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Has anyone ever shared these stories with a therapist? There doesn't seem to be much interest in the fetish outside of Mark Griffiths from psychologists. I've read one psychologist say GTS is about mother issues. How many people share stories they read with their spouse? I think this fetish comes with alot of shame and I wonder how much of that is deserved. Other than Alice in Wonderland and Gullivers Travels, and fairy tales like Jack and the Beanstalk, how many critically acclaimed works of GTS literature are there?

Trying to describe the shapes of giant body parts as slopes and spheres is not very fun, or hot.Without photographs of models, drawings or 3D graphics, these stories are nearly impossible to convey a steady sense of scale, and these they read like scripts before the actors have been cast. Except in this caseunlike the script for a story set at a regular size, the bodily features of the giantess are the main setting most of the time. The dimensions of a commercial product or a celebrities body parts are easy enough to find, but actually depicting the contents of giant womans purse is like trying to describe a video game level.  I don't think GTS written by podiatrists or gynecologists would necessarily be any more clear without the use of visuals.

Also speaking of visuals why are their no black women and what about including drawings like Giantess Katelyn? Can we have giantess collages of the childmodels from Todlers and Tiaras or this Victorias secret fashion show crushing cities? Why can't little girls dying of starvation eat insects instead of working in a factory or mine to fight economic inequality with the money of rich people willing to pay for fetish videos but not give to charity just dollars a day to stop children and their families from dying? The rules should be more clear.

For Lady Goo Shoes and Fertility Goddess Loli Lilith I wanted to create horror stories reaching to a fantastical childlike fear and fetish not acceptable to the main stream horror media.

Than I realized all this fetish does is glorify sexual violence, like most fictional depictions of rape and that the writings bad. What is having sex with an unaware giantess but fetishizing the non consentual, and what is the aware giantess crushing and swallowing the shrunken but rape, one can't legally consent to be eaten alive.

From what I've seen about half the GTS community is into bug crush or lolicon; particularly ome of the challanges here. Bg crush sites only have models over the age of 18 but it's not really pornographic, I'm glad there's no parents willing to sign a release for their children to be bug crush models or websites willing to sell that. Lookup The Bug Challenge or Apple Challange, Youtube allows this even though the crush fetish sites don't allow models under 18. Everyones different but this impossible fetish can lead to cruelty to animals in reality and can end up isolating people in their fantasies, some couples bond over it, but I think more are hurt by it.

I don't think object and food crush is much better, wasting food is spitting is rude to all the people starving in the world and destroying objects under expensive footwear fetishizes pollution and capitalism. Although I don't see why can't porn also be charity? If you're doing to be buying crush and vore videos why not have them done in a way that benefits people? Arguing about whether the bugs feel pain isn't something alot of people are willing to debate, however the science pretty firmly says that little kids dying of hunger feel pain, and the economics and laws show there's alot of money to be made in legal non pornographic modeling, particularly crush and vore. There's youtube videos of school girls eating and crushing insects, and lots of girls around the world could use a well paying part time job they can do at home that would allow them to still keep going to school, unlike the mines and factories. Given the hundreds of dollars these videos make, and how hugely popular and profitable junior idols are is, this could empower women who need money with crush and vore.

Though any lawyer can defend some of these underage giantess challange descriptions, giantess stomach digestion snuff stories and foot wear torture art, I don't think you could as easily find a psychologist who would want to recommend spending hours fantasizing about a child's vagina eating you or models killing small animals the way they would recommend getting a hobby to someone who is depressed. Has anyone here ever presented any of the stories on Giantess World or shown any giantess art to a therapist to see what they think about GTS vore and crush fantasies and videos with live animals? You can argue peoples BDSM fantasies don't hurt anyone who doesn't like injuries and insults but bug crush isn't consentual.

I don't think Asuka Fan would mind it is two coslayers dressed up as Asuka and Rei and squished dead insects underneath over their plugsuits as they wrestled if two girls who needed the money wanted to offer their services in illustrating a story by modeling. I'm hoping psychologists finally do a well funded study on the giantess and shrinking fetish, and whether certain stories should be explored with therapists.I encourage anyone disturbed by the stories I make to ask their therapist to try such a study, Marc Griffith and many of the psychologists at psychology today would not agree with the findings in this link and seemingly don't have a problem with under age challenge requests, the stories here or teenage girls crushing bugs on youtube.

I think that unfortunately, if women in poverty stricken areas such as Puerto Rico were to make films of themselves or their daughters eating and crushing insects they would be more likely to get relief from perverts than they would from philanthropists, and if they were to do it to their children it would be in their legal right of deciding what they eat and filming it. I'm not saying those laws are morally correct, but it would be legal and people would pay mothers to see toddlers eating bugs in makeup. It would be a much more humane option than child prostitution or starvation and if the bugs died of natural causes like the Jainist insect hospitals, than they'd arguably have more humane existences than the meat people eat from factory farms. So why not help feed the poor through insect vore with pretty women from around the world?

The UN recommends bugs, you're just making it more beautiful looking to the pervert with to much money who fatasizes about being a bug being devoured by the girls of Toddlers and Tiaras and Victorias secret, it is horrifying that there is no study on the psychological efects of reading these stories, I doubt Dr. Mark Griffith will support my toddler dominatrix epics or mothers making their daughters mouths into a perverse playgrounds for insects for online creeps. Little girls wearing bras and swim suits isn't illegal, so a close up of their butts crushing bugs into goo like the men and women supporting their way through college wish they could have happen to them when they read about giant little girls crushing men. A school girl could just wear her uniform, she woudn't even need to do films just narrate stories like a gigantic dominatrix and people would pay bills for the bug eating goddess girls who could learn english to read our stories instead of the wealthy from the developed world uncaringly letting them die.

Stop world hunger with generous loans to Puerto Rico and fund a study into the efects of reading toddler giantess torture porn, so I don't have to try and fund it for you all, using lolicon nightmare porn filled with all sorts of unsavory things science will hopefully one day prove bad for you, these both should have happened years ago. Also suppor the ban on childhood marriage, even though bonobos don't have a problem with pedophilia because it's a weapon of capitalism and of rape culture.

Commission me to write you epics about being tortured by sexy toddlers like a bug beneath her little shoes and help end world hunger and get the internets first bug crush fetish website for financially in need mothers of child models! And ask someone writing a psychology paper what they think about this. #Crushhunger :)

5% of the artists in the MET are women, I'm afraid that the Gorilla girls are right, powerful men want to see sexy women, so let's give the rich fat cats sexy bug vore and crush until they set aside the reosurces to help these poor people; without having to watch child food porn and epic erotica to motivate their wallets to save a childs life.

I'm contacting sexy vore and crush artists to donate new films, but are you ready for a women's march of crush featuring deadly female heels and hungry mouths swallowing economic inequality in a way that hurts nothing and no one, saves lives and makes for more detailed GTS stories that directly empower women in need?


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