Discord Update

While I continue to actively help on the site when needed, I'm no longer affiliated with the discord server in any official capacity.

I felt the need to clarify, as I have been getting a good amount of help requests via Discord DM's recently.

I understand the confusion, as they are still using my logo and templates, however, I no longer have any control over those elements.

Thanks, everybody! The servers discord link is in the post below if you're interested in joining.

--Rude Zude on March 14 2022 5:11 PM 2 Comments

What does this mean for the future of the site?

- Nodqfan on March 17 2022 2:15 AM

is the server staying or should we worry? I noticed the site had issues again some days ago and wasnt reachable via https and was really slow. also there is some weird link on the left corner of the screen to a site named fotoredaktor . su which doesnt seem to exist.

- clubby88 on March 17 2022 9:50 PM