Love to a black giant woman. by bbw liebhaber

A story about a lonely obese 30 year old Black SSBBW giantess and a small secluded white 16 year old orphan boy. One day sitting the giantess in your favorite spot in an old disused quarry at the sunset to enjoy. She thinks I would have but only someone with whom I could enjoy the beauty of sunset I would share with him my big heart. Then suddenly she heard something from the adjacent forest behind her she looked carefully over a cliff to see what is true. Then she looked out of the forest coming a little thin weak human boy not much bigger than her thumb. When she saw him she found him already cute and adorable they had closed a him in her heart she thought that the little must be in great danger because 3 bat true behind him and she had to save him. When she had saved him with a little he grateful and kindled a great inseparable love between the two. And she is also very motherly to him and is protected lovingly of her. And he loves to be to sleep between them and carried around with them to be and everything trembled, wiggled and wiggled back and forth between her lovely snuggly soft warm breasts and between her breasts. And should do everything on her body, he also climbs like on their around make his favorite are legs, thighs, buttocks, back, snuggly soft belly, and her cuddly soft breasts and her huge nipples and their pubic mound with pubic hair. And anywhere where he is on it, he enjoys kissing every centimeter there to cuddle and to satisfy and she enjoys it. And if he loses his balance on top of her belly is the need just because they giggle and laugh a lot about him and when he falls he lands either in her hand or on the lovely soft duvet. And with any free time together they kiss or snuggle or have sex or have just loving. And he loves it in her soft fat fold to slip in satisfies also very fond of.

Categories: Mouth Play, Giantess, BBW, Gentle, Maternal, Teenager (13-19), Adventure, Breasts, Butt, Body Exploration, Feet, Insertion
Characters: None
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