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My first ever story. I'm not a great writer. Just something I typed in the moment. Thanks for reading.

"Riiiing! Riiiing!" The bell of the alarm clock was almost worse than the sound of chalk scraping on chalkboard. "I really feel like calling out. Ugh...", I uttered to myself. However, I knew I couldn't. My job, as simple as it was, counted on me to open every morning. I worked in a bakery, and my role was vital as I was the only one there for the first few hours in the wee morning. I stretched my arms, and reluctantly dragged myself to the kitchen for my usual ritual of coffee and some television. With a nice, freshly brewed cup in hand, I flipped through channels until one stood out. It appeared to be a weirdly dressed fortune teller consulting callers about life problems. I was a rational thinker; in fact, I was an atheist. Deep down, I knew this stuff was a scam, but I continued viewing it for my personal amusement. After taking her last caller, she looked directly into the camera. I felt a strange sensation as I gazed into her eyes, almost as if I wasn't alone... my hairs stood up, and my head tingled. It was as if she saw me through the television. "I see a viewer... yes... a young man. I can see your dreams... I can see your fantasies..... what you long for will be granted.... as long as you go to work... I see a bakery... I see you will have a new perspective on life. Go to work young man."

I gawked at the screen, speechless. I knew better than to fall for anything "supernatural". I reasoned that she only was right on two facts, I was a young man, and I worked in a bakery. There are many young bakers out there in the world... It's not like she knew my name, my height, weight, etc. That would've been more impressive. So, without giving it much more thought, I flipped the TV off and prepared for a long day at work.

**Later that day**

"Almost lunch", I thought, while weighing the flour, water, and yeast of my last batch of dough. After dropping the ingredients into the bowl and activating the mixer, I had a few minutes to ponder while the dough was forming. I thought about my bizarre experience earlier this morning, trying to rationalize it. I had solid reason to doubt that anything "supernatural" took place, but something about the way she gazed at me, the way my head tingled, and the way my hairs stood up... "Maybe I was tired, or maybe it was the coffee", I thought. "Hey Steve, just punching for lunch.", I shouted as a finished cleaning up. "Don't go over your hour again, Joe! I need you here!" My boss was furious. I wasn't the best employee. My work was good, but my attendance and punctuality threatened my job security. I knew I would be let go any day, and I couldn't afford it, even if I hated my job. I set an alarm on my phone for 9:55 AM, five minutes before an hour. "I AM GOING TO MAKE IT BACK IN TIME", I said to myself.

As I came to the door, my body came into contact with a soft, but heavy surface. I felt my body bouncing off this surface like a trampoline. It threw me off balance, sending me crashing into a bread basket, dropping all of the bread on the floor. "Damn little boy, you tryin' to feel my ass? I'm way too big for you honey, you be lookin' like my son!" I looked up.... and up, to see an incredibly tall black woman, at an unbelievable height. Her head came in contact with the top of the doorway. She had to be an impossible seven foot tall amazon. Compared to my measly height of 5'5, she could qualify as a giantess. My eyes then fell to her "healthy" curves; her thigh looked larger in circumference than my stomach, each of her breasts bigger than my head.... possibly twice as big. Her smooth, velvety skin was struggling under the skimpy shorts and tight shirt she wore. She wasn't very muscular, but she wasn't what I'd call fat. Just a thick mass of pure woman. "Look at him, he's fucking useless. Little shrimp. Why don't you make yourself useful and show me where the French bread is." She laughed, and grabbed my hand like I was some child.... and probably to show me how even her smallest pinky finger dwarfed my thumb. Her hands easily wrapped around mine like a taco shell. "I.... I'm on my lunch break. Sorry." I walked away embarrassed, and truthfully, slightly turned on. I always had a strange fetish since I was young. I was into giant woman, or "giantess" woman. But, my anger and embarrassment overwhelmed any fetish I had. I tried walking away, but I was stopped dead in my tracks. My hand was still stuffed in her massive digits. It was like I was handcuffed. Her gaze was that of amusement, and mischief. She dragged my body effortlessly like a ragdoll outside. I was embarrassed even further, and puzzled that no one saw the strange events. I was literally being kidnapped by a woman who dwarfed me many times over, and was physically superior to me in every way.

She walked out into the parking lot, in front of everyone in plain site. No one said a word. Was I that small, that she looked like my mother? I cried for help, but no one bothered to even give one look. "What are you doing with me? Where are you taking me? What the fucking hell! Mphh mmmm mpphh...." She took her mighty thumb and pressed it against my lips, muffling my useless protests. As she continued to walk, I noticed a strange tingling on my head again. It puzzled me, It almost felt like I had two glasses of wine. That nice buzzing feeling where you can feel yourself off balance, but warm and comfortable. I thought it was strange that in a moment of being kidnapped, I could feel so relaxed. That was, until I noticed something even more bizarre. Her thumbnail looked huge. Her thumbnail looked the size of a dinner plate! I panicked, and gazed up... and up... and up.... up....... My vision was hazy, and I could almost not make out the details of her massive body. I also felt the weight of every step, it seemed thunderous, and I could actually feel a slight rumble throughout my body with every step. As my vision was slowly restored, I came to a conclusion that sent chills down my spine. I.... the world grew to titanic proportions! I looked to my side and saw the parking lot, a hugely vast expanse of concrete. The cars were almost a blur. I heard voices in the background, but they sounded extremely deep. Almost like the deep groans of a whale. Everything seemed slow-motion. I could see every jiggle of my captors velvety, thick, dark womanly curves bounce and ripple in the sun. Her impossibly thick, larger than tree trunk thighs were so massive compared to my diminutive form. I'd say, if I had to guess, I was maybe 4 inches on a good day. There was no way I could fight this "statue of liberty" sized woman. There was just too much weight and mass. I was truly useless. All the times I fantasized about giantesses, and now that I'm in this situation, I have nothing but regret. I looked up at my captor and shouted. "HEEELLLP! PLEASE LET ME GO! I'M SO SORRY!" It was like my voice was lost in the thunderous rumbling of her footsteps. I probably sounded like a screeching mosquito. My voice was simply too small and insignificant.

