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Family Foot Slave

“Sean! Come here right now!” screamed Mary. Mary was Sean’s mother. She was in her late 30’s, and had had enough of her son’s shenanigans. Sean, who was 16, approached his mother meekly, his head down, as if he was defeated. “Tell me why you were in the girls’ locker room during PE today?”
“I . . . don’t know.”
“Don’t lie to me! Tell me now!”
“Please don’t tell anyone else, it’s kinda embarrassing.”
“I won’t promise that, but you will tell me,” she reinforced sternly.
“I was . . . sniffing . . . shoes.”
“What!?! Like you have a foot-fetish? Do you want to smell my shoes?”
“No, I . . . can’t explain it.”
“So, you get off on this kind of thing, huh? Ok, go to your room for the rest of the night. Tomorrow, I’ll let you know what your punishment will be.”
Sean slid away to his room. He felt embarrassed, humiliated, and degraded. He lay down on his bed, thinking of all the shoes had been able to sniff that day. He put his hands down his underwear, and eventually fell asleep.

The following morning, the family was gathered around the table. There was Jennifer, Sean’s older sister, who was a senior in high school, and Kim, Sean’s younger sister, who was 14. Their father had run off several years before, and so all 3 of the women had a natural hatred of men.
“Sean, Mrs. Donovan wants to see you first thing this morning when we get to school,” said Mary. She was a kindergarten teacher at their school. His sisters chuckled at Sean when they heard their mother. It was a long drive to school. Sean walked to the principal’s office. The door read Joyce Donovan-Principal. Sean had a lump in his throat. He waited for an eternity it seemed, for Mrs. Donovan to arrive.
“Sean is here to see you, Joyce,” said Mrs. Christiansen. Mrs. Joyce Donovan walked thru the door wearing a red blouse, black knee-length skirt, tan nylons, and black patent-leather pumps. “I’ll be with you in a moment, Sean.” She walked in to her office and closed the door. Sean felt his heart jump into his throat. He was very nervous as he was sure this was about yesterday’s episode. The door opened, and Mrs. Donovan waved Sean to enter.
Sean took a seat on a very low chair. It was kind of small, and he was way down, he felt. Mrs. Donovan hopped up on her desk and crossed her legs, her right foot hovering inches from Sean’s face.
“I heard that you were seen going into the girls locker room yesterday during PE. Mind telling me what you were doing in there?”
Sean’s focus was on Mrs. Donovan’s shoe. She noticed his attention on her foot, and decided to dangle her pump.
“I . . . I . . . don’t remember . . . what I was doing . . .”
“What would you like to do right now? Would you like to kiss my shoe?”
This snapped Sean out of his trance when he realized that he was not hiding his desires. Mrs. Donovan pushed her shoe against Sean’s lips. He closed his eyes and kissed.
“Good boy. You know, though, that your actions require me to take some actions as well. You’re going to get ISS.”
“What? Why?” he protested.
“I don’t think you’ll mind this. This ISS is in-shoe suspension. But first, you and I are going to have some ‘fun’. I want you to go into that study there and strip down to your underwear and wait for me.”
“But . . . but”
“Do it, now!” Mrs. Donovan ordered.
Sean submissively walked into the side study of Mrs. Donovan’s office. There were no windows in here, just shelves of books and a stool. Sean felt awkward as he stripped down to his skivvies. After a few minutes, Mrs. Donovan entered.
“Well, looks like you’re kinda happy to see me,” she chuckled. “Get on your knees; I’m going to blindfold you.” Sean did as he was ordered.
“Now, lay on your back with your hands at your side.” Sean lay on his back, not knowing what was going to happen. He heard her moving around and something metal was placed across his shoulders and chest. Mrs. Donovan had set a metal stool across Sean’s torso, pinning his arms at his side. The bar across his chest shortened his breath slightly. Mrs. Donovan sat on the bench and slid off her shoes. Sean got an immediate olfactory assault from her feet as she rested them upon his face. He also got an immediate erection. She rubbed her feet on his face very seductively, playing with his mouth with her toes. She then proceeded to slip her shoes back on and ordered him to stick his tongue out. Sean cleaned her shoes for a half hour strait, the whole time, Mrs. Donovan kept taunting him, saying what a good boy he was and that his place was beneath her foot. This only added to the arousal Sean was experiencing.
