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I've been an author for the past few years and a lurker before that. I'm okay with the majority of sizes, but my favorite size would be amazon and minigiantess. I enjoy a wide variety of stories, but gentle is my favorite category. I'll be blunt and say that I hate most vore, crush, and anything excessively cruel. I'm not into feet, but I enjoy reading any story that I feel is really well written.

My goal is to one day have people see me and my stories the same way that I see people like Merritstone, Stewy, Spitfire, and some of the other great writers out there.
It may seem a little selfish of me but I write mainly for reviews. The reason that I do this is because having someone say good job to a full page review let's me know that someone out there loves to read my stories and wants me to continue them. Typically if I write a couple of chapters in a story and don't get any feedback then I'll simply stop writing it and move onto something else because it feels like no one is interested in that story. I urge everyone to support the authors on this site by telling them what you think about their work.
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