True love in America. by gentle bbw

True love in America. A thin 13 year old German settler boy who is very small is just 4 cm tall. He was born so small in Germany and has to stay so small his entire life. His parents then emigrated to America with him. They arrived in a very small town where Germans and Cherokee Indians live together peacefully and amicably in this small town everyone helps everyone and everyone is friendly to each other. And when they got there, they were immediately accepted and accepted in this city and now lived there and as far as their little son is concerned, he was also accepted by them in a friendly and loving manner and he is supposed to go to school there. And on his first day of school he immediately makes friends who think he's cute and especially the girls like him. Above all, two fat bbw Cherokee indian girls find him extremely cute and fall in love with him at first sight, but he also falls in love with them. The two Cherokee girls are between 14 and 15 years old and when they are that far one of them will definitely marry him because both are extremely in love with him and now hang out with their little guy every day. And as for his parents, they don't mind. Because the two cherokee girls are both orphan girls and are very welcome by his parents and don't mind if they love him and are with him and if one of the two girls marries him at some point. And the two girls love to cuddle him and also to give him a little kiss and he loves to be cuddled by the two of them and also gives them a little kiss back. And the two lovingly protect him either in their breast pockets or they cuddle him warmly between their breasts. Because he is their little darling for both of them.

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