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Friday morning was here.  The klaxon of Phoebe’s alarm stirred her as she reached over to shut it off.  She groggily sat up on the edge of her bed.  She still had soreness in her ribs, back, and neck from her week of ISS last week.  Her bedroom door opened quickly.  In the doorway stood her mother, Connie.

“Don’t forget, dear, you’ll be with the Bridges all weekend.  You won’t need to take anything with you as I’ll pick you up Monday morning,” she said with a smile and walked off.  Phoebe brushed her hair back and fought back a tear in her eye.

For the past few days, Phoebe had wrestled with some intense emotions.  She couldn’t tell if she was looking forward to being at the feet of Tammy, Kayla, and Amy, or if she was dreading it.  She seemed to fight off the feelings, but would continue to dwell on them, and eventually become aroused.

As she showered, she dwelt on how humiliated she was having been shrunk.  Usually, the teachers administered ISS.  Mrs. Karen Garcia took it upon herself to use Phoebe’s classmates to help administer the punishment.  The feeling of helplessness and lack-of-control seemed to be the strongest desires.  The domination she experienced by both giants and giantesses sent her over the edge.  Having closed her eyes and given herself over to her desires, she was lost in the spray of water from the shower’s head as her own fluids mixed with the water cascading down her leg.  After a few moments, she opened her eyes, feeling guilty about what she had just done.  She made sure to wash her fingers well. 

“Hey Phoebe!!!!” Kayla said as she approached her at her locker.  She was adorned with her tight t-shirt, grey sweats, and her brown Etnies that Phoebe was too familiar with. 

“Hey,” Phoebe said, trying to mask her anticipation.

“So, my feet are burning actually, cause I’ve been wearing these socks for the past week and a half!  I might have some form of athlete’s foot going on, I don’t know.  Do you think when you’re in my sock this weekend you’d take a look?  HAHAA!” Kayla said.  Phoebe felt embarrassed as the comment elicited some chuckles and laughs from her friends around the hall.

“Shut up, Kayla!  This is such bull that this is even happening!” Phoebe said in anger.

“Hey, that’s between our moms.  Besides, you know you’ll love it,” Kayla said as she walked away.

The school-day passed slowly for Phoebe, who was dreading yet anticipating, the weekend ahead of her.  To once again be reduced to the size of a bug and kept under her friend’s feet had a strange appeal to her, especially since she knew how demeaning it was to her, and how much her friends enjoyed the control.

At lunch, Phoebe sat by herself, as she had every day this week.  She had a hard time looking her friends and classmates in the eye.  Chad and Monique stopped by for their daily jeering.

“Do you need some of my goo on your sandwich?” he teased.  The couple chuckled as they proceeded on to their table.

Phoebe was even embarrassed to look the 7th graders in the eye, especially Krista and Ashley.  They would often whisper under their breath about Phoebe being shrunk and in their shoes, or eating their toe jam.

Amy walked by.

“So, I’ve got a good crop of toe jam that would go well with your meal.  Want to smell?”

Phoebe looked away in disgust.

“Come on.  Here, I’ll take my shoe off, and you can sniff it while you eat.  You know, it’ll probably get you good and ready for the weekend,” she said as she sat down across from Phoebe.  Amy quickly and easily slipped her shoe off.  Phoebe caught a whiff of Amy’s fragrant and potent shoe as it was held near her face.

Something stirred within her.  She heard some chuckles from her peers, but everything went to vertigo.  Tunnel vision set in, and Phoebe’s nose willingly hovered over Amy’s open shoe.  Phoebe even noticed Amy’s laughing face, but could only hear the deep inhaling of her breath.  Sweat glistened on Phoebe’s forehead, and she felt her nethers tingle with delight.

“Getting an early start, are we?” Kristin said, as she stood behind Amy.  Kayla was also with her.  This comment brought Phoebe back to reality.

The three girls laughed as Phoebe flushed from embarrassment. 

“Uh’no’I mean’she just sorta made me do it,” Phoebe said, trying to brush off the attention she was garnering from her friends.

“That’s not what it looked like from here.  I think you rather enjoyed that,” Kayla said.  They sat down at the table with Phoebe and continued to eat their lunch.  The three girls talked and teased Phoebe about being in their shoes once again.

“Just think, Phoebe, me and Kayla will take you shoe-shopping!!  How fun will that be?!” Kristin said with great excitement.  “I’ve been wanting some new Ugg boots!  You can help me out with that!”

“Man, it’s gonna suck to be you,” Kayla said as she bit into her sandwich.

Phoebe placed her books in her locker and her book bag in her PE locker.  The hallway fluttered with activity as kids and teenagers happily left school to embark on their weekend.  Phoebe, however, didn’t know how to feel.  On one hand, she knew she was going to be abused and punished harshly beneath the feet of the Bridges Family, as well as some of her other friends.  On the other hand, the chance to be at Kristin’s feet flooded her with emotions of desire.   She bit her lip, wishing it was a permanent opportunity.

