Special Child by Kirkurr

(It contains incest, breast vore, unbirth). So basically the story is about a boy(7 to 11 yrs) who got shrunk and has to rely on his family for protection and safety like his sister, aunt or cousins. The boy's father is a scientist who makes a shrinking machine (when shrunk it can't be reverted) so the boy is shrunk till his father makes an unshrink or growth machine. his family consists of only girls as his father is far doing science things in other counties so while the boy is playing with his dads stuff in basement he shrinks himself with the machine and the machine gets broken but his sister notices him and talks with family about himSo the shrunken boy is small and helpless they try to adjust their normal lives but it is impossible to keep him normally. so they contact the father who is in another country explaining the situation abut the boy the father says that there is no known was to revert him back to normal.

Later while her elder sister was watching tv with him she gets an idea about that they can't keep him as is but what if the put him somewhere safe inside them. so the contact the father and he sends back some tablets which makes the insides of their bodies a bit habitable (Side effect : makes the girls more sensitive). We can get at least 6 to 8 parts from this idea i can elaborate more on this and i have thought about more events. Please send a shared document so i can help with the story

Categories: Unaware, Giantess, Gentle, Body Exploration, Incest, Insertion
Characters: None
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