A Crush Factoty by Bissau Ortega

Hi i'm looking for one of those worlds in which crushing tinies are normal and engrained in human culture.

I want to imagine a story about a factory where tinies (both male and female maybe even children tinies) are put into box shaped objects or converaour belts and crushes under the bare feet of a female giantess like grapes https://www.deviantart.com/nymmaz/art/Thanks-for-15k-325323789. However after the tinies are crushed/killed the remains gets processed such as removing the organs and bones (unless needed) and using the tinies remains to create products such as Wine, Paint, Ketchup, Nail Polish, SHampoo, Etc, Etc


Categories: Young Adult 20-29, Couples, Crush, Destruction, Feet, Lesbians, New World Order, Teenager (13-19)
Characters: None
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