“Phoebe! Over here!” came the call across the parking lot.  Tammy Bridges waived her over to her van.  Phoebe’s mother, Connie, was there talking to her.  The side door of the van was slid open, and in the middle seat sat Kayla and Amy, their smiles as wide as possible.

“Now honey, I want you to know that this is for your own good.  Remember I love you.  Listen to Tammy’s, Kayla’s, and Amy’s every command.  When I see you here at school on Monday morning, I don’t want to hear any negative reports from them.  If there’s even so much as one thing they say you didn’t do to obey them, you’ll do this all over again.  Understood?”  Connie said with a stern look and wagging index finger in Phoebe’s face.

“Yes, mom,” came Phoebe’s meek reply. 

“Ok, let’s go,” Tammy said as she sat in the driver seat.  Kayla stepped out of the middle seat and stood by Phoebe.

“Phoebe, lie down there on the floor with your head sticking up past the seat.  Amy and I are going to get you broke in!” Kayla said with excitement. 

Phoebe knew better than to put up an argument, and slid herself beneath the second-row bench seat until her legs and feet were beneath the third row, and her head sticking up past the end of the bench seat that Amy and now Kayla sat on.  As Kayla slid the door closed and buckled her seatbelt, Amy slipped off her right shoe, and brought her nasty, sweat-soaked sock-clad foot to rest on the left side of Phoebe’s face.  Kayla slipped her left shoe off, and did the same. 

As Tammy pulled out of the parking lot and proceeded home, Phoebe was forced to breathe in the very pungent foot-odor from two of her tormentors.  Both Kayla and Amy laughed as they looked down at Phoebe’s foot-covered face.

“How’s that smell?” Amy asked.

“Horrible,” Phoebe replied dryly as she continued to inhale through her nose.  She couldn’t distinguish between the two feet.  They both smelled horribly attractive to her. 

“Why does this turn me on?” Phoebe wondered to herself as she took a deep breath of their feet.  She felt her nethers tingle in excitement.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” she thought to herself, trying to be disgusted by the predicament she was in, but it was no use.  She enjoyed breathing in their terribly potent foot odor.

Twenty minutes later, Tammy parked their van in the driveway.  Phoebe felt lightheaded from inhaling the girls’ stinky feet.  She also felt excited, especially in between her legs.  The girls dropped their back packs in the doorway and all proceeded to the kitchen.  Tammy made some PB&J sandwiches for the girls, including Phoebe. 

“Phoebe, your sandwich isn’t quite done yet,” Tammy said.  She set the sandwich directly on the ground and proceeded to stand on it with her patent-leather Dansko’s’the same shoes Phoebe had been trapped in last week.  Phoebe watched as the sandwich was smashed flat. Tammy began eating her sandwich.

“You can eat what’s sticking out from my shoe.  Go on, do it,” Tammy instructed. 

Phoebe felt her cheeks flush in embarrassment as Kayla and Amy laughed while chewing their food.  She got on all fours and lowered her face to the front of Tammy’s shoe.  She knew better than to use her hands, and bit into the piece of sandwich that stuck out from beneath the shoe.  Her teeth scraped against the front of the hard rubber sole, and her lips followed, leaving behind a saliva trail. 

Tammy chuckled as she stepped off the smashed sandwich.  The white bread had been flattened, and there were plenty of dirt flecks embedded in it.

“You can pick that up and eat it, Phoebe.  When you’re done, we’ll go to my bedroom,” Tammy said.

Phoebe stayed on her knees before Tammy as she choked down the dirty sandwich.  She figured this would be her last meal for the weekend that wasn’t going to be toe-jam.  Once done, she followed Tammy up the stairs and to her bedroom.  Tammy closed the door behind her and locked it.

“Time to take off your clothes, Phoebe.  You can fold them and put them over there on the floor.”

Phoebe stood naked before Tammy.  She felt embarrassed and ashamed.  She hid her breasts and her bush with her hands and couldn’t look Tammy in the eye. 

“Good girl.  Now, time to put you where you belong.  This is going to be a fun weekend, Phoebe.”

Tammy aimed her portasizer at Phoebe as she punched in the size to reduce her to.

“Do you think 1 inch?  Maybe half an inch?  How small would you like to be?” Tammy asked, but Phoebe didn’t answer.  Tammy noticed a slight tear on Phoebe’s cheek, which elicited a smile from Tammy.

“Well, since you’re leaving it up to me, I think this needs to be absolutely miserable for you.  I think, though, that shrinking you to 2 and a half inches should be a fun-for-me-but-torturous-for-you size.”

Phoebe watched the ray of light flash and envelope her.  Her vision of Tammy faded as she blacked out.


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