Indeed, Sean’s fantasies were only just becoming true. He had a secret desire to be dominated by women, and having his mother and sisters around bossing him around like he was Cinderella only aided that. He couldn’t admit that he was attracted to his sister’s or his mother’s feet or shoes.
“Don’t move, I’ll be right back,” Mrs. Donovan said. She hopped off and left. Sean managed to get a hand free, and began to massage himself. He heard the door open and quickly tried to move his hand off himself.
“No, no, keep it there, Sean,” Mrs. Donovan said. He then heard her whisper, “Go ahead.”
Sean felt someone sit down and drop their shoes off. He was then forced to suck on some nylon-clad toes and the other set of toes was set over his nose. Sean felt Mrs. Donovan’s nylon-clad toes begin to massage his manhood, as she finagled her foot into his boxers. For several minutes, Sean’s fantasies were being realized. He quickly spurted all over Mrs. Donovan’s toes.
“That’s just gross!” she stated.
“Well, well, I think my little boy needs to experience feet up close and personally.” That voice came from the one who had her foot in his mouth. It was his mother. He felt instantly repulsed. Mrs. Donovan put her shoe back on and walked over to Sean’s head. His mother kept her toes in her mouth, while Joyce opened up two little vials and poured them into his mouth. The taste was very vinegary, much like his mother’s foot. He swallowed the liquid and instantly began feeling strange. Things began to feel distant, and he lost consciousness.


Sean’s eyes opened to a strange world. The ceiling seemed to be miles away. He heard his mother and Mrs. Donovan talking, then the ground began to shake. He saw his mother from a completely different angle. She was enormous, towering over him as a giantess. Directly ahead of him were his mother’s enormous hi-heels. They were a shiny red with patent leather black toe cap and heel. If they weren’t his mother’s shoes, they’d be sexy. Her black nylon clad legs kept going and going up until they met a green skirt, with a green suit top, then his mothers’ enormous, beautiful face. Mrs. Donovan was talking with her quietly.
Sean tried to stand up, but the carpet fibers created a very unstable flooring situation. He got to his knees and accepted that. Mary walked closer to her little boy.
“Hmm . . . I wonder where my little boy could have gone?” she said with a smile and looking right directly at Sean.
“Mom!! I’m down here!! Why did you . . . wait!!! NOOO!!!” Sean screamed as his mother walked closer and closer. She was enormous. Sean must have only been about an inch in height. The shadow of her shoe loomed over head, and descended quite quickly.
Mary smiled as her size 9 shoe lowered upon her son. She heard the high-pitched scream from her son. Sean fell backwards as the blackened sole of his mother’s shoe lowered. He lay down, still screaming in terror as the sole made contact with his body. He was pressed firmly into the carpet, which had very little give. Then the pressure began to build and build. Sean began to hyperventilate, and eventually his lungs stopped expanding. Pain was shooting all thru his body. There was no moving.
From up above, Mary’s shoe appeared to just slightly hover above the ground. She felt the tiny lump beneath her shoe. After 35 seconds of casually stepping on Sean, she leaned forward and pushed with her hands on her knees, increasing Sean’s agony.
For Sean, it seemed like an eternity. He couldn’t breath, and the pain was overbearing. He felt like he was going to explode. Just before he was about to pass out, Mary stepped off him. Sean writhed in pain and screamed for about a minute solid. Joyce walked over next to Mary.
“It hurts them like hell, but they can take it. I’ve punished many a student like that for hours and hours; they don’t die, but wish they could. Those two vials I poured into his mouth give his body the resistance it needs in order to endure this treatment. So, how shall we handle this?”
“Well, I figured you could do that research that you were talking about with him today, and then I’d pick him up this afternoon. But if you’re not done, I guess I’ll just pick him up tomorrow.”
“Okay,” said Joyce. “That sounds like a good plan. Guess you had better get to your classroom before it gets much later into the first hour.”
Mary walked off and closed the door. Joyce stood over Sean, who had finally settled down from being stepped on. Joyce slipped off her right shoe. Her foot was quite sweaty and warm. Using her foot, she spun Sean around so he was sideways, and then lowered her toes on him. Again, Sean began to scream.
