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Author's Chapter Notes:

Phoebe's mother, Connie, teaches her daughter how to be a good foot massager.  Things become even worse for Phoebe as the training continues.

Phoebe was happy to arrive back at her house, despite having to ride with the windows down due to the odor that emanated from her.  Her mother, Connie, had made quite an embarrassing scene in the parking lot about how badly she smelt.  Phoebe had just spent the entire weekend shrunk and at the mercy of the Bridges – Tammy, Kayla, and Amy.  She had been made to by her mother when Tammy had relayed to her that Phoebe had lied about who had put her in Tammy’s shoe a few weeks prior when Phoebe was in ISS, or in-shoe suspension.

To add additional insult, Tammy also relayed to Connie that Phoebe had not been compliant or submissive during the past weekend.  As a result, Phoebe’s mother had sentenced her to spend the entire weekend of the upcoming Fall Social with the Bridges again.  It was bad enough that Phoebe was going to be made into a toe-ring and worn around Amy’s seventh-grade toe.

Phoebe opened the door and picked up her book-bag, slinging it over her shoulder.  She walked straight in to the house and began to go upstairs when her mother stopped her.

“Phoebe, dear,” said Connie, “before you go upstairs and clean up, I have some chores that I want you to do for me first.”

Phoebe, who had stepped a couple steps up the stairs, stopped and turned to face her mother, sighing with annoyance as she did.  She slowly stepped back down to the main floor.  Her mother was only 5’4”, but Phoebe felt her to be intimidating because of one thing in particular – the portasizer that was in her hand.  Her eyes widened as Connie smiled, lifting up the small device and pressed the button.

“NO! MOM! PLEAAASE!!” exclaimed Phoebe, but it was pointless.  Within a moment, Phoebe lay barely conscious on the hardwood floor of the house, her warm clothes piled all around and on top of her.  Barely cognoscente of her surroundings, the little girl got on all fours as Connie stepped over and picked up the black t-shirt, causing the 5” girl to tumble out and land on her jeans.

Phoebe rubbed her eyes as she felt her mother’s index finger and thumb pinch her right ankle, which quickly lifted her skyward.

“AAAAHHH!!” she yelled in shock and surprise as her giantess mother, who wore a black cardigan, white floral-print blouse, black slacks, black nylon trouser-socks, and black flats hoisted her up to eye-level.

“MOMMY!!!  PLEASE!!!” cried Phoebe, her naked body dangling from her mother’s fingers.

“Honey, I just thought that since you were pretty smelly that maybe I’d take advantage of your situation and use you to rub my feet,” Connie said, her smile appearing rather devilish.

“NOO!! PLEASE!! NO MORE FEET!!!” exclaimed the tiny five-inch-tall teenager.

Connie lightly chuckled to herself as she turned to walk to the living room, lowering Phoebe down to her waist.  As she proceeded to the living room her hand swung gently, and Phoebe became quite dizzy as she focused on the large foot below as it moved with ease over the hardwood.

Once to the couch, Connie took a seat, and lowered her naked five-inch-tall daughter to the floor.

“Now lay still,” she instructed the shrunken teenager. 

Phoebe knew that she should obey, as her mother seemed to look for any and every reason to shrink her and punish her with her feet.  She sobbed gently as she watched her mother’s large right leg lift, the sound of her hard rubber-soled flat landing against the floor causing her to flinch.  She gulped as her field of vision was fill slowly filled with the black nylon-clad sole of her mother’s warm, smelly, reddened foot.  The giantess’s foot flexed which caused the wrinkles of the sole to become quite visible through the nylon as the giant toes wriggled and scrunched.  The smell was quite pungent, and Phoebe braced as the shadow of her mother’s foot grew over her naked body.

The tiny teenager grunted and groaned as the warm, moist foot lay upon her, immersing her completely with its foul stench and grimy sweat.  Phoebe’s legs rolled at her hips and her mother’s heel forced them to spread, her knees bending to accommodate.  Connie’s warm, smelly footpad pressed mightily upon her skull, helping to relieve the discomfort and pressure that the giantess had felt all day from standing and teaching.

“HMMMPPF!!” cried Phoebe against the nylon-clad sole of her giantess mother’s foot, her face completely immersed by the intense pressure, which was causing her to see stars.  She struggled to take a breath as the weight of her mother’s foot shortened her lung expansion.  What air she was able to inhale was full of her mother’s intense, strong, and unfortunately, erotic-smelling foot odor.  She grunted as she exhaled, a combination of frustration that she was shrunk again, and arousal for being shrunk again.

“NO! I CAN’T LET MYSELF GET TURNED ON BY THIS!  I CAN’T LET MY MOTHER DISCOVER MY FETISH!” Phoebe exclaimed to herself within her mind.  When she had spent the weekend trapped at her feet, she had truly embraced being her mother’s shrunken toe-toy, worshipping her toes by licking, kissing, and sucking on them.  Her mother never said anything to her about it, and she wondered if her mother even felt her pathetic attempts at foot worship when she was so much smaller.