I then felt myself going upwards. The feeling was much faster than an elevator. I could feel my stomach churning, In front of me, I saw the front of her gigantic shorts. I saw a thick key chain around her belt loop, with an unusual plastic sphere dangling against her upper thigh. Her god-like fingers pinched my upper body, while her other hand opened the sphere. It sort of looked like a translucent, clear pokeball. I could see what was happening.... I hung closer and closer, until the opened sphere was directly under me. The immense grip of her fingers subsided as I felt myself falling into my new plastic prison. Before I could attempt an escape, even if escape was a possibility, the sphere was closed shut. "CLIIICK". I looked directly underneath me, and saw a huge drop from myself to the ground. I was extremely afraid of heights, and was fearing for my life. Then, without a moment to recollect myself, she continued her stroll, her titanic thighs bouncing my plastic prison effortlessly into the air with each mighty step. My weight was no match for the weight of her leg. "BOOM, BOOM, BOOOM, BOOOOM...." My body was being thrashed around hopelessly inside my prison. I felt myself becoming weak, and passed out.


I felt myself waking up. I stretched. "Man, that must've been a horrible dream. Maybe I'll just call out after all". I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the soft comfort of my bed. But, something didn't feel right. There was an air blowing stronger than my little electric fan could crank out. And the smell... I could smell the sweet scent of perfume. I rubbed my groggy eyes, and tried to make sense of this. My vision was pretty hazy. I could make out a bed... but the sheets weren't blue, rather a pink color. And that's not the only thing that disturbed me. The bed seemed to go on... and on.... and on and on. I almost couldn't see the edge! Looking to my side, I froze in fear. The enormous, God-like black woman was naked, all of her massive, glorious, voluptuous curves on display. I stood up and stared in awe. I also realized that my wildest dreams have come true, and this was the only opportunity I may ever get to experience this type of thing. As a rational thinker, I could never believe this was possible, but now.... my perspective on the "supernatural" has changed. Maybe, just maybe, there is something more to this world other than pure natural processes. Maybe something exists beyond science.

I took advantage of her slumber, and made my way towards her mountainous, colossal, 'larger than an air balloon' breasts. I stood next to her giant nipple, which it's diameter was easily longer than my body. I debated whether I should touch. I figured my hand was way too small to be felt. I slowly moved my hand toward her nipple, and finally put my open hand directly in the middle and made contact. My hand was completely dwarfed in size to a nipple. My fingers were lost in the cracks and crevices of the surface. I laughed at the site of it. I could never ever handle this woman like a real man could, but the thought also aroused me. I felt my penis stiffen up. I wanted more. I opened my arms and leaned my entire body against the gigantic nipple, aroused in the thought of it being so much bigger than me. "It seems I'm truly too small to be felt or heard.", I said to myself, knowing my voice was still like that of a mosquito. I then felt a rumble, and fell on my stomach. Before I could run, my body was sandwiched by an immense weight on my back. The pressure was almost unbearable. I couldn't breathe. I slowly felt my body giving up, when suddenly the elevator feeling was back and I was soaring in the air. "BOOM... BOOOOM... BOOOOOOOM" The rumbling was intense. The thunderous footsteps almost popped my eardrums. My body was bouncing up and down, up and down. I felt warm skin behind me. It was sweaty, causing my insignificant weight to stick to the immense weight behind me.

The footsteps stopped, and I saw the beautiful black giantess in front of me, only I realized it was her reflection. Looking closer, almost hard to see, I could make out my helpless, small, pathetic body stuck to the smooth skin of her chocolate colored breast. I heard a very, very deep, whale-sounding laugh. It caused her breast to bounce once again. I almost wanted to throw up. I feared for my life. Her godly fingertip rubbed my throbbing penis, easily moving it side to side with no effort. My penis was like a tack compared to her finger. Suddenly, in slow motion, I saw her other hand flying through the air, and I felt my hair blowing from the immense weight and speed. I saw it coming for me! I tried moving my limbs, but it was useless. I accepted my fate. I came to appreciate that I had the chance to live my life long dream, even if my life had to be sacrificed to this titanic goddess. Her hand smacked my body, and for a brief second, I felt more pain than I've felt in my entire life, and then it was over. Everything was pitch black.



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