“Quiet! Or I will give you a reason to scream.” Joyce reaffirmed. Sean tried to settle down. His nose was reacquainted with Joyce’s all-too familiar foot odor, only it was magnified by a thousand times it seemed. The heat was emanating from her foot, and the nylon was soaked to the core with her foot sweat. He fit perfectly in Joyce’s toe crevice.
“I understand that you have a foot-fetish, little man. Well, when your mother talked to me about this last night, I knew I had the perfect cure for this. As you guessed, you’re about an inch tall. Now, we’re going to get to know each other really, really well,” said Joyce with a smile.
Sean was trying to take in all that had just transpired in the last 20 minutes. It was hard to concentrate over the smell. Then, the fleshy, nylon-covered walls began to close in on him. The pressure pushed him up against the bulbous flesh of her toes. Sean thought his shoulders would dislocate, and the air was squeezed out of him again.
Joyce picked Sean up using her toes and moved her foot back to her shoe. She inserted her foot back into her shoe, trapping Sean beneath her toes, encasing him in her black patent leather pump. Instantly, the heat increased, and the odor too. Thankfully, her toes released their grasp on him. Sean fell just a matter of a few inches. Then Joyce’s toes pressed down upon him.
Joyce was happy about where Sean was, and walked out of the study, thru her office, and began walking around the school campus. The walk was torturous for Sean. He was thrown up into Joyce’s toes, then slammed down as she stepped. This repeated seemingly thousands of times to Sean.
Joyce took a quick ten minute walk around the school campus. When she returned to her office, she took a seat and pulled off her right shoe. Sean was worn and weary from the trample. Joyce dumped him out of her shoe onto her desk blotter. He was very sweaty, and groggy. Joyce then replaced the shoe on her foot and flicked Sean onto his back.
“Spread eagle, slave. Now!”
Sean was breathing heavy still, and realized it was useless to resist. He spread his arms and legs out. Mrs. Donovan proceeded to use some scotch tape to secure Sean’s appendages.
“You’re so pathetic. I can’t believe you want to smell, kiss, and lick feet and shoes. So, I talked with your mom last night, and she has enlisted me to help cure you of this sickness. You’re going to tell me everything I want to know about your fetish. Now, here’s how this is going to work. Do you see my long fingernail? I’m going to tap this on your groin while I ask questions. When you give an answer, I’ll stroke and rub your genitals. Here we go.”
Sean couldn’t believe what he heard, then he wished he didn’t feel what he felt. Mrs. Donovan began tapping her long index fingernail into his small, vulnerable balls. Sean began to scream. Over and over and over her fingernail jabbed him. Joyce proceeded to ask her first question.
“Tell me how did your fetish start?”
“Ahhhh . . . it started when my mom was baby sitting . . . ahhhh!! . . . baby sitting the Prater girls. Stephanie wanted me to be quiet . . . ahhhh!! . . . so she tricked me . . . to lay down at her feet and put her shoes . . . ahhh! . . . on my mouth and over my eyes to make me be quiet!”
The tapping stopped and then some gentle rubbing proceeded on his sore nuts. Joyce was writing down the response.
“How old were you?” and the tapping resumed.
“About 5 or 6! Ahhh!!”
“Why do you want to be shrunk and at a woman’s foot?” Joyce resumed the tapping torture on Sean’s genitals. He again squirmed and struggled.
“Come on, tell me. I’m not going to stop until I get an answer.”
“I don’t know!! . . . Ahhhhhhh . . . Because I feel that I am not worthy to be with a woman . . . aaaaahhhhhhhh!! . . . women deserve to be worshipped . . . and I deserve to be walked all over by them . . . aaaahhhhh!”
The rubbing that Joyce administered to Sean didn’t seem to help him in anyway endure this torture.
“Now, tell me, whose foot do you most want to be under?”
“Belinda’s!! . . . Belinda Bryant!!”
“I have a crush on her . . . ahhhhh! . . . I want her to crush me!”
“Now, whose feet do you least want to be under?”
“Any of my families!”
“Hmmmm . . . that is good to know,” Joyce said.
Joyce stopped her tapping and put her pen down. She lowered her face down to Sean, her lips hovering over his abused body.
“Have you ever whacked off . . . to me?”
Joyce stuck her tongue out and seductively licked Sean. He was still trying to fight off the pain from his nuts. The tongue covered his body in her saliva from his groin to his head. It was warm and hot. Her breath burned his body.