Connie began to slide her foot up her naked daughter’s body, using Phoebe’s face as the primary point of pressure relief.  She watched as her daughter’s hands lay palm-up against the floor as she rubbed her soft, wrinkly arch against Phoebe’s upper-body and face.  The sensation of the warm, sweat-soaked nylon rubbing against Phoebe’s exposed nipples turned her on immensely. 

“Mmmmm!” Phoebe moaned with excitement as her mother’s foot continued to slide up her naked body.  The pressure from Connie’s foot grew immensely as the heel of the giantess’s foot began to slide up her breasts toward her face.  She turned her head slightly to her right, facing Connie’s instep, and took a less-restricted inhale as she felt her arousal building within.

“NO! THIS ISN’T RIGHT!” she thought to herself.  Her mother’s smelly, nylon-clad foot began to slide back down her body, teasing her pert breasts in the process.

“OH GOD!! THIS FEELS SO INCREDIBLE!!” Phoebe continued to think to herself as her mother’s large size 7 foot slowly slid down her body.  She bit her lower lip and subtly moaned.  Her mother’s heel slid over her midsection and groin, and she quickly spread her legs some more in the hopes that her pussy would somehow receive some attention.  As the footpad of her mother’s foot pressed down upon her head once again, Phoebe stuck her tongue out to take a quick lick.

“GAGH!! THAT DISGUSTING!! BUT I WANT MORE!!!” she thought.  The struggle within her was real.  She knew that it was one thing to be turned on by Kristin, Kayla, Thannon, or anyone else.  It might even be scientifically acceptable for her to be aroused at that instant because Connie was technically her adopted mother, and not flesh-and-blood.  But the fact remained that she was indeed Phoebe’s mother, and the social-taboo around being turned on by her mother only seemed to feed her sick, perverted, twisted sex-drive.

Connie’s toes slid down to Phoebe’s face, and grasped her skull with ease.

“MMMPPF!!” she exclaimed as she was smothered by her giantess mother.  The helplessness of the situation…the inability to defend herself from being shrunk at the whim of anyone with a portasizer…being forced to smell her mother’s foot…it was all too much. 

Connie’s toes clasped tightly around Phoebe’s little head, and the giantess smiled as she playfully lifted her foot slightly and shook her leg back and forth, causing Phoebe’s five-inch-tall body to slither gently like a snake.  Phoebe didn’t care about her mother humiliating her, though.  No, she only wished that she was smaller and actually in her mother’s nylons.  She could hear her mother’s faint chuckle of amusement at her expense as she was reduced to nothing more than a foot-toy

The toes released their grip, causing Phoebe to fall back to the floor, her head bouncing on the hardwood, which caused her to wince in pain.  However, she was quickly distracted as the freshly-freed left nylon-clad-foot quickly lowered upon her, flooding her olfactory senses with their pungent smell.

The feeling of the giantess’s foot radiating with heat flooded her senses as she once more lay compliantly beneath her mother’s massive, reddened foot.  Phoebe was once more seeing stars as Connie pressed her footpad down upon her face.

“HMMPPF!” she exclaimed as she was being smothered by her mother.

Connie, though, was enjoying the feeling of using her worthless daughter in this manner.

“I think this might need to become one of your daily chores, don’t you?” she asked Phoebe as she began to slowly slide her foot up her naked body once more.

Phoebe turned her head slightly to the left to face her mother’s instep on that side, and answered.

“Y-Y-YES MOTHER!!” with surprising excitement.  Her face flushed from being made to rub against the nylon-clad foot, as well as from incredible arousal.  The tip of her tongue slipped from between her lips to steal another taste of the foul, sweat-cover nylon.

Connie smiled with delight after hearing her daughter agree to her new daily chore.  The feeling of the little waif’s face pressing against her soft arch was quite stress-relieving and empowering.  The shrunken girl continued to lay and take the rubbing of her foot with great submission.  She noticed that Phoebe’s hands were now clenched tightly in fists, and appeared to almost be quivering.

Phoebe was in an erotic-high as the warm, pressing heel of her mother’s foot now slid up her stomach and onto her breasts.

“OOHHHMMPPF!” she moaned with high-pitched pleasure as she wisely turned to bury her face against her mother’s large sole. 

The feelings of arousal were building up greatly within her loins, and she didn’t want her mother to figure out that she had a foot-fetish for fear that she would withhold her feet from her instead of “punishing” her with them, or worse, keep her perpetually shrunk and away from serving Kristin.  The large, thick-skinned heel pressed down upon her face, causing her to see stars once more.

“NO! MUST RESIST!!” Phoebe argued within her mind.

Connie noticed Phoebe’s hardened nipples, and shook her head.  She kept her heel pressing upon Phoebe’s face until she heard some high-pitched squeaks for air.


Phoebe began to panic as her lungs begged for expansion.  She quickly grasped as the sides of her mother’s heel, pulling and tugging at the nylon-sock.  Connie responded by chuckling.

“Did I forget to let you breathe?” she asked as she slowly began to slide her heel back down Phoebe’s reddened body.

“HMMPPF!!” exclaimed the tiny girl just before she was able to turn her head once more to the left and take some exasperated breathes.

