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Story Notes:

ENDED: Sorry, I actually only planned for three chapters to this short story, but it expanded all the way to eight chapters. I Considered this a fun project for testing my GTS writing techniques. Although the reviews are positive (well every one of them on the review tab here), I have constructive criticism considered and will be noticeably be implemented in my later stories. Though thanks a lot for reading this in the first place!

Author's Chapter Notes:

A work I have done for quite a while, but still editing lol. Inspired by Vintovka's works. I hope you'll enjoy this story!

It is 6:00 AM, the sun barely breaks out in the morning and the sky is still dark. I slowly get up from my bed groggily. It is time to get ready to go to college. From where I live, I have to take the train for at least an hour before I reach my destination. It is a prestigious college, Halldale University, that I’ve worked so hard to get into, so I don’t mind the distance. I do my daily routine and dress in a casual manner: A shirt, blazer, shorts, and sneakers. I finish my coffee and get out the door of my apartment down to the street. By now the sun has risen higher and the sky is brighter. The quaint little town is lit with a soft light, illuminating the pretty streets that laid across the entirety of the town. However, I feel quite stressed as it is the first day of being at this college and I worry about how I might fare. But I distract myself from those thoughts by looking around at the little things in the town like the birds and people doing their business.


It is 7:00 AM now, and I finally reach the terminal of the train. By now, it is bustling with a lot of people waiting for their scheduled train. Many of the occupants here are students like me waiting to go to the same college. I rest my back against a pillar and look at my phone. I also eye a few cute girls in my sight. In fact, there are a lot of girls as usual, waiting and talking with their clique. I am lucky to be living in an area of so many pretty girls, but I haven’t had the courage to speak to most of them. Either they were just friends or passerbys that I happen to interact with. Then 7:30 AM hits and I could hear the distant rattling of the train coming towards the terminal. I shut my phone and look up to the train now stopping and opening the doors. Everything went smoothly, people get to their seats and any place already taken forced to let the rest stand up. I have to stand up too unfortunately, but at least I am near the girls. In fact, ironically this whole car is filled only with girls. I am the only guy and it felt awkward being the tallest out of the standing girls at 5’10”. There is one cutie that is in front of me wearing flirty summer clothing. She is a short one, about 5’5’’, and is wearing a teal off-shoulder ruffle crop top and jean shorts. She is average body yet smooth skin all over, with vellus hair (thanks high school human anatomy class) barely visible throughout her face and body. Her light skin and long black wavy hair compliment her very pretty face of Latino and Caucasian features.


All is fine until only a minute or so into the train trip. Suddenly I feel a cold tingling feeling, like a sudden draft, that made me shiver. Nothing out of the ordinary happens. However I look around and especially the cute girl in front of me. Did she get taller? I remembered she was around 5’5’’? Barely by my neck and now she is at me face? For some strange reason, none of the girls notice my predicament! I keep my calm and shove it off as some illusion or something, or that maybe I am at a lower elevation. I distract myself with my phone as the train still mellows on. Everything is normal until another draft of cold hit me again. I shiver at around the same time a cute blondie is passing by me. And oh my God I don’t believe it! I do not know how tall she really is, but she is an entire head taller than me! All the girls before I boarded the train were at least an inch shorter if not much shorter than me. Is there a girl that is taller than me on board or is something very off is going on? Again, no one even had a hint of anything going on, which makes me feel very uncomfortable. The blondie passing by me give me a sense of inferiority against her pretty and taller appearance. Again I try to shake it out of my mind, but I have a grave feeling.


Barely 40 minutes has past and the train still has a long way to go. It stop for a waiting station and I get time to recoup myself. As the girls around me shuffle about, I get to see just how short I am now. The crop top cutie is now at least a forehead taller than me. I have to inch right up to her for the other newcomers to get on the train and I was blushing when she taken a little glance at me and smile. The train starts up its journey again and is again on its way. I am very stressed and confused about what was going on, so I have to muster up courage to talk to the girl in the crop top in hopes of finding answers.


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