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It was Saturday afternoon when Phoebe opened the door of her house and smiled at the sight of her friend, Kristin.  After the two girls say “hi”, and Phoebe lets Kristin in, they go upstairs to Phoebe’s room.

“So, I hear you got in-shoe suspension next week.  That really sucks!” Kristin says.

“Tell me about it.  It totally blows!  I hate feet!  I hate the look of them.  I hate the smell of them, and I’m going to be stuck in Mrs. Garcia’s nasty shoes all week!  It makes my stomach churn,” replied Phoebe.

“Well, there’s always the possibility that you’d be given to other students for the punishment.  Imagine being in some 8th grader’s shoe!  Or how bad it’d be to be stuck in Mrs. Coy’s shoe!  Eww!” Kristin hypothesized.

Phoebe’s face contorted in disgust at the thought.

“Just think about how hot it’ll be in there!  I mean, that’s what, nine or so hours a day for five days!  At least you’ll be re-enlarged at the end of each day, but still . . .” Kristin continued on, which only served to beat down Phoebe’s morale. 

“OOH! Imagine if you get stuck in my shoe!  Oh, that’d be fun!  I’ll give you a preview!” Kristin said with excitement.  Phoebe was shocked as Kristin quickly untied both her white and red Nike tennis shoes and slipped them off.  Kristin picked one up and held it to Phoebe’s face, but she quickly turned her head away in disgust.

“No, Phoebe, I’m trying to help you!” Kristin said with a smile on her face, unable to contain her chuckles of laughter as she grabbed the back of Phoebe’s head in an attempt to force her to smell her shoe. 

The two girls began to wrestle and Kristin, being taller in stature, was able to overpower Phoebe and wrestle her to the floor.  She scooted her knees up to Phoebe’s shoulders while holding her arms to their side, effectively pinning her.  Phoebe tried to fight, but it was no use.  With a smile on her face, Kristin scooted further up and used her knees to trap Phoebe’s head upright.  She then placed the opening of her tennis shoe over Phoebe’s face. 

Phoebe’s eyes spun as she tried to keep from breathing in the foulness of Kristin’s tennis shoe.  Here she was, her best friend, pinning her to the floor and forcing her to smell her dirty, smelly, ratty, well-worn tennis shoe. 

Kristin hopped on Phoebe’s chest, which forced her to exhale and immediately inhale the shoe odor.  Phoebe closed her eyes as she couldn’t look at Kristin.  She felt embarrassed.  Another inhale and she found herself actually liking this.  She instantly opened her eyes. 

“What!” Phoebe thought to herself.  “How can I like this?!  This is disgusting!”

Another inhale, and Phoebe moaned in disgust about the odor, feigning an attempt to move her face away from Kristin’s stinky, ratty tennis shoe.

“See, I’m being a really good friend here!  You need to get used to smelling feet.  Just imagine how much worse it’ll be when you’re an inch and a half tall!  Now come on.  Take some deep breathes . . . there you go, breathe my foot odor in,’ Kristin said as she continued to coax Phoebe into inhaling her shoe.  Kristin was enjoying making Phoebe smell her shoe.  She felt a sense of empowerment and ownership of Phoebe, who lay helpless beneath her.  After another minute, Kristin swapped shoes so Phoebe wouldn’t be cheated out of smelling both of them.

“There, try this one too.  I bet it smells just as bad as the other one, huh?’ Kristin asked, to which Phoebe nodded in agreement the best she could with her head still pinched between Kristin’s jean-clad thighs.  After a few minutes of this, Kristin removed the shoe from Phoebe’s face.

“Here, Phoebe, you should smell the real things,’ Kristin said as she leaned back, grabbing Phoebe’s wrists and slipping her feet from underneath her.  Kristin plopped her butt down on Phoebe’s stomach while keeping her wrists pinned in her tight grasp and moved her sock-clad feet to her face, resting them over Phoebe’s nose.  Phoebe turned her head away in disgust from the damp feeling of Kristin’s socks, but her feet quickly followed her face to the side and forced their smell on Phoebe.  Using her feet, Kristin guided Phoebe’s head back to an upright position.