The feeling of her mother’s nylon-clad foot slowly scraping over her body was euphoric.  Her heel rolled over her groin, the pressure causing her bite her lip once again to stifle an exclamation of pleasure.  Phoebe once more took a lick of the grimy nylon webbing that rubbed over her face and body, savoring its pungent taste. 

Connie heard Phoebe groan as her footpad slid back over the tiny girl’s face, immersing her once more with the strong scent of her toes.  The feeling of Phoebe’s slow exhale warmed the underside of her second toe.  The giantess then grasped Phoebe’s skull once again with her toes very tightly.

“MMPPF!” Phoebe squeaked as she grasped at the sides of her mother’s foot once again with pain and panic.  This lasted for only a few moments, though, as Connie released her grip on Phoebe’s head. 

As she caught her breath, Phoebe watched as her mother brought both of her feet together over her, resting them equally on both sides of her.  Light poured in to the tiny crevice that was formed between her mother’s feet, and she took long, full breathes of the strong foot-odor.

“Good girl,” said Connie, “just smell my feet.”

Phoebe found herself to be completely taken in the moment.  She didn’t care that it was her mother’s feet that she was sniffing.  She was right where she belonged…underfoot.  The tiny girl slowly drew in each breath, despite the weight of the giant nylon-clad feet that rested upon her naked frame.  She so desperately wanted to play with herself…to masturbate, but her hands and arms were trapped at her sides beneath the giantess’s foot-flesh.

Connie could sense Phoebe was incredibly submissive to her.  She wondered if for some reason Phoebe was turned on by this.  For the first time in their relationship, she felt she could make Phoebe do about anything she wanted.  However, she reminded herself that Phoebe wasn’t supposed to feel pleasure from this.

“Are you enjoying this?” she asked her shrunken daughter.

“MM-MM!” exclaimed the muffled response from Phoebe with a negative intonation.

“That’s too bad, because I don’t want you to dread your chores, dear.  Foot massages are just one of your new chores,” Connie said as she felt the phone in her pocket begin to vibrate.

“HRRGGHMMPPF!” Phoebe exclaimed as Connie proceeded to stand up on her, removing her phone from her pocket.  The tiny five-inch-tall girl was painfully smashed beneath her mother’s feet.  She was seeing stars once again as the air was forced to evacuate from her lungs.

“That’s more like it,” Connie said upon hearing her daughter’s cry of distress.  She proceeded to step off of Phoebe with her left foot, and readjust her right foot to cover the lower half of her daughter’s naked body. 

Phoebe gasped for a breath before her giantess mother’s left foot lifted and quickly bore down upon the upper half of her body.

“HHRGH!!” she cried as the air was easily crushed from her once more.  The weight of her mother bore down completely upon her effortlessly.  Only some blonde hair which protruded from beneath the side of Connie’s left foot and Phoebe’s right arm from beneath the giantess’s left foot-heel were visible from beneath Connie’s massive, punishing feet.

“Hello, mom!” Connie said as she answered the phone while standing on her daughter.  “How are you?”

“HRGH!” Phoebe exclaimed, yearning for air as she was stood on by her mother. 

“PLEASE GET OFF OF ME!!!” she begged within her mind.  Her senses were racked with crushing pain, and all her mother was doing was standing on her.  She didn’t know why she was being punished like this.  It was one thing to be used as a foot-massager, to have her head, face, and body used to give her mother’s feet some relief, but being crushed by Connie like this had a more disciplinarian motive to it.

“Oh, I’m just helping Phoebe understand some new daily chores that she is being given,” Connie said into the phone.

Connie’s left foot lifted from off of Phoebe’s upper body, revealing her reddened flesh.  The tiny girl gasped, seizing the opportunity which was quite fleeting as her mother’s foot came back down to crush her, and the air out of her lungs.

“HRGHMMPP!” Phoebe screamed, her face muffled by her mother’s nylon-clad foot as Connie stepped full weight upon her left foot, lifting her right foot from the tiny girl’s legs, which kicked and twitched with cramps until Connie stepped back down upon them again.

“She gives great foot-massages, mom.  If you want, come on over and Phoebe will be happy to rub your feet,” the punishing giantess said.

The pressure upon Phoebe’s upper body lessened once again, and the giantess sole lifted from her, allowing Phoebe to suck in some much needed oxygen before being stepped on and trampled once more.  The massive size 7 foot mercilessly crushed upon her once more, and the giantess mother began to slowly and deliberately march in place upon her daughter.

“Okay, sure.  That’d be great!” Connie said, continuing her conversation with her mother while crushing Phoebe beneath her feet.  She couldn’t contain her smile as her ears were filled with frequent exclamations of pain from the tiny five-inch-tall girl under her. 

Phoebe, however, had gone from a world of pleasure to a world of extreme pain as her mother continued to trample her in place at a painfully, brutal moderate pace.  She barely had time to get any breathes in between footfalls, and she quickly became dizzy and light-headed as she was pounded, stomped, and trampled by her mother.  Finally, after only twenty seconds, Connie stepped off her heavily trampled daughter, who lay twitching and spasming on the floor at her feet.

