Unaware Lips by tinygirlvoyeur

Basically I want to see someone being dominated by someones lips. For mouth, I figure it'd be like someone lip smacking and rubbing their lips together after eating something yummy, not knowing that a tiny person was being pushed between their lips. For the vagina, I imagine someone exercising and their pussy lips surrounding a tiny person, with said tiny person screaming before the labia come together. Bonus if involuntary oragasms occur. Adult (18+ characters only please) Insertion is also good, if the tiny person gets lost inside a vagina and has to subsist on vaginal lubricant. However, I am also perfectly fine with it being consensual with someone, say using their puffy pussy lips to massage and dominate their tiny lover, or tasting every part of their lovers tiny body with their lips and tongue.

Categories: Giantess, Young Adult 20-29, Adult 30-39, Unaware, Mature (40-49), Body Exploration, Middle Age (50+), Entrapment, Humiliation, Insertion, Mouth Play
Characters: None
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