“What about . . . my daughter Melanie? Have you ever got off to dreaming about being in her shoes?”
“I actually have smelled and licked her shoes when she didn’t know. Yes, I’ve gotten off to the both of you.”
Joyce’s teeth made contact with Sean’s abdomen. Her lower teeth and upper teeth met right around Sean’s nuts and gently bit them. Sean again screamed and passed out this time from the pain.
When Sean awoke, it was pitch black. He realized he was under toes real quickly, but he knew he was no longer under Joyce’s. In fact, he felt the ground beneath him, and it was a moist, cotton-like feeling. The smell was pretty repulsive, and the heat and sweat was everywhere. Sean was again restrained by the tight confines of the toes. Sean tried to listen to get any clue as to where he might be. Just as he settled down to concentrate on listen, the captivating toes began to scrunch him painfully and rhythmically. The big toe again was over his face, and he was smothered. His manhood was being rubbed between the second and third toes. The sweat acted as a very erotic lubricant. Sean gave up trying to listen, and just let nature take its course. The rubbing continued, and Sean’s breathing became very labored as the toe flesh continued its smothering effect on Sean. After about two or three minutes, Sean blew his wad. His body convulsed during the release, and the toes stopped their scrunching, and just clamped up around him. After a few minutes, the toes released their grip on Sean. He lay still, redoubling his efforts to listen for any clue.
He heard a woman’s voice, and it sounded like she said, “Any more questions regarding the assignment,” but that was it. Everything else was too muffled. He was definitely in a student’s shoe, but just who’s? After a few more minutes, Sean heard a bell ring, and then the pressure on Sean crushed down on him. Whoever his captor is was standing up. Then the worst part, which he experienced earlier, the walking—flying sensations, followed by a quick dissention then a slam, crush, then repeat. The actions were very quick, and took their toll on Sean. He became faint quickly. The heat tripled now that the foot was in motion. The walking seemed to take forever before it stopped. Sean was able to tell that the individual sat down. He again tried to listen for any clues, but only heard some very muffled girls’ voices. He thought he heard the name Melanie, but wasn’t sure. That made sense to Sean. Melanie was Mrs. Donovan’s daughter.
The rest of the day wore on very long for Sean. There was another three long class periods with very little activity. The worst was when she crossed her legs and shook her feet for ten minutes at a time. Sean was very nauseated. The heat was very intense, and his body hurt from the walking between classes. The sweat burned his eyes and made him very thirsty. There was a few times where he became so delirious and thirsty that he actually willingly licked Melanie’s foot.
When the walking didn’t stop after few minutes, Sean knew that school was out. He heard a car door close, and then subtle vibrations. It wasn’t long before there was more walking after the car was parked. Sean heard someone distinctly say his name.
“If you can hear me, you’re going to stay in there until 10pm tonight.” It was Joyce Donovan. He knew for sure that he was in Melanie’s shoe. He then heard Melanie’s voice.
“Lick my foot a lot and maybe I’ll let you out earlier. Now!” Sean didn’t want to upset Melanie. The opportunity to get out of this hellish shoe was too good to pass up. The big toe flesh was already conveniently smothering him, and he began to lap at Melanie’s toes. Sean licked and licked and licked. His tongue burned from the sweat. He felt like he licked for hours, but in reality was only about twenty minutes. Sean eventually passed out from the extreme heat and slow smothering from Melanie’s toe.

When Sean woke up, his eyes had a very hard time adjusting to the bright light. The ground he lay on was very warm and soft. He didn’t move much, afraid to draw attention to himself. He saw a television on. He was then nudged by a long finger nail. He couldn’t help it but look up to see whose hand he was in. He saw Joyce’s face again, looking down at him.
“You really smell bad. Melanie wore you in her shoe for almost ten hours strait. Bet you enjoyed that, you little foot freak. You must have passed out a little after licking Melanie’s toe. It’s getting late, and tomorrow is Friday, so I’m giving you a choice. You get to pick whose foot you want to sleep with tonight. Whoever you choose tonight, the other will wear you in their shoe to school tomorrow. When school is over tomorrow, you’ll be handed over to your mother, who will take over your rehabilitation.” Joyce smiled as she noticed Sean shiver with the prospect of being enslaved to his mother’s feet. The very thought repulsed him. Sean looked over and noticed Melanie sitting next to her mother. She had strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. She smiled at the prospect of having him back under her foot.
