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“Wow, I’d love to lick her shoes and feet. She’s so dominating. It’s a weird desire. I’m not a lesbian, I don’t know what the deal is,” Julianne thought to herself.
Jennifer sat next to Julianne on the piano bench. She was a full seven years older than Julianne, who was a mere fifteen years old. She couldn’t explain why she felt the way she did. She wasn’t attracted to Jennifer, but rather the way she seemed to carry herself, especially when Julianne would mess up her piano songs. Today, Julianne was intentionally messing up badly during her piano practice. Jennifer looked at her in disgust.
“What is your problem!?!” she demanded to know. “It’s like you’re wasting my time. Why do I bother, Julianne?”
“I . . . I’m sorry. I just can’t seem to concentrate,” Julianne replied.
“Well, you’ve got two months to get this piece prepared for your recital. You’re really screwing up on your foot-work. This may seem a little weird, but get on your hands and knees, and watch my footwork as I pedal these keys. Now!” Jennifer ordered.
Julianne was a little taken back. She sheepishly got on her hands and knees as Jennifer scooted over to the center of the piano bench. She began to play the four minute piano piece, which she played to perfection. Julianne watched Jennifer’s black high heel as it pumped the piano pedal up and down. She was wearing black nylons, black knee-length skirt, and a pink sweater. Julianne was entranced by Jennifer. Her demeanor, her domineering spirit. She made her felt like dirt under her shoes, and that was exactly how Julianne wanted to be treated. She couldn’t resist. When Jennifer played the last note, and rested her foot on the floor, Julianne leaned forward, and kissed her foot.
“What are you doing!” Jennifer exclaimed.
Julianne quickly stood up and felt her cheeks flush with embarrassment. She couldn’t get any answer out of her mouth.
“Well, why do I think that you’ve wanted to do that for a while? Tell you what, lay down under the piano bench. I’m going to put you in your place.” Jennifer’s smile grew wicked across her face.
Julianne lay down under the piano bench, her head right between Jennifer’s high-heeled clad shoes. Her shoes had a strap that went across her ankle. Only the toes and heel were enclosed, and the arch of her foot hung slightly over the sides of the insole. Jennifer raised her right shoe, and forced her heel into Julianne’s mouth. She let her suck on her heel for several minutes while she conversed with her.
“You know, this is a much better use of my time. I think I’m going to make this a part of your regular practice routine. I’m soo happy it’s summer time, and school is out. Everyday, I want you over here at high noon, understood?”
Julianne shook her head as she continued to suck on Jennifer’s heel. Jennifer then placed her other heel in Julianne’s mouth. She now rested the toe sections of her shoes over Julianne’s eyes, obscuring her vision. Julianne was becoming quite excited. The prospect of indulging in her weird fantasy was finally coming to fruition.
Jennifer bent down and undid the buckles on the straps of her high heels. She slipped off her heels and instructed Julianne to keep her heels in her mouth. Jennifer then placed her right foot across Julianne’s throat and began to throttle her throat.
“See, this is how your foot work on those piano pedals should be, very forceful, just like this,” and stepped down quite hard on Julianne’s trachea. She squirmed and put her hands around Jennifer’s ankle.
“Now, now, let go, or I won’t get off your throat.”
With that threat, Julianne’s hand let go of Jen’s ankle. Jen removed her foot from Julianne’s throat, and kicked away her heels from her mouth. She then sat back down on the piano bench and shoved her left foot into Julianne’s mouth. Jen smiled down at her as she watched her new foot slaved suck the sweat from her nylons.
Julianne’s mouth was burning with the taste of Jen’s sweat. Her foot was forced into her mouth as much as possible. She sucked on Jen’s foot for about ten minutes, and then she was forced to suck on her other foot for another fifteen. Jennifer stood up and then proceeded to stand on Julianne’s head as she balanced her weight on it. Julianne squirmed and groaned from the pain. Jen then proceeded to trample Julianne for a few minutes, stepping slowly from her head to her chest to her stomach, then back up. Julianne simply laid there and took it. Jennifer stepped off and put her heels back on. She walked into the kitchen and opened a cupboard, seeing a fortune cookie still wrapped. She felt a little snacky.
Meanwhile, Julianne got back up and sat down at the piano bench. She swallowed a few times, attempting to remove the sweaty-taste from her mouth. She felt weird. Her body was abused from the trampling she had just taken.
Jennifer unwrapped the fortune cookie and snapped it in half. She put half the cookie in her mouth and chewed. As she was crunching away on the tasty treat, she read the fortune. It read, “When two minds are in agreement, the weaker will be put in its place.”
