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A normal 20-something woman gets set up on a blind date with a guy. She's not that into him until he tells her and shows her the shrunken civilization he keeps in a spare bedroom. Despite it being a normal 21-st century society, he makes them sacrifice 50 of their most beautful young women to him when they come of age. Through technology, he makes them humiliate themselves before doing this. 

The woman is turned on by this, and is attracted to his cruelness. 

The story alternates between the view of the giants and the tinies, including the sacrifes themselves and their friends/family. 

This is a no-size change story, just brobis and lillis or maybe a more dramatic size difference (i.e. prodigans to lillis or something).

Categories: Young Adult 20-29, Couples, Humiliation Characters: None

I would love a story where Female in her mid twenties is worker of a daycare for 1-3 yearolds who ends up being shrunken mysteriously to the height of 3 inches and then shrunken even smaller as the story goes on. and has to survive being the toy of the 1-3 yearolds. It should involve diapers, butt crushing, butts in general, piss/poop/diarreha, pull-ups, genitals etc. I like little boys more then girls but both are fine. I think it would be better with mean childrens over nice, and I would love if the childrens play with the shrunken person and then stuff her in their diaper and lets nature almost kill them, or sucking on them in their mouth, siting on them and in general playing with them.

Categories: Body Exploration, Butt, Crush, Entrapment, Giant, Humiliation, Scat Characters: None

A giantess in a wheel chair simple as that. I recently got into a reltionship with a woman who will never walk and was surprised to find that no story exists (That I can find) with a woman without the use of her legs.

Maybe some lesbian stuff, piss/poop, insertion, unaware, torture, etc... All the good stuff. The only thing I ask is the story is less character interaction and more action if you please and no slow size changing. The quck stuff is always better. I would write this myself but my grammer is bad. 


Categories: Giantess, Breasts, Body Exploration, Butt, Couples, Crush, Entrapment, Humiliation, Insertion, Lesbians, Mouth Play, Nose, Scat, Slave, Violent, Vore, Watersports Characters: None

Four friends on vacation save a girl freezing out in the snow, and out of gratitude she reveals herself as a sorceress! All of them agree to pretty simple terms- she grants them little wishes for the week they're here, and they let her eat and rest at their vacation cabin. Unfortunately, she's a little sick, and her magic has a tendency to go haywire and shrink people! Depending on how grand the wish was, the poor girl may wind up shrinking smaller, or for a longer period of time, than normal.

Basically, a fun bit where four girls on vacation wind up shrunken repeatedly over the course of a week. One or more of the girls, or the sorceress herself, being  a lesbian perv like me would be greatly appreciated, but not entirely necessary. 

While I really would appreciate any of the tags below in effect, you can add some or not take on certain others if you feel like it . . . only things I'm really vetoing here are dudes and scat. Otherwise, have fun.

Categories: Object, Breasts, Body Exploration, Butt, Fantasy, Entrapment, Feet, Gentle, Growing/Shrinking Out of Clothes, Humiliation, Insertion, Lesbians, Instant Size Change, Mouth Play Characters: None

One facet of vore/mouthplay that I feel is usually ignored is the smell.  Make a story where the girl's bad breath is a/the primary focus!  Maybe you are stuck in the drool of a girl sleeping off a hangover.  Maybe you are tortured by a date that you slighted.  Maybe you are a piercing in the mouth of your tomboy sister who skipped brushing.  Go nuts!  

Categories: Giantess, Object, Humiliation, Mouth Play, Odor, Unaware, Vore Characters: None

Shrunk by your girlfriend she uses you to test the physical and mental boundaries of what you can endure as a tiny. Trying to stay away from the feet game as that has been covered a fair amount already but a small amount is acceptable. I have a couple of ideas to follow or not.

She shrinks you anywhere between 1 and 10 inches. (cant change mid story)

When she shrinks you smaller (1-5") she keeps you inside her ass/pussy and lets all men go bareback so she is filled with their cum or piss. (the guys can be unaware or aware)

If she keeps you bigger (6-10") everyone knows about you and has different ideas on how to use you for her gain or theirs.

Maybe she will humiliate you completely and only allow you for their pleasure

This could be while she trys to "complete" tinder or attends a swinger party (gangbang)

Categories: Violent, Butt, Giantess, Couples, Gentle, Giant, Humiliation, Insertion, Lesbians, Watersports Characters: None

Brother is 8 years older than younger sister, but he has always been really short, for reasons unknown to medicine -- born at 12 inches long, he eventually grows to just 18 inches, and 9 lbs by age 20. Sister meanwhile was way bigger than him when she was just born, and she grows eventually to 6'7. Describe just their everyday goings about, as she ages with a tiny older brother, and especially when she is 16 and already fully grown, how she introduces him to her friends, how he can literally sit in her palm with his feet not even reaching the end of her fingers, how he must literally look up to see her knee when they stand "facing" each other. how he must be babysat by 13 yr olds bec he cant handle everyday tasks etc. No need to be explicitly sexual, the natural differences themselves create the sexual tension.   