“So, which do you choose? Me or Melanie?” Joyce asked. Sean was trying to weigh his options.
“I’ll sleep with your foot, Mrs. Donovan,” he was able to say. It sickened him to say it. Joyce’s hand closed around Sean as she slipped her thick cotton sock off her foot. She then unceremoniously just dropped him into the cavernous cotton sock. Sean landed with a bounce. He noticed the thick cotton had quite a repugnant foot odor. It was also very warm and humid. He couldn’t get any footing as he looked up to see Joyce’s foot enter in. Sean jumped up to try to climb out before it was too late, but it was an exercise in futility. Her foot slid over his back, so that his feet were under her toes, and his head just past the ball of her foot and the beginning of the arch. He rolled over so that he was facing the sole of her foot before it finalized its resting place. Joyce pulled it tight so that Sean was regretfully stuck where he was. He heard Joyce chuckle as he tried to fight off the smell of her potent foot which obviously had yet to be washed. Joyce then proceeded to stand up to go to bed. The pressure was immense, especially from the ball of her foot. It made him sick as she walked the few minutes before actually settling in bed.
It was a long, uncomfortable night. Sean got very little sleep, especially sleeping upside down. He did his best not to disturb Joyce, but occasionally, her other foot would press against him and rub him like an itch. It was also fairly warm and sweaty. He was completely miserable, but yet, it was his fantasy. He now regretted fully making this decision, even ever giving birth to this idea of being dominated by a giant female.
Morning was slow in arriving. Sean was transferred to Melanie’s care who was already dressed. She was wearing a cute white blouse with a pleated plaid skirt that ended about mid-knee. To top it off, her legs were adorned with knee high cotton socks. Sean was able to look at her footwear. He instantly began to wonder if he made the right decision last night. On her cotton-clad size 8’s were chunky-heeled Mary-Janes, but these Mary Janes had three straps that went across them.
“You’re going to wish you had slept with me last night,” Melanie chuckled.
She sat down at the dining room table while her mother began talking to her from the kitchen.
“I need him back at lunch time, honey. Mary is going to take care of him after school,” Joyce said.
“Aww, I rather like having him as a slave. But I will enjoy him while he lasts,” she said, cruelly smiling at Sean who was held tightly in her hand.
Melanie crossed her right leg over her left, and undid the three-buckled Mary Jane. She lifted her shoe up and lowered Sean down to meet it. As he was lowered toward her shoe, Sean noticed the heat increase. The smell was also very strong, mixed with a strong leather odor. He noticed that the insole was black leather, and that there had been gold printing on the insole towards the heel, but that it was mostly worn away. He recalled many times when Melanie wore these shoes. These were shoes that he had desired to kiss and smell when he seen them on this beautiful blonde giantess.
Sean came to a rest in the insole right where the shoe curves. He was ordered to lay there as Melanie’s foot entered in the shoe. Sean was stuck under the ball of her foot. His body was pressed firmly into the insole of her shoe. The ball of her foot had very little give. The cotton sock added a little padding, but not much. Melanie tightened the three buckles on her shoe to increase pressure on her slave. She and her mother proceeded to school. Sean suffered painfully under Melanie’s foot. He was in an inclined position beneath the ball of her foot, and every step she took on him bent him awkwardly around her foot. Time seemed to stand still for Sean. The heat gradually built, and the smell intensified. He was repulsed by the odor, but was able to ignore the odor due to the high amounts of pain.
During first hour, as Melanie sat listening to the boring lecture, she set her foot against the desk in front of her, allowing her to increase Sean’s pain exponentially. It didn’t take long for Sean to pass out due to the pain. He woke up later with an extreme headache, and he was still in Melanie’s shoe. She was walking, and fast. The movement, as well as extreme heat, was really getting to him. The cotton sock was saturated with Melanie’s smelly foot sweat. Not one thing about this situation was comforting or exciting to Sean. He was in the fight of his life, struggling just to breath. Melanie kept walking, and Sean again passed out.