“Good news, hon,” Connie said as she placed her right foot back on her daughter’s miniaturized body, “Grandma is going to come over, and you’ll get to rub her feet, too.  She has some shopping to do, but she said she is looking forward to your massaging of her feet!”

Connie took a seat once more on the couch as she and her mother continued their conversation, and using her feet, made Phoebe to lay with her head by her left foot.  The shrunken girl lay motionless, save for the painful heaving of her chest as she breathed through sore ribs, which had been quite heavily trampled by Mrs. Bridges less than twenty-four hours before.  Her face bore a grimace of pain, and Connie quickly covered it up by resting her big toe over it.

“HMMPPF!” Phoebe exclaimed in a painful response, surprised by the presence of the smelly nylon-clad toe.  Her face immersed in the stinky underside of her mother’s big toe, she was pleasantly surprised to feel the other big toe of her mother’s right foot began to slowly tease her naked, exposed breasts, which caused her to emit a high-pitched squeal of pleasure against the big toe over her face.

“Mm-hmm…yes, that’s what I told them too,” Connie said while speaking to her mother.  As she did so, she began to absent-mindedly began to move the big toe on her right foot.

Phoebe’s arms went limp as the giantess’ big toe swirled around her breasts slowly, causing her nipples to harden once again.  Despite the pain in her body, Phoebe was quickly being aroused once again.   She felt her mother’s big toe delicately slide down her bare skin, teasing her stomach, and eventually her groin.  The feeling of the nylon-clad toe tease her upper-thighs caused her to squirm.

“WHAT IS SHE DOING TO ME!!??!  I DON’T CARE!!!  I’M YOURS!!!” Phoebe screamed to herself as she felt her mother’s nylon-clad toes lift slightly and then pat-down upon her naked body several times.


Her exclamation was followed by a long, drawn-out moan of pleasure. 

“NO!! MUST RESIST!!” she argued within her mind, on the edge of the ecstasy.

Connie, meanwhile, continued to listen to her mother tell her a long story, occasionally verbalizing acknowledgements as she continued to pat her daughter’s bare frame with her toes.  She was completely oblivious to the pleasures that her daughter was so desperately trying to fight, fearing being exposed to her mother as a foot-freak.

Phoebe sighed a loud, pleasurable sigh at the feeling of her mother’s big toe which had been over her face gently slid over and began to tease her breasts while the other toes continued to tap against her groin.  She gulped loudly, and then continued to inhale her mother’s foot odor as she felt the buildup within her womanhood.  She was approaching release quickly, and her mother’s toes were sending her to that edge at a rapid pace despite her best efforts to resist.

A few more gentle rubbing prompts over Phoebe’s breasts with her big toes, and she watched Phoebe’s body begin to twitch and convulse.  The tiny girl’s hands clutched at the nylon-strands of big toe.  The sounds of Phoebe exclaiming mightily against the underside of her second toe momentarily caught the giantess’s attention.

“Okay, mom.  See you in about an hour.  Love you…bye,” Connie said as she ended the call with her mother.  She rested her feet off of Phoebe and looked down to address her disheveled daughter.

Phoebe’s face was quite red and flush, and her chest heaved as she recuperated from the incredible release.  She began to sob, fearing her mother may have discovered her foot-fetish.

“It’s alright hon.  Grandma is going to be coming over in a while, and you’ll get to massage her feet, too.  Now, for your next daily chore,” Connie said as she picked up her portasizer and adjusted the size settings, “you’re going to lick my shoes clean, and then suck my nylon socks clean.”

Phoebe felt the intense, painful light of the portasizer flood her senses once again.  She felt herself getting bigger for a few moments, arching her back as the pain coursed through her body. 

“That’s about the right size,” Connie said as she slipped her feet back into her flats. 

Phoebe groaned with pain after being made two feet tall.

“Now, hands and knees, just like a couple of weeks ago, and lick my shoes, dear,” instructed Connie.

“Y-y-yes, m-m-mother,” responded the shrunken girl.  Winded and defeated, Phoebe, got on all fours at her mother’s feet.  She brushed back her matted, grungy blonde hair and lowered her face to her mother’s black leather shoe.  She stuck her tongue out, tasting the well-worn, acrid leather, and dragged it from the top of the shoe down the side as far as she could.

“At least you’re bigger in size, so you’ll be able to clean my shoes quicker,” quipped Connie as she sat back and turned on the TV.

“Yes, mother Thank you, mother,” Phoebe said with great submission.  Her mother’s shoe was sufficiently soaked with her saliva, and she puckered her lips and began to applying sucking-kisses upon the leather in an effort to clean them. 

Connie smiled as she heard the slurping, kissing sounds her daughter administered to her shoes.  She smiled contently as she could feel her daughter’s lips push against her shoe and foot.


After nearly fifteen minutes of Phoebe licking-sucking-kissing-licking-sucking-kissing both of her black flats clean, Connie leaned forward, instructing Phoebe to sit up on her knees.

“Now, it’s time for you to suck my nylon socks clean,” she said with a big grin.

“Yes, mommy,” Phoebe said as she watched her mother cross her left leg over her right knee.

“Take my shoe off,” instructed Connie, to which Phoebe instantly obeyed. 

