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In a distant future boys and girls are seperated into groups, and live in complete isolation from that gender. Every year the matching occurs. To everyone else it's just routine. To 16 year olds it's their first interaction with the other gender. What's going to happen in the following months? Let's find out...


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Published: June 10 2018 Updated: June 17 2018

1. 1: The Train by Stories Jest [Reviews - 3] (886 words)

Sorry if this starts off slow. I want to get some good characters in this story, so there probably won't be any fetish content for the first few chapters.

2. 2: SITE: G276 by Stories Jest [Reviews - 0] (1074 words)

Sorry if some of the descriptions are long here, I am trying to get some good foundation down. Also no fetish stuff right now, but you expect that in the next few chapters.

3. 3: The Discovery by Stories Jest [Reviews - 0] (1346 words)

This ones a bit longer, but it only took be around a day to write. I don't know what that says about the quality but here it is, I hope you enjoy.