Sean began to stir, and he didn’t feel the incredible pressure of being crushed by Melanie’s foot. He opened his eyes to see Melanie’s smiling face. He felt the floor he was laying on, and it was her cotton sock.
“I was beginning to worry about you a little, since you weren’t moving much. So, I’m going to let you spend your last two hours with me strapped to my foot, under my shoe buckles. I think this might be a little more forgiving. Enjoy!”
Melanie placed her index finger on Sean’s chest, holding him in place. She then proceeded to strap the bottom strap across Sean’s feet. The second strap went across his midsection and the top strap across his head. Melanie did tighten these as much as possible for Sean’s “benefit”. His head was actually pointing down towards the toe of the shoe. Melanie stood up and admired her work. She had walked to the girl’s bathroom so that she could have some privacy. She then lifted her foot up off the floor and twirled her foot around several times, which either stretched Sean or tightened the straps immensely across his body for added discomfort.
Sean’s screams were muffled from the leather strap across his face. Melanie proceeded to walk again as the school bell rang in the hall. Sean tried to wrestle against the tight leather straps as he began to panic due to his naked body being visible to all who might glance at Melanie’s foot. She finally settled in for her next class. As he lay there, Sean came to the conclusion that perhaps he should just lay still and try not to draw any attention to himself. Then Melanie chose to prolong the torture and crossed her leg and began to unmercifully twist and swing her foot. Sean’s feet eventually freed themselves from the strap, but his head and body were not going anywhere. He felt like he was strapped to the back of a very huge and powerful bucking bull. This is how Sean’s time with Melanie ended, painfully strapped to her shoe.
Melanie reluctantly dropped Sean off with her mother. Joyce was wearing a cream flower-print dress, tan nylons, and pink flats. Joyce didn’t even bother speaking to him as Melanie handed him over. She simply slipped off her shoe and dropped him in, then put the shoe back on. Sean spent the next restless hours under the arch of Joyce’s smelly, sweaty foot. Since she sat at her desk most of the time, Sean was forced to simply wait, wait for the inevitable. What was his mother going to do to him?
Sean lay in the hot confines of Joyce’s shoe. The heat made him very tired, and the pressure of her enormous foot encompassing his body helped keep his breathing labored. He managed to get caught up on some sleep, but it wasn’t very comfortable.
Sean was startled awake when he heard voices outside and the shoe he was in flew up in the air. Joyce had crossed her leg and slipped her shoe off. It had been almost three hours since Sean had been placed in Joyce’s shoe. He was blinded by the bright light, and almost instantly chilled by the flood of fresh air that penetrated the shoe.
“Ahh, there’s my boy!” The mockish tone from Sean’s mom was disturbing to him.
“Did you have fun with the Donovans? Well, if you’re a good boy, maybe in a few weeks, I’ll let you go for another visit to their house for a few days. Now, I am going to take you home, and I want you to crawl on your hands and knees and get in to my shoe, like a good little foot-slave.”
Mary, Sean’s mother, was wearing a green blouse, long black skirt, tan nylons, and patent black leather flats with a lacy bow on them. Joyce picked Sean up out of her shoe and set him down at his mother’s feet. He was in awe at the immensity of the size of his mother. Mary’s right foot proceeded to slip out of the well-worn shoe, and pushed the side of the shoe down, causing it to tip on its side. Sean felt the stern eyes of his mother glaring at him, and proceeded to crawl the nearly hundred feet in Sean’s size to his mother’s shoe. He reluctantly crawled into the shoe. The smell assaulted his nose as he crawled in. Mary’s foot lifted off the shoe and it flipped back onto the sole, catapulting Sean into the insole.
“To the toe, now!” Mary ordered. Sean proceeded to crawl to the toe section. The heat and odor was even stronger up here. He found the toe impressions and lay just before them. The insole was black as well as the walls of the shoe. Then darkness descended upon him again as his mother’s nylon-clad toes entered the cavernous shoe. Sean watched in repulsion as the rank foot of his mother shut out all light. The feel of nylon pushed over him as her toes slid over their victim. Sean had made a poor choice though, and lay with his head confined beneath her fourth toe. There wasn’t much slack in the nylon as it began to press into his face rather harshly. Mary began to scrunch her toes to make sure that Sean was “comfortable” to her. Sean was smothered by the scrunching. He was unable to turn his head to either side due to the constraints of the smaller space available to the fourth toe. His crotch was rubbed by the nylon in a rather pleasant way, and he even sported wood for a little bit.
