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Story Notes:

Author’s Note: This is pretty much a growth story (and a little shrinking) it will feature lesbians, and destruction and some sexual parts….you pretty much get the idea. If you are underage or offended by this sort of thing, it is best to read another story. If you are fine with this, feel free to read. Anyway, please enjoy the story and remember to enjoy it.

Side note: I have noticed that not many people are reading my stories, so I hope everyone will be satisfied with this story. I'll take any kind of criticism. Thank you. I do all this without relying on services like Patreon.

DISCLAIMER: All persons, places and things, living or dead are property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement intended. All Rights Reserved.

All main characters are OWNED by me.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The Prologue intro into the story where our protagonist, Roberta, is introduced once again.

Once the Omega-Infinity Realm, there lived a people called the Omega-Infinity-lites. While they resemble humans like on Earth, they are far larger, like 10,000 miles in height to say in the least and they had the Infinity symbol on their foreheads. They were a peaceful people, but they were strong and ruthless and only attack if their lives are threatened. But, they only fought once in their history, as no one has dared to challenge them as they were ruled by one beautiful goddess named Roberta, who was the symbol of worship. She wore a beautiful white toga dress, and strange jewelry, had very long red hair, and she wore white platforms with straps. The people looked to her for guidance and support. People really loved this goddess as she has always granted them her blessings, no matter what they were, except bad deeds. Anyone that offends her and her rules she punishes them by shrinking them and traps them in her jewelry, unless the offender is a first timer in which she forces them to strip everything except their shoes, and uses that person as her foot slave or imprison them in the Omega-Infinity prison dimension. Roberta is a kind goddess at heart unless something or someone threatens her or her realm. Well, with that out of the way, let’s begin our story!




One beautiful day in the Omega-Infinity Realm, the Infinity Goddess Roberta was sitting on her gold and silver Omega-Infinity shaped throne, thinking about how lonely she has been for ages and her signs of being bored as people looked up to her as an omnipotent goddess. “Hmm, I feel so lonely, everyone is always relying on me to perform miracles for them.” Roberta thought to herself. She really wanted to find a marriage companion. “But what I want is a lover, someone that would rule by my side and to have them support my needs as me supporting theirs.” Roberta says to herself. She first considered the people in her realm, but she was not satisfied with that, so she had a solution. She recalled in the books she read about the Milky Way Galaxy and a blue planet in it called Earth, which she found fascinating. Roberta had got an idea in her divine head. “She had decided that she would head to the Earth and find herself a lover and someone that would please her for all eternity. She wanted to head to the Earth and find such a person, but she didn’t have the means to travel there and if she appeared there at her size, she would have smashed her would-be companion on accident along with everyone on the planet and her plan would fail. Then she contacted her advisor friend Millia, who was the best Omega-Infinity-lite advisor in all of the Omega-Infinity Realm. “Hello, my goddess! What may this humble advisor do for you?” Millia said as she took a bow. Roberta smiled and said happily, “Oh, come now! You do not have to be formal in front of me, sweet Millia. Rise, my dear.” She smiled and rised. “What would you like for me to do, Roberta, sweetheart?” She said. Roberta then asked her, “Millia, is there a possibility that I can head to the Earth as a normal human while keeping my powers? I want to find a companion to wed.” She explained carefully, “Your powers will always be used no matter what universe you visit, but if you plan to visit the Planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy, you will transport at their size, you will only have about 24 hours before you grow back to your original size, so you must find your companion by then, my goddess.” Roberta began to get excited and began to change her outfit to an Earthly attire, which was a corset top, a pair of jeans, and a pair of 6 Inch Platform Heels, with her signature Gold Infinity Earrings, Necklace and Bracelets, and had her hair in a beautiful, long side ponytail and a pair of cute, black sunglasses. After her change, she returned to her throne room to meet with Millia. “Ooh, you look beautiful, my goddess! Looks just like a citizen from earth! PERFECT!” Millia said with a surprised look. Blushing, Roberta gave a cute reply, “Why thank you kindly, dahling! I shall do my best in getting myself an earthly date.” Roberta said in a charmed tone. Excited, she was all ready to head to the Earth and find her new lover.



As she headed to the Ritual Room, her advisor, Millia wished her a great journey, by giving her a massive hug and gave her a brooch, ring, earrings and beautiful pendant in a mysterious gold box to give to him or her. The Goddess arrived at the Ritual Room, to stand in the middle, closed her eyes and chanted the teleportation spell, concentrating with all of her strength. Then she calmly transported herself to the Earth. As she begun to open her eyes, she found herself in a warehouse in a random city.


Chapter End Notes:

This is the end of the first Episode. Part 2 is Next!

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