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Im a happily married man with a beautiful wife who I treat like a princess and worship and pamper every single day, I have a beautiful family and an amazing job which I love and pays very well.
I fantasise that one day a vindictive woman who is jealous of my wife would shrink me and steal me from my wife and family just to use me as a sex toy for her vagina and arse just so she can feel power and vengeance while pleasuring herself with me.

I would love to hear from any female readers willing to spare some time to contact me and give me their point of view on my work, it would be greatly appreciated

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Challenges by Scruba76
Summary: G'day All, I'm a new member to this site, but I've enjoyed reading stories here for years now, but now I have a challenge for someone. The plot : A very chubby woman has been living in her best friends shadow for years, her friend is gorgeous & has a body to die for, she's watched her friend have relationships with some of the hottest guys, but she's never had a relationship herself, one day she tells her friend about a crush & eventually her friend starts dating the guy she likes & she gets very jealous when eventually they get married, he doesn't like her at all because of her weight, the woman has little fantasies while sitting down having coffee & chats with her beautiful best friend having her husband shrunk & stuffed in her dirty panties wriggling around between her dirty hairy pussy lips pleasuring her or wriggling around head first deep in her ass & her friend wouldn't even know or when they have a girls night out & she watches her best friend flirting with other guys while her husband is stuffed in her panties while she's dancing right next to her, it excites her so much. Wouldn't it be great if her fantasies come true. He should be shrunk to about 4 to 5 inches & be indestructible so she can enjoy her friends husband or should I say her new toy for as long as she wants & categories should be couples, bbw, butt & insertion, No feet or vore, Thanks
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