It was a few minutes before Mary left, as she was discussing some torture for Sean, as well as Joyce’s discussion with Sean about his fetish. The walking was again very uncomfortable for Sean. Thankfully, it was a short walk to Mary’s car. The ride home seemed to take forever as well, as Sean was forced to soak in his mother’s foot sweat. The heat seemed more intense beneath his mother’s shoe than in Joyce’s or Melanie’s shoe.
Mary finally arrived home, enjoying the slave that she had made of her son that was “cooking” in his shoe. She walked into the home and sat down on the recliner. She grabbed the tv remote and turned it on to Oprah. Conveniently enough, the discussion was disciplining children. She propped her feet up as she reclined the chair back and the foot rest popped up. She decided to give her son some much needed attention, and began to slowly scrunch her toes over Sean again. Sean tried to ignore the fact that he was in his mother’s shoe, and enjoyed the fact that his wood was actually stuck in the weave of the nylon fibers. Mary noticed that there was something that was sticking into her second toe. She sped up her scrunching, and within a minute, Sean blew a load all over his mother’s second toe. But Mary didn’t stop scrunching. She kept squeezing and scrunching, and Sean became intoxicated by the odor, and within another five minutes, released a second load of his man-goo, and bucked very hard against Mary’s toes.
A sinister smile came across Mary’s face, as she closed her eyes, and fell asleep on the recliner, leaving her foot-slave to fester in the heat, sweat, and odor of her shoe. Sean’s manhood was spent, and he was exhausted as well. He was still caught up in the moment of being trapped beneath a foot that he stuck his tongue out to lick some of the sweat thru the nylon weave. After he tasted of the salty liquid, he came back to reality. He had just been done by his mother’s toes—twice. Sean began to cry at his predicament. He was humiliated, tortured, and embarrassed. He again fell asleep due to the stuffy conditions.
Sean woke up, and was surprised to find himself not in a shoe, or under a foot. In fact, he was on the kitchen table. He sat up and looked around. He saw his two sisters, Kim and Jennifer, eating their dinner. Mary was over at the sink.
“Mom, he’s awake,” Jennifer pointed out to Mary. She walked over from the sink.
“Sean, I’ve been explaining to your sisters what is to happen to you. We all want to help you get over this sick fetish of yours, and so we are making you our slave. We will no longer refer to you by your name, but will refer to you as slave. You will refer to your sisters as Mistresses, and I am to be your Goddess. Shake your head if you understand.”
Sean just sat there, dumbfounded still. He was exhausted from spending practically the whole day in someone’s shoe. Just as he realized what was said to him and became cognitive enough to realize that he should answer, a bright red finger nail met his face with high velocity, sending him sprawling back to the table with incredible pain.
“Jennifer, that wasn’t called for!” Mary scolded. Jennifer rather enjoyed being able to bully her little brother, or rather, slave around.
“Slave, do you understand what we told you?” Kim inquired. Sean sat back up, rubbing his face, and wiping the tears from his eyes, and nodded his head.
“Good,” said Mary. “Now here’s how we’re going to deal with you. Tonight, you’re going to be with Kim. Then tomorrow, you’ll go to work with Jennifer. Sunday, I’ll have you in the morning, and Kim will have you for the afternoon and evening. We’ll discuss how school days will be handled. Kim, go ahead and do as you want.”
Kim picked up Sean and walked back to her bedroom. She was wearing a plain white t-shirt, jean shorts, white socks, and dirty ked-like shoes.
“I’ve always wanted a toe ring. What do you think? Would you like to be my toe ring, slave? I think you would. Here you go.”
Kim sat down on her bed and slipped off her left shoe. Then, she peeled her sock off and pulled her foot up on the bed, with her left knee to her chest. Kim then spread her toes and lowered Sean down to her third toe. She flipped him so he was facing up to her as she proceeded to lay him on her third toe. Kimmy began to giggle as Sean began to struggle. He was easily and quickly overpowered as she tucked his legs down between her third and fourth toe, which was quite uncomfortable. But the worst was yet to come.