“There, there.  See, it’s not so bad is it?’  Kristin said, wiggling her toes over Phoebe’s nostrils.  Phoebe kept her eyes closed as she inhaled the raunchy foot odor through the cotton fibers of her best friend’s socks.  She began to picture herself shrunk and naked in Kristin’s socks, being painfully squeezed by her giant toes.  Kristin realized that Phoebe was no longer struggling to avoid her feet, so she moved her right foot down to Phoebe’s lips and with her big toe, brushed her lips apart.  Phoebe opened her mouth and welcomed the warm, cotton-clad toe into her mouth.  She closed her lips around the cottony surface and began to suck the moist sweat out of Kristin’s sock.  The smile on Kristin’s face grew as she felt the sucking pressure on her big toe.  With her left foot, she pressed Phoebe’s face over to the side then forced the rest of the toes of her right foot into Phoebe’s mouth.  She slid her foot as far into Phoebe’s mouth as possible, where her teeth gently tickled the middle of her size 10 insole.

Phoebe lay on the floor with Kristin’s long, slender foot shoved into her mouth.  She kept her eyes closed, fighting back the tears of the humiliation at the feet of her best friend.  ‘What if I do end up in Kristin’s shoe?’ she thought.  ‘Would I ever want to come out?’  Phoebe worked her tongue against the dirty sock sole, taking in as much taste as she could.  Her saliva soaked through the cotton as she continued to suck the sweat off.

“Let’s see if you can get a little more in there,’ Kristin said as she began to force even more of her foot deep into Phoebe’s throat.  Phoebe gagged and teared-up as Kristin’s big toe nudged her tonsils.

“Hold it!” Kristin ordered.  The more Kristin ordered Phoebe around, the more Phoebe became aroused.  Kristin began wiggling her toes deep inside Phoebe’s mouth, which caused more tears to come to Phoebe’s eyes.  Kristin laughed at Phoebe’s plight.

“I thought you were disgusted by feet and stuff, and here you are, sucking my dirty, sweaty sock.  Oooh, I know!  My mom’s portasizer is unlocked.  I could shrink you and give you a real preview!!  Want me to come back tonight?’

Kristin slid her foot out of Phoebe’s mouth and slid her derriere up to Phoebe’s chest.  Phoebe wiped the tears from her eyes and looked away.

“Well?  Want me to shrink you tonight?  I’d sneak you back to my house in my shoe, since you like my feet so much.  C’mon, what do you say?’ Kristin said in eager anticipation.

“I . . . I guess.  But I’m sorta grounded and can’t leave the house.’ Phoebe said.

“Your mom will never know, ‘cause you’ll be in my shoe,’ Kristin said with a smile.  She slipped her shoes back on while sitting on Phoebe and rested each one on the side of her face as she tied them up.  Kristin then stood up and told Phoebe to look up.  Phoebe saw the dirty red shoe sole of Kristin’s Nike descend on her face.

“Kiss it,’ Kristin ordered.  Phoebe’s lips pursed and pressed against the dirty red shoe sole for a long moment.  When Kristin stepped away, Phoebe noticed her lips had left a wet spot on her shoes sole.  She licked her lips and tasted the dirt and grime.

“I’ll be back in about 2 hours.  Can’t wait to have you shrunk down!’ Kristin said with glee and excitement as she walked out Phoebe’s bedroom and out of the house.

Phoebe lay still on the floor.  She heard Kristin’s car start and leave.  She wondered why she wanted to be shrunk by Kristin.  Why was she so turned on by being dominated like that?  She got off the floor and lay in her bed.  She closed her eyes, while her mind fixated on what just transpired.  She slipped her hand down to her warm, moist crotch and gently massaged herself through her jeans.  Within a few moments, she fell asleep.

“Wake up, sleepy-head . . . it’s time to get shrunk,’ Kristin said, standing over Phoebe who was asleep on her bed.  Phoebe’s eyes instantly opened as Kristin pulled out her mother’s portasizer.