“Now, my sock,” Connie said, following-up her daughter’s submission and obedience.

Phoebe’s small hands worked the black nylon strands off her mother’s warm, smelly, reddened foot.

“In your mouth,” came the next command from the giantess mother. 

Phoebe paused and gulped for a moment, and while holding the elastic, open-ended sock with one hand, she delicately used her other hand to lift the stinky toe-section to her mouth.  She opened up and began to shove the foul-tasting, sweaty, grimy, nylon fabric into her mouth, coughing and gagging as she did.

“Good girl, get it all in,” admonished Connie.

Phoebe’s eyes closed as her face scrunched from the disgusting taste.  She felt her cheeks bulge slightly as she closed her mouth around the entirety of the bunched-up nylon sock.  Her mother gently chuckled at her as she switched her crossed legs.

“Is there room for the second one?” Connie asked with amusement.  Her embarrassed and humiliated daughter nodded in the affirmative, much to her mother’s delight.

Connie easily discarded her other flat, and proceeded to remove her other black nylon sock. 

“I don’t think your mouth, which is usually quite big, is actually big enough to suck two socks clean at the same time. So, let’s just slip this one on your head until you’re done with the first one,”

Connie leaned forward with her sock in her hand and proceeded to pull it over Phoebe’s head.  She made sure the part that had been against her stinky sole was over her daughter’s face.  The stretched nylon distorted Phoebe’s face, which made Connie laugh out loud.

“HAHAHA!! Oh my goodness, child!  If you could only see yourself!” she said with tremendous amusement.

Phoebe kept her eyes closed, but felt tears of tremendous embarrassment and humiliation well-up.  She sniffled once, taking in a quick, pungent breath of her mother’s foot-odor.  Unable to breathe through her mouth, she continued to take long, drawn breathes in through her nose.  She then heard the fake sound of her mother’s smart phone camera, and opened her eyes to see through the veil of stretched nylon that her mother had indeed taken a picture of her in her current predicament.  Feeling deep shame and humiliation, Phoebe watched as her mother texted the picture to Tammy Bridges.

“Ahh, Tammy will think this is quite amusing,” Connie said.  She set her phone down next to her and looked down at Phoebe, who had closed her eyes once again.

“How well are you sucking on my sock?” she asked.  This question encouraged the shrunken girl to fervently suck on the nylon wad in her mouth, savoring its foul, disgusting taste. 

“Good girl.  In a few minutes, we’ll change that out,” said Phoebe’s mother as she returned to watch television.

Phoebe remained on her knees, naked and humiliated before her mother.  Her face was lightly chafed from the nylon that stretched over it, and her jaw and face muscles were near cramping due to the presence of the other sock.

“I now have two dominant women controlling my life!” Phoebe thought to herself.  “How lucky am I?  But…I only truly actually want to be with one of them.  I still can’t let on to my mom how much I am being turned on by this.”

Indeed, the more Phoebe was humiliated by her mother, the more she continued to be aroused.  Having her horrible-tasting sock in her mouth, and equally smelly sock pulled over her head made her realize just how low her mother thought of her.  And Phoebe loved it.


“Knock-knock,” came the voice from the entryway as Katherine, Connie’s mother, opened the front door.

“C’mon in,” Connie exclaimed from the living room.

Katherine walked in and closed the door.  She had auburn/red hair just above shoulder-length, and wore a red blazer, a white button-up blouse, red slacks, tan nylons, and matching red flats.  Her face was wrinkled as she was in her mid-sixties.  She had her make-up done perfectly, with blushed cheeks, eye-shadow, and red lipstick.

“Well, what do we have here?” she asked as she walked into the living room. 

Connie was standing up and seemingly walking in place.  Beneath her feet was Phoebe, who at 2-feet-tall, was serving as the floor beneath her mother once again.  She groaned and grunted beneath each punishing footfall administered by her giantess mother, whose feet occupied her abdomen.

“I see you’re using your portasizer efficiently,” Katherine said as she walked over and stood by Phoebe’s small head. 

“Hi dearie,” Katherine said as she leaned over to address her red-face granddaughter who appeared to have something stuffed in her mouth. 

“She’s been sucking on my socks to clean them as part of her other chores, but she did not do a good enough job on the second one,” Connie said as she ceased her trampling momentarily to talk to her mother, “so, I told her that she would be punished while she re-cleaned my sock once more.”

“Oh, well, I hope you have better luck this time, Phoebe.  It’s good to see that sarcastic, back-talking mouth of yours being put to better use this way,” Grandma said as she smiled down at the shrunken teenager.

“Phoebe, turn your head so grandma can step up on you and help me punish you,” Connie said as she stepped down to stand on her daughter’s stomach and groin/upper-thighs.

Phoebe could only emit muffled moans and groans as her mother walked all over her.  She turned her head to face her grandmother’s shoes, and closed her eyes as she watched the large red flat lift from the floor.  Her face scrunched as she braced for the hard sole of the flat to be placed upon her skull, and her grandmother did not disappoint.