Kim raised her toes up and took her right hand and forced his arms and then his head and upper torso thru the gap between her third and second toes. She then pulled him pretty tight, and proceeded to squeeze her toes. His back instantly lit up in a fiery pain as his vertebrae were compressed and squeezed. Sean’s head was also trapped between the two toes, and his legs quickly became numb. Breathing was very hard at this awkward angle. Kim put her sock back on and kicked off her other shoe, then got on the phone and chit-chatted for hours with some of her other girl friends.
For the next three hours, Sean was kept in this position of agony. He passed in and out of consciousness from the pain. He struggled often, when he was awake, but Kimmy squeezed her toes often to increase the pain and pressure. The end of the night came, and Kim slipped off her sock and plucked Sean from her toes. He curled up in pain in the palm of her hand.
“Look how pathetic you are. I can manipulate you and make you do whatever I want. I’m going to go ahead and give you a break from this torture, and let you sleep in my sock. Good night.”
Kim grabbed her sock and dropped Sean back into it. He had been too preoccupied with the pain earlier to notice the pungent smell. She proceeded to spin Sean tightly up in her sock so there was no opportunity to escape. She then stuck that sock into her well-worn ked, put those in her closet, then shut the door.
Sean tried to wriggle free for any attempt at escape, but his body hurt too much from being bent over backwards on his sister’s toe. His back cramped up severely, and eventually, the feeling in his legs came back. It didn’t take too long for him to fall asleep. But the night went really quickly for him.
The next morning, Jennifer, Sean’s older sister, took claim over the family’s foot slave. She had to work an eight hour shift at the Sonic Drive-In. This was very bad for Sean, because she was a carhop, constantly on her feet; however, she wasn’t going to administer some plain-jane normal trample. She purposed to make Sean struggle for his very life beneath her foot.
Jennifer put on a previously worn sock. It had a very strong sweaty-foot odor that was quite repulsive to Sean’s diminutive size. Jennifer then picked up Sean and pressed him against the heel of her foot.
“Spread your arms out to your side, and keep your feet together . . . good boy,” she directed as she held her slave against her sock-clad heel. She grabbed a pointy-tipped Sharpie and marked over his wrists, biceps, ankles, thighs, and mid-torso. She then set Sean down in her work tennis shoe and slipped her sock off. Sean waited several minutes in the very dank and musky smelling Nike. The insole was black, and reeked horribly of his sister’s foot sweat. Sean stood up, and was disgusted and shocked that there was still sweat in the insole that sponged and pooled up at his feet. He kept looking up, straining to see what his sister was doing. In a few moments, he found his answer.
Jennifer had sewn some thread in the markings she had placed, and now secured Sean by finishing her sewing of his appendages and his body securely in place on her sock. She then pulled the sock on her foot, and thoroughly stretched and pulled because of the restraints; but Jennifer was not done. She proceeded to take three strands of thread and tied them securely around his neck. Sean was feeling the strangled hold that her sister was placing on him. To add even more insult, he heard her giggling at his plight. A few moments later, she pulled the sock back off, and set it in her lap. Sean didn’t know what was happening, only that the threads around his neck got increasingly tighter.
Again, Jennifer pulled her sock back on, and the bindings around Sean’s body were tighter, but the ones around his neck were pulling on his throat very tightly. She then flexed her toes upward, pulling the thread that she had sewn in three places up past the ball of her foot, and Sean’s throat was pulled incredibly tight, strangling and constricting his throat. Jennifer laughed even more. This was only the beginning of a very torturous and excruciatingly painful day beneath the foot of his sister, or rather, his mistress.
“Now to see if this is going to punish you exactly how I want,” Jennifer said. She lowered her foot to the ground and stood up. Sean’s body felt like it was going to be crushed flat. The oxygen in his lungs was forced out quickly. Then, Jennifer lifted her toes up, causing the threads around Sean’s throat to constrict and pull immensely on his throat. Sean couldn’t breathe. He wanted to die, but seemed to be doomed to endure a life of servitude to his family.
Sean felt the pressure lift off as her foot lifted off the ground. He felt a flying sensation, and then the light around him disappeared as Jennifer slid her foot into her nasty, sweat-filled work shoe. As she stepped into it, Sean felt the cold, wet sweat from the insole from Jennifer’s previous wearing. Thankfully, the insole had a little more give than the carpet. She then proceeded to her car. 

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