Categories: Body Exploration, Teenager (13-19), Young Adult 20-29, Gentle, Humiliation, Giantess, Adventure Characters: None

I want to read a story that is all about sex, humiliation(aware and unaware) and with every possible fetish or kinky stuff that may exist in your minds. No taboos, everything is allowed. You can also shit on the main character, fuck himher, change his size.l Just try to not kill the main character.

Categories: Violent, Watersports, Butt, Couples, Entrapment, Feet, Giant, Footwear, Humiliation, Lesbians, Insertion, Mouth Play, Odor, Scat, Slave, Unaware Characters: None

I have a bunch of ideas and no time or talent to put them into words. Perhaps they will inspire someone to make a story! I'm really into M/f foot-dom scenarios so ultimately that's what I was looking for, but they most certainly can be adapted to other interests and kinks. Without further ado,

1) The main character's a princess in the medieval kingdom of, say, Alannia. The kingdom is populated by humans and lies next to the border of a powerful Elven empire. That empire demands that the Alannian King submits to their power and accepts the elves as the overlords. The King, however, is proud and war-loving, so he tries to fight it. The elves are having none of it and swiftly eliminate him either on the battlefield or via assassination. The queen and the older prince suffer the same fate, leaving my character as the sole heir. She's shy, timid, a bit weak-willed, so in the end she decides to end the conflict by submitting to the elves. In order to keep things in check, the elven empress sends one of her sorcerers to Alannian capital to establish more control over the newest gem in her crown. Said sorc promptly starts to change laws, traditions, and other stuff like that. The princess is not okay with this and marches into the sorc's chambers to confront him about things like "maybe Alannian gold reserves should still be stored in Alannian treasury" and "maybe we really don't need to dissolve the oldest knights' order in the country". The princess does not realize the degree of authority the sorc holds and the sorc finds it appropriate to remind her by shrinking her and stomping the pride out of her.

2) The main character's a young woman, who wants to travel before attending graduate school. Like many other recent college graduates, she's low on money. She finds out about a program, where you can be shrunken and given off to someone for some time as a "companion" in their travels. The idea is that a shrunken person doesn't need much food, airplane tickets and all that crap, so traveling's cheap. But you get to be in someone's possession. She reads reviews, which are mostly positive, and ignores those which are negative. After she signs up, she ends up as a companion to a young, handsome man, who's read the fine print and knows he's free to do whatever he wants as long as she's not physically hurt. He then might find it appropriate to put her on a leash and keep her at his feet for the entire flight...and who knows how much longer!

3) A story about a guy, who's capable of mind-control, shrinking and transformation all at once! He's having all sorts of fun with unfortunate women every day. Perhaps he sees a lovely couple and decides the girl would be better as a foot pet? No problem; shrink her, infuse her with an insatiable fetish and make them both think that's how it should be! Perhaps he goes to a movie theater, decides he likes a seat which is already occupied by a girl, shrinks her and sits on her? Or tramples her miniaturized form throughout the show? Tons of possibilities!

I have more, but this is already too long... I'll be incredibly happy if anyone uses any of these! You can also contact me at smol_eliza#2324 on Discord to talk about similar stuff if you'd like! Peace~

Categories: Slave, Giant, Feet, Footwear, Humiliation Characters: None

Basically I want to see someone being dominated by someones lips. For mouth, I figure it'd be like someone lip smacking and rubbing their lips together after eating something yummy, not knowing that a tiny person was being pushed between their lips. For the vagina, I imagine someone exercising and their pussy lips surrounding a tiny person, with said tiny person screaming before the labia come together. Bonus if involuntary oragasms occur. Adult (18+ characters only please) Insertion is also good, if the tiny person gets lost inside a vagina and has to subsist on vaginal lubricant. However, I am also perfectly fine with it being consensual with someone, say using their puffy pussy lips to massage and dominate their tiny lover, or tasting every part of their lovers tiny body with their lips and tongue.

Categories: Giantess, Young Adult 20-29, Adult 30-39, Unaware, Mature (40-49), Body Exploration, Middle Age (50+), Entrapment, Humiliation, Insertion, Mouth Play Characters: None


This would take place in an alternate universe, where everything is basically the same, except shrinking technology is a common thing. It's used in pro wrestling all the time, and no one really has a problem with it. You can choose the wrestlers, but I would prefer that Dana Brooke be the main heel. The story would start off like any other Diva's match, but one of the Diva's would cheat and shrink the other one. They would carry the shrunken Diva away, not necessarily in her hand, and the story would go from here. I'm thinking that the unshrunken Diva would legitimately keep the smaller one, but also have on air time and make it seem like an actual wrestling storyline. Feel free to deviate from my idea, and remember that the tags are optional. That's what I like, but other stuff is A-Okay as well.

Categories: Vore, Giantess, Breasts, Body Exploration, Butt, Entrapment, Feet, Footwear, Humiliation, Instant Size Change, Insertion, Mouth Play, Muscle, Odor Characters: None