“How ironic,” Jen thought as she put the second part of the cookie in her mouth. As she chewed and swallowed, she turned and walked back into the living room where the piano was. Julianne was no where in sight. She assumed that Julianne has gone to the rest room or maybe even left.
Jennifer walked over to the piano bench and began to sit down.
Julianne had been sitting at the piano bench, trying to get past the pain in her abdomen and throat. She felt embarrassed and humiliated. She had just licked Jennifer’s shoes and feet, and had just been walked all over by her. Then something else began feeling very strange. Julianne became very tired all of a sudden, and everything went black.
The next site Julianne saw was Jennifer walking into the room. But things were…different. Julianne was lying on the piano bench, and it seemed like it was a square mile. Julianne stood up, waving her hands trying to get Jen’s attention. But she was unsuccessful. She screamed in extreme terror as Jennifer began to sit down. Julianne looked around, but there was no where to run, and Jennifer’s ass was descending too quickly. Julianne lay down while screaming, and then the warm cotton skirt pressed against her. The weight was immense. She couldn’t move or breathe. The mass of Jen’s butt enveloped Julianne completely.
Jennifer began to play some rifts on the piano. After a few minutes, she felt something squirming beneath her. When she stood up, she smiled immensely when she saw what it was, or rather who it was. Julianne was squirming and screaming on the piano bench. She couldn’t have been much more than half an inch in size.
“Well, well. Isn’t this ironic? It would appear that the fortune cookie I ate was right, and you must have the weaker mind. Now it’s going to be really easy for me to put you in your place. Do you remember where your place was?” Jen mocked.
Julianne screamed as Jen’s enormous fingers pinched her to pick her up. Julianne was being crushed by the massive fingers, and unable to expand her lungs to breathe. Jennifer looked at Julianne’s diminutive size. She saw her face turning red from a lack of air. She just stood there, smiling at her and then proceeded to walk to her kitchen.
“Good thing is that since you walk back and forth from here, no one will suspect me. There’s no sign of a struggle. Your disappearance will be easy to sell. I wonder though, what are you capable of enduring?”
Jen proceeded to lower Julianne down to the linoleum in the kitchen. Julianne was crying and simply lay there. She screamed as a shadow was cast over. Jen’s shoe lifted off the ground and slowly descended on her. Julianne noticed the tread pattern—ridges that ran horizontal across the shoe. She reached up in futility to push away the huge shoe, but the weight was too much, and soon, Julianne was pressed between the floor and Jennifer’s shoe. The rigid tread of the shoe tore into her clothes and skin. Julianne couldn’t scream as there was no air in her lungs to scream with. The pain shot thru her body, joints dislocated, and Julianne vomited.
After a minute, Jennifer stepped off and watched Julianne twitch and shake uncontrollably on the floor. She was screaming and crying from the pain. Jennifer simply smiled and laughed. Then, she bent down and undid the straps from her heels. Her black nylon-clad feet left sweat prints on the linoleum. Again, Julianne saw a shadow cast over her, and was immersed instantly in heat and sweat. Jennifer pressed down with the ball of her foot. The feeling of Julianne’s tiny body being crushed and squished beneath her foot was intoxicating. She felt her tiny hands aimlessly beat against her foot. The struggling subsided after a few moments, and Jennifer lifted her foot off, only to see Julianne’s tiny frame stuck to her nylon. She was still crying and screaming in pain. Jennifer sat down at her kitchen table and peeled her off.
“Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. You are now my tiny foot slave. This is your place, beneath my foot. I wonder . . .” Jen began to concentrate, and Julianne grew to an inch in size.
“Ahh, much better. I like you at this size.” She then lowered Julianne and dropped her in her shoe. She tumbled to the toe of her heel. Her body burned in pain. It hurt to move any of her arms or legs. Her clothes were pretty torn up. The smell of her shoe was very repulsive. Tears streamed down her face. How could this have happened to her? She rolled over only to see Jen’s toes, and those sexy red toe nails in the black nylons, approach the opening of the heel. The light was blocked out, and Julianne was pushed deeper into the shoe beneath Jennifer’s huge toes. The smell increased ten times, and the nylon kept her from being able to move. It dug harshly into her face. She was unable to move due to the restricting toes.
Jennifer felt the ticklish sensations caused by Julianne being in her shoe. She chuckled and scrunched her toes several times over her slave, taking the fight right out of her. She then bent down and strapped up her heels. It was time for her to go grocery shopping.

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