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Hello! My name is Saftkeur. Some may recognize me as a 3D artist with a focus on tongues, size, and vore, but I also enjoy writing! And, though I have little to show yet, I hope I can contribute some of my stories to the community here.

Regarding some of my interests...

I am of course a big fan of macro/micro content, both giantesses and shrunken people; often the latter, the thought of being tiny enough to turn a normal room into a landscape all its own is very exciting. My interest in tongues has led me to very much enjoy scenes of licking and mouth play, as well as vore; I also very much love scenarios of food play, tiny humans being inserted into sandwiches or other food items as a form of teasing, toying, or simply for the enjoyment of whoever is placing them in such a situation. Mmm!~

Though I do enjoy that sense of the smaller party being completely and utterly overwhelmed, gentle or at least mostly harmless interactions are important to me, and non-fatal above all else. That said, I don't actually mind painless digestion in vore, so long as there is reformation of some sort involved; if everyone is alive and well at the end of the story, I still consider it to be non-fatal. Much of my own writing tends towards this sort of scenario, and all of it is always non-fatal, unless I warn otherwise. Fatal content bothers me a lot when I'm reading, to a point of becoming borderline traumatic when it comes unexpectedly, so I try my hardest to avoid putting anyone else into the same situation!

For now I'm mostly here to browse and enjoy the work of others, but hopefully I can have some small pieces of work to share as well. In the meantime, do please browse my galleries if you enjoy this sort of content. ^_^

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