particularly appealing, and that's what I'm trying to achieve here as well.

Recognition features in some of my stories, though not all, whereas playful indifference is a recurring theme in pretty much all of them. And this is actually one of the few stories that doesn't feature any hard vore at all, whereas the others usually have at least one scene where some of the prey get chewed up - it also depends a bit on who the pred is. Drive-through is probably the one with the most hard vore so far. As a heads-up, that story also features a brief scene with a male pred, but that can easily be skipped since it isn't relevant to the rest of the story.

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