“HHRGMMPP!” she exclaimed with the stuffed nylon sock in her mouth as Katherine placed her foot on Phoebe’s head.  She lifted and resettled it a few times, and Connie offered her hand to her mother to help her take the full-weighted step.  The giantess grandmother’s left foot came to rest upon Phoebe’s breasts, squishing them quite painfully.

“AHHH!!” cried the tiny two-foot-tall teenager, her painful exclamation muffled by the saliva-soaked nylon sock in her mouth.  She was now beneath the full-weight of both her mother and grandmother.

“There we go,” Katherine said as she managed to maintain her balance while standing on her granddaughter. 

“This will teach you to suck my socks clean, won’t it?” Connie asked her daughter, who was unable to answer from beneath her grandmother’s flat.

“HRGHMMPP!” groaned Phoebe as she suffered helplessly beneath the two women.  Her neck was painfully strained beneath the punishing foot of her grandmother.  Her breasts were being punishingly crushed beneath her grandmother’s other shoe-clad foot, and then her mother standing upon her stomach and groin.  She couldn’t tell if she was in painful misery, or erotic, blissful arousal.

“Phoebe’s new chores everyday include massaging my feet, sucking on my socks until they’re clean, and licking my shoes clean, too,” Connie said with a smile as she and her mother kept their balance on the tortured teen who could barely breathe.

“Sounds like a wonderful regimen to keep her motivated,” Katherine said.  She finally stepped forward and off of Phoebe, as did Connie, allowing the little girl to take some uninhibited breathes for the first time in nearly fifteen minutes. 

Phoebe moaned in pain and even sobbed a few times, coughing on the acrid-tasting nylon sock still in her mouth. 

“So, Phoebe, I think you should clean Grandma’s shoes,” Connie said as she placed her right foot upon her daughter’s chest, pinning her to the floor, and leaned down to extract her sock from her daughter’s mouth.

“Yes, mother,” she said, relieved to have the large saliva-soaked sock out of her mouth, wriggling her jaw for a moment to work out the painful cramp.  Connie stepped off of her, and the shrunken girl got on all fours, crawling over to her grandmother who had taken a seat on the couch.

“Phoebe, dear,” Katherine started, “I don’t want you to ruin the nice shine on my shoes, so I’d prefer you to actually lick the insoles of my shoes please.”

Phoebe brushed her hair once more behind her ear in an attempt to keep it out of her face as she shook her head submissively.  Before her were her Grandmother’s size 6.5 nylon-clad feet, and she effortlessly slipped her feet out of the red leather flats.  The odor that wafted up to her small nose was strong and repugnant.  Though it smelled similar to her mother’s foot, there were enough differences that she could clearly distinct their two scents.  She coughed lightly and suppressed a dry-heave before lowering her face down to the very well-worn, silver-shining insole of the shoe. 

“Go on, Phoebe,” Connie said after sitting down next to her mother.

Mustering up her wits, Phoebe lowered her face to the very warm and repulsive-smelling insole, and stuck her tongue out.  She felt the sides of the shoe’s walls against her face as her tongue was dragged against the foul smelling, well-worn fake leather. 

“GAAGHH!” she exclaimed, suppressing yet another dry-heave, which led to Connie and Katherine chuckling at her before they resumed their conversation about things of unimportance.  Once again, Phoebe’s tongue tasted the grimy, salty deposits on the insole of her grandmother’s shoe.  It produced a strong stinging sensation on her taste buds, and after repressing another gag, choked it down as she swallowed.

“There, there, little one,” Katherine said, leaning over to watch her shrunken granddaughter clean the insole of her shoe, “do a good enough job and maybe I’ll wear you to church in these on Sunday.”

Phoebe didn’t react to that threat.  She focused on the task at hand – cleaning the years of foot-sweat and filth from within her grandmother’s shoes.  As her head was lowered into the opening of the left shoe, Katherine rested her nylon-clad left foot on the back of her head to make the chore even more laborious.

Phoebe felt the warm nylon-clad foot weigh on her head.  It kept her face practically shoved against the insole, encouraging her to lick faster and do as good a job as possible for her grandmother.  She slowly got used to the repulsive taste.  As she got closer to the toe section, Phoebe tried to manipulate her face into the shoe’s toe-box section.  Her tongue, however, could only get a little bit of the grime within.

“Well, she is certainly trying her best, isn’t she?” noted Katherine.

“She has such a terrible work-ethic when it comes to homework, I’m really quite surprised to see her get after that with such fervor,” Connie said with a smile before she and her mother resumed their discussion.

Phoebe found herself having transcended from embarrassment and humiliation to arousal and ecstasy once more.  Having completed licking the insole of the left shoe, she managed to lift the immense weight of her grandmother’s foot and leg with her neck and head just enough to line her face up with the insole of the right shoe.  Once there, she summarily let her face get pressed against the insole by the weight of her giantess grandmother’s foot, and began to lick once more.


“Well, I think I’m ready for that foot massage, dearie,” Katherine said as she leaned over and rested her nylon-clad feet from off the back of Phoebe’s head to the floor on the other side of her shoes.  Phoebe’s face remained within the right flat as she lapped and lapped at the insole.

“I shrunk her to five inches and rubbed my feet all over her.  I think that would be a good size, or at least starting point,” Connie said as she picked up her portasizer and adjusted the settings once more.