“How small do you want?  I know the school shrinks students to one and a half inches.  Do you want to be smaller?’

“No, I don’t think I want you to shrink me anymore.  I . . . I don’t want to get into any more trouble with my mom,’ Phoebe protested.

“Too bad, I’m gonna shrink you.  I don’t care if you get in trouble,’ Kristin said with a smile, aiming her portasizer at Phoebe.  Phoebe’s eyes opened wide as she saw the portasizer discharge in a bright light.

Phoebe stirred in the midst of her now super-sized clothing.  A panic came over her as she realized that she was naked.  She looked at her new surroundings, quickly turning her head from side-to-side, trying to get a grasp on what just happened.  Then the cottony surface beneath her began to move and she went rolling down.  Once she was free of her t-shirt, she fell a distance, screaming in fear as she landed on her soft bed.  She set her eyes on the now titanic-sized Kristin who discarded the t-shirt with great ease to the side.  Kristin’s eyes found her and a huge smile came across Kristin’s face.  She slipped the portasizer back into her purse.

“I’ll enlarge you tomorrow evening.  I’m sure your mom will be pissed and think that you ran away or something, so you’ll be in for a world of punishment.  But for now, let’s get down to business,’ Kristin’s powerful voice boomed.  Her massive fingers moved forward and pinched Phoebe around her shoulders, lifting her from her bed with ease.  Phoebe felt a case of vertigo as Kristin brought her to her face for a closer look.

“You’re so cute!  We’re going to the mall, ok?  I want to look for some new shoes, and I want you to help me pick them out.  Do you want to ride in my sock, or in my shoe?’ Kristin asked her tiny best friend.

Phoebe stared at her best friend, awe-struck by what was happening.  Her worst fear and deepest, darkest desires were both coming true at the same time.  She didn’t know how to respond.

“Ok, I’ll make your mind up for you, then.  You’ll go in my sock, beneath my toes where I can squeeze and scrunch you while you’re in there.  We’ll visit every shoe-store in the mall.  But before we go, I want to try something,’ Kristin said as she lowered Phoebe to the carpeted floor. 

The tiny girl fell to the floor, landing on the coarse carpet fibers.  In front of her were Kristin’s dirty, smelly white and red Nike’s.  They looked to be the size of yachts.  Phoebe didn’t realize just how small she was until she looked all the way up to Kristin’s beautiful, grinning face.  She felt like a member of the Fellowship of the Ring as they passed by the Argonath.  A panicked look of fear crossed Phoebe’s face as she saw Kristin’s left shoe rise from its resting place, block out Kristin’s beautiful face, and descend upon her. 

“AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!” Phoebe screamed as it pressed down on her with tremendous force, burying her deep into the carpet fibers.  All light was cut off, and Phoebe’s body was painfully squished beneath her best friend’s Nike.  The air was pressed quickly from her lungs. 


She tried turning her head from the shoe-sole, but the dirty rubber sole held her in place.  Then without warning, the shoe began to grind her harder into the carpet, and the pressure increased.  Phoebe felt her ribs compress and crack.  Her skull began to give way, and just before she burst . . .

Phoebe sprang up from her bed, gasping for air.  It took her a moment to realize where she was’still clothed, still full-size, still breathing.  Her cell phone was vibrating on her night stand from an incoming call.  She picked it up and saw that the call was from Kristin.

“Hello,’ she answered in a gasping breath.

“Hey, it’s me.  My mom apparently took her portasizer with her wherever she is, so I can’t shrink you tonight.  Do you want me to come back over so you can practice getting used to smelling feet and shoes?’ Kristin asked with a glimmer of hope.

“Um . . . I . . . I don’t think so.  I’d probably get in more trouble,’ Phoebe replied.

“Are you sure?  I mean, you’re going to be under people’s feet for five days!  I think you should get used to it.  C’mon, you seemed to like smelling and sucking on mine at least,’ Kristin said with one last attempt.

