Potential by Silent-One

Poor Mia has been pushed around all her life, and has struggled to find her voice. This is made only worse by the unfortunate curses on her head: her size will vary with her self-confidence, and she has flawed immortality that lets her be killed, but she'll always pull herself together. The more browbeaten, the more viciously she's reminded of her low status in the world, the tinier she becomes . . .

Until Elena kidnaps her away from her life and family. Elena is aware of what this size curse is capable of, and, under the magnifying glass (or microscope if you let her get that small first), Mia is gorgeous . . . so, the lesbian sets out to increase Mia's confidence in herself, so that she can be the personal toy to a sexy, titanic Goddess . . . that's the plan, anyway. 

But yeah. Most (if not all- I'm not much a fan of male giants) of the story should be F/f- some setup with Mia dwindling away as she realizes how powerless she is, getting occasionally squished or swallowed, sometimes intentionally, sometimes entirely by accident, before Elena turns the story on its head, helping Mia get her confidence back so that the teensy lady can become a giantess that rewards the one who put her in power. However, whether Mia actually does what Elena wanted her to is your prerogative- she might have fallen too far in love to even dream about playing her role of cruel Goddess, she might still be so mad that she was kidnapped that she crushes poor Elena to bits. 

All you're really required to include is some violent/unaware in any parts pre-Elena's involvement, and Elena herself being relatively gentle (read : never intentionally hurting Mia) and gay for Mia, plus Mia's own size changing. I'd prefer no scat or dudes, as they're not my cup of tea. Beyond that, have fun. 

Categories: Slow Size Change, Gentle, Lesbians
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