“Actually, if you don’t mind, I’d like her to be about three-inches tall, please,” Katherine requested.

“Oh, okay, sure,” Connie said, adjusting the settings on the portasizer.

Phoebe finished licking the insole and sat back on her knees once more, awaiting the painful inevitability.  A pained grimace on her face, Phoebe felt the warm, bright light reducing her in size, all the way down to five inches.  Due to the constant resizing, her body ached and trembled once more from the shrink ray.

“On your back, dear,” Katherine said, having scooted her shoes over with her nylon-clad feet and pointing to a spot on the floor between them.

Phoebe was still winded from the size reduction, but proceeded to crawl like the large bug that she was to her grandmother’s feet.  She proceeded to lie down on the floor between the smelly nylon-covered feet, and watched as her grandmother, who was looking down at her while leaning forward, disappeared behind the reddened sole of her massive right foot.

The tiny girl braced herself as she was completely overtaken by her grandmother’s large foot.  She was easily immersed within the soft, wrinkly, nylon-shrouded sole, overwhelmed by the strong, potent foot-odor at her newly reduced size.



Phoebe once more had to repress expelling her stomach as her constitution was challenged by the strong smell. Her face was buried against the sole of the giantess’s foot, which slid with ease up her naked frame.  The rubbing of the nylon strands against her body, her breasts specifically, was both painful and pleasant.  She moaned against her grandmother’s sole as it continued its traversal up her naked frame.

The hard, rough heel made its way like a steamroller up Phoebe’s tiny, naked body. The little girl was surprised how much more this hurt being shrunk down to three inches instead of five.  Her legs rolled to their sides as the heavy, massive heel scraped up her body. 

“HRGGHMMPPFF!!” exclaimed Phoebe as the heel crushed up her stomach, breasts, and her face.

Katherine felt the tiny girl under her foot compress beneath her heel, eliciting a devious smile from both her and Connie.  The giantess grandmother then began to slide her foot back down Phoebe’s naked body.

“MMMMPPP!” squeaked Phoebe as her face was chafed against the foul-smelling nylon strands.  Her body was reddened with ease as the giantess continued to manipulate her foot up and down against her body.

Up and down, up and down, Katherine’s massive foot skidded upon Phoebe’s bare skin, irritating it incessantly.  The tiny suffering teen occasionally cried out with pain from the forced massage.

“This is only the first foot!!” Phoebe thought to herself.  She felt great pain, and immense arousal.  It seemed her grandmother was rubbing her foot even quicker on her.

Up-down-up-down-up-down.  Phoebe’s nipples were hard from the perpetual stimulation.  She was breathing hard, feeling the buildup in her womanhood as well.  Before climaxing, though, the giantess grandmother lifted her foot off the little disheveled girl, who was breathing rapidly, and replaced her left foot upon her.

“HRRGHMMPF!” Phoebe groaned as she was heavily crushed by her grandmother’s footpad.  The giantess’s foot proceeded to grind her hard against the hardwood floor, twisting and turning her with intense pressure.

“I should have been doing this all along,” Katherine state.  “This is the better way to have her massage my achy feet”.

The giant foot lifted from off Phoebe’s reddened body, and then quickly slammed down upon her.


Phoebe was dazed as her grandmother’s foot lifted from off her once more, and then slammed down again.


“HRGH!” she exclaimed as she was crushed.

Once more, Katherine’s foot lifted from her granddaughter’s body only a few inches, and then pummeled her once again.


Phoebe was being brutally stomped by her grandmother, who was showing her no mercy.  The giantess foot lifted yet again.


The tiny girl was seeing stars as the giantess’s foot raised from her naked body once again, lining up to slam down a different part of the foot before racing down towards her once again.


“UGGH!” cried Phoebe, winded from the brutal stomping administered by her grandmother.  The pain was so great that she began to sob and whimper.

Katherine then slid the heel of her foot upon her granddaughter, and began to roll it all over the shrunken girl’s submissive body.  Phoebe’s cries of pain were quickly stymied as the air was crushed out of her with ease.  She felt her body compress, her ribs and other major joints popping and shifting with tremendous pain. 

“Oh my!  That feels wonderful!” exclaimed Katherine with a pleasant look on her face as she grounded her heel upon Phoebe.

“Well, then, don’t forget to go back and make her massage your other foot the proper way.  After all, she needs to learn how to do this, and what will be expected of her,” Connie said, enjoying the ability to extend her daughter’s suffering even further.

Phoebe was straining to keep conscious with all of her might.  As her grandmother’s heel rolled all over, she emitted faint grunts and groans of extreme pain with what little air she was able to inhale.  The tiny suffering teen was being crushed so severely that she was seeing stars.  Several grueling, excruciatingly painful moments later, the giantess’s foot finally lifted from her, and her body flopped, twitched, and spasmed on the floor at her grandmother’s feet.

“Your mother says that you get to do my other foot the correct way, now,” said Katherine, leaning over to address her three-inch-tall granddaughter.

