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Hi.  I write stories about men who get shrunk by tall, beautiful women.  If you read them please let me know whether you like them.


All of my open stories WILL eventually be finished, with updates in order of priority based on how interested people are in them and how much I want to write them.

The Best Revenge - Very high priority with a strong roadmap

Verticality - High priority.  People seem to love it, but to be honest I've been winging it the whole time.

Implication - Only supposed to be 5-6 chapters, if I have the time and want to write on a weekend I'll add to it.

Freshman Fifteen - As the story says, I'll update it whenever I want to write but don't have a lot of time.

Journeys and Giantesses - Fantasy stories seems to get very low traffic, and even though I have a solid outline for it I'd rather focus on stories people will read more.  Probably no adds until I get one of the top two finished.

Terminal Diagnosis - I DO intend to finish it, and it got way more attention than I expected, but it takes a lot of effort to write a chapter for it.


I will write one-offs before finishing all of those, because it's fun to write a self-contained story, and probably a few short multi-chapter ones once Implication is done.


I'm also open to requests, but not commissions.  If you want me to write something for you, send me an e-mail (the address linked with this account is checked regularly) and we can hash out the details.

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