“I guess you’re right.  Yeh, sure, come back over.  Bring whatever you want me to smell,’ Phoebe said, somewhat excited, yet somewhat defeated.

“YAY!  Ok, I’ll get some things together!  See you in a while!’ Kristen said with excitement.


Kristin set her bag of footwear on Phoebe’s bed as the two talked. 

“So, I brought my volleyball-basketball tennis shoes. Obviously, my white Nike’s I’m wearing now. I’ve got some really old brown flats, my Uggs, and some nylons I wore last week, which I have on under my socks that I’m wearing,’ Kristin said with a smile.

Phoebe closed the door to her bedroom, and then lay down on the floor with her hands to her side.

“So, I know that in-shoe suspension is mostly about being in a shoe, but it’s not uncommon to have to lick shoes and feet, so I’m going to sit on your stomach again and you’re going to lick my shoes clean, and we’ll start with these ones,’ Kristin said as she straddled the compliant Phoebe.  She gently lowered herself onto Phoebe’s stomach and grabbed onto her wrists.  Phoebe bent her legs up so as to provide Kristin with a back rest.  Kristin brought her right shoe up to Phoebe’s face.

“Stick your tongue out!’ she demanded, and Phoebe’s tongue began to clean Kristin’s sneaker as she dragged it across.  Kristin smiled and laughed as Phoebe’s face frowned and contorted from tasting the dirt on her best friend’s shoe.

“UGH! This is so gross!!’ Phoebe lamented, as she resumed her shoe-cleaning training.

“Just imagine how bad this would be if you were an inch tall!’ Kristin reminded her.  Phoebe’s tongue continued to get darker and darker as the red shoe soles on Kristin’s Nikes continued to get cleaner and cleaner. 

After several minutes, Kristin rested her feet on either side of Phoebe’s head.

“How’d that taste?”

“Like garbage,” Phoebe replied.

“Let me see your tongue,” Kristin said as she leaned forward.  Phoebe stuck her tongue out.

“Man it’s like black!  I didn’t realize my shoes were so dirty!’ she said with a laugh as she leaned back, crossing her legs and removing her shoes.

“Here, smell these while they’re fresh,” Kristin said as she shoved a Nike into Phoebe’s face.  She closed her eyes and took a deep and drawn out breath.  This was irresistible.  She exhaled through her mouth and then inhaled through her nose again.  She felt a near-euphoric state, almost a nirvana-type feeling descend upon her as she breathed in Kristin’s foot odor and pheromones.  After a minute of breathing her shoe in, Kristin sat back and returned her sock & nylon-clad feet to Phoebe’s face.  Phoebe continued to breathe in through her nose and out her mouth.  Kristin’s feet covered her entire face as they rested on Phoebe.  After ten minutes of uninterrupted smelling, Kristin got up and retrieved her volleyball & basketball shoes.  She slipped them on while Phoebe felt in a daze having just smelled Kristin’s feet.

“Man your feet reek!” she said, trying to persuade Kristin that she was repulsed by them.

“Just you wait till they’ve been cooking in these babies for a bit.  After you lick these, I’ll put my flats on, and then you can smell my nylons!” Kristin said as she sat down on Phoebe’s bed and stretched her legs over her head.  Phoebe scooted her head to rest between Kristin’s shoes by her bed.  Kristin used her right foot and forced Phoebe’s head to the side, then rested her left foot on Phoebe’s head, using it as a foot rest for a few minutes as she continued to play on her phone.

“I can’t believe I’ll be shrunk on Monday,’ Phoebe said as Kristin’s feet rested upon the side of her head.  ‘I mean, seriously, I . . . who shrinks someone to teach them a lesson? And then wears them inside their shoes for five days?  Just because I forgot my homework a few times,’ Phoebe said, feeling frustrated about her predicament.  Before she could continue, Kristin used her foot to bring Phoebe’s head face up and then rested her tennis shoes on her face, keeping her from speaking.  Phoebe got nose-full after nose-full of Kristin’s dirty shoe leather and rubber soles for several minutes.