Phoebe didn’t respond.  Instead, she arched her back from the extreme pain, leaning over to her right side as she winced in misery.  She was too overwhelmed to realize that her giantess grandmother’s right foot now hovered over her.

“UGGHH!!  NO!!!  HRGGHH!!”


Katherine’s massive foot slammed brutally against the shrunken teenager’s naked body.  Phoebe was dazed and stunned by force of the foot crushing into her at such a rapid pace.


The giantess foot remained upon her defeated body, pinning her beneath the arch, and then began to slowly traverse up her body until she was once again beneath her grandmother’s thick, tough foot-heel.

“HRRGH!!” Phoebe groaned in excruciating pain as the giantess seemed to show her no mercy, grinding her into the hardwood floor with little care or concern for her well-being.  The crushing pain was brutal.  Every muscle in her body seemed to ache.  Her shoulders and hips burned with excruciatingly pain as they continued to slip in and out of joint.  Her ribs and sternum popped and creaked beneath the tremendous weight.  Her neck was painfully forced and twisted to an almost 90-degree angle.  Her lungs ached and yearned for air.  Her face was contorted in pain, and her skin chafed by the nylon strands that painfully rubbed against her flesh.

All Phoebe could do was to grunt or groan as her grandmother smashed her into the floor beneath her heel for nearly two-minutes.  By the time Katherine finished crushing Phoebe with her foot, the tiny girl’s nervous system was so overwhelmed with pain that she had blacked out.

“Well, that felt wonderful, Phoebe,” Katherine said as she slipped her feet back into her shoes. 

Phoebe quickly came to, and her body instantly seized with pain, which caused the tiny girl to cry out.  She tried to regain her breath, but her lungs had been compressed for so long that they were slow to inflate.  Her muscles cramped, causing her to arch her back repeatedly before curling up in the fetal position.

Katherine and Connie watched amused and unconcerned.  Katherine quickly stepped upon her granddaughter to help her stop twitching so she could talk to her.  Phoebe’s face was turned to her right, and was barely visible beneath the ball of her grandmother’s shoe-clad right foot, a tremendous grimace of pain expressed upon it.

“Thanks for the foot-rub, dearie,” Katherine said.  Keeping her foot upon Phoebe’s naked body, she stood up.

“HRGH!!” cried Phoebe as she felt crushed even more beneath her grandmother’s massive shoe.

“Well, my dear, I should be going.  I have groceries in the car to get put away,” Katherine said.

“I’m glad you stopped by.  Feel free to stop by anytime to have Phoebe rub your feet,” Connie responded with a smile as she hugged her mother.

Katherine then bent over to address her shrunken granddaughter.

“You want to go to church with me on Sunday?” she asked the shrunken teenager.

Phoebe didn’t respond as she was sandwiched between the sole of the giantess’s shoe and the hardwood floor.  Her mind was flooded with pain, unable to comprehend what was happening or that anyone was talking to her.

“I think a little church would be good for her,” Connie said, answering for her shrunken daughter.

“Good, I’ll pick you up at 9!” Katherine said.  She proceeded to slide her shoe-clad foot to be centered upon Phoebe, and proceeded to take a full step as she began to head toward the door.  As she was crushed by her grandmother, Phoebe passed out.


“Wake up, Phoebe,” Connie said, causing the heavily-trampled three-inch girl to stir as she lay on the floor.  “I’m not done with you, yet.”

Phoebe slowly and painfully moved her arms and legs as she came to, crying in pain as her hips and shoulders popped back into their more normal places.  She crossed her arms across her breasts and rolled onto her side, trying to bury her face in the hardwood floor.  Then…

“AAHHHH!!” Phoebe screamed as she felt herself getting even smaller. 

Connie stood over her with her portasizer, having activated it.  Her face bore a big smile on it as she watched her daughter shrink to an inch in size. 

Phoebe curled up in the fetal position, her eyes tightly shut from wincing in pain.

“AAAAAAHHHH!!!” she screamed out in pain, fear, and frustration as her mother picked her up by her long blonde hair.  She dangled from her mother’s index and thumb as she was lifted from the floor. 

Phoebe could only watch as her mother maneuvered her just above the opening of the giant black flat below, and was released.  The tiny human fell what was to her about a hundred feet, landing with a breath-taking thud on the now cold, but stale-smelling, tan-colored insole.

Phoebe rolled onto her side and slowly got on all fours as she tried to catch her breath.  However, a large shadow loomed overhead, and she looked back behind her to see her mother’s immense bare foot descending.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!!” she screamed as she fell onto her back, where she was quickly immersed in her mother’s wrinkly arch.  The pressure and weight was tremendous.  Her naked frame was unable to move as she was completely imprinted in the insole of her mother’s flat as the massive foot settled upon her.

Phoebe groaned and strained against the oppressive arch, still winded from serving as her grandmother’s foot massager.   Connie, meanwhile, sat back down on the couch and turned on the TV to watch the evening news.  The tiny girl was in a world of pain and misery.  Unable to move a joint or muscle in her predicament, she did what came naturally to her, and stuck her tongue out to lick her mother’s foot.


Chapter End Notes:

This is going to be a long story so hold on tight!  Ideas/feedback welcomed and needed.

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