“You know, the worst part is being squished and crushed beneath feet.  The foot odor is just insult to injury,’ Kristin said.  ‘I’ve never been in ISS before, but I’ve talked to some people who have, and they say that the constant walking or being stood on just drove them crazy because it hurt so much.  And then I’ve heard teachers say that they don’t even notice the shrunken students in their shoes so they just squeeze them with their toes randomly throughout the day.  I just wish I could’ve shrunk you today to get you used to it,’ Kristin said with some disappointment.  She looked down from her phone and noticed Phoebe’s tongue sticking out, tasting her shoe’s soles on either side.  She smiled and pushed the toes of her shoes together over her tongue, allowing her to lick the shoe-soles.

“Keep licking,’ she said encouragingly to Phoebe.  After several more minutes of licking Kristin’s old sports shoes, Kristin asked, ‘Why were you licking my shoes before I told you to?’

Muffled due to the presence of Kristin’s shoes, Phoebe’s answer was, “Because I’m trying to get used to the taste.”

“It’s not because you want to lick my shoes?” Kristin pressed, slipping her shoes up Phoebe’s face off her mouth.

“That’s sick!  No!” Phoebe protested, but before she could get any more words in, Kristin slid her shoe’s toe into her mouth.

“Ah, silence,” Kristin said.  She had these shoes on for about ten minutes now and untied them.  She then removed her shoe from Phoebe’s mouth and slipped them off.  She rested her warm sock-and-nylon clad feet on Phoebe’s face, trapping her nose between the arches.  Phoebe found herself light-headed as she inhaled Kristin’s potent foot odor.  Kristin played with Phoebe’s mouth with her toe tips, never actually sticking her big toes in her mouth. 

Kristin teased Phoebe with her feet for nearly ten minutes before she slipped her socks off and stuffed them in her Nike’s, revealing her tan nylons.

“You’ll probably be chafed by Mrs. Garcia’s nylons,” Kristin hypothesized as she rested her feet back on Phoebe’s face.  Phoebe continued to breathe in their essence as she realized that she was actually enjoying this.  Kristin admired the pedicure on her toes as she wiggled them often over Phoebe’s nose.  She then pushed her big toe into Phoebe’s lips, which willingly opened and accepted Kristin’s long, slender foot.

“I could do this all day,” Kristin said seductively as she raised then dipped her foot into Phoebe’s mouth several times.  She then switched feet as she reached into her bag and retrieved her very old brown flats.  She noticed the pink and white polka-dotted insole.  The pink and white showed a near perfect outline of her feet and toes in dirt as she owned these for several years.  Looking down at Phoebe, Kristin removed her foot from Phoebe’ mouth and held the opening to one of her flats over Phoebe’s nose.

“These are pretty funky, I bet.  I’ve had them for a few years,” Kristin said with a grin.  Phoebe scrunched her nose in disgust at the stale smell of her friend’s insole.  She coughed a few times after breathing in their foulness, eliciting a laugh from Kristin.

“WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!?!?!” Mrs. Lathrop yelled as she stood in the doorway.  “DID I JUST SEE YOU SUCKING ON HER FOOT AND SMELLING HER SHOE?!?!” she yelled at Phoebe, who sat up with the widest eyes, her cheeks flushing from embarrassment.

“I-I-I-I was just . . . trying to get her ready for her ISS,” Kristin said, shying away from Mrs. Lathrop’s dagger-eyes.  Mrs. Lathrop might have been short compared to Kristin, but she carried with her the demeanor of a school teacher wherever she went.

“Grab your things and go, Kristin.  Phoebe, stay right there,” Mrs. Lathrop said as Kristin hurriedly grabbed her items and left.  After she closed the bedroom door, Mrs. Lathrop, clad in a yellow sweatshirt, jeans, navy blue socks and dirty white tennis shoes walked over the desk in Phoebe’s room, pulled out the chair and set it over Phoebe’s chest.  She sat down with her dirty shoes on either side of her adopted-daughter’s head.


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