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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: This is a NON-Porn Giantess story, so if you come reading this story expecting rated XXX material, you probably will not like this story and will have to read something else in your speed. If you are underage, it might contain some material that may be offensive to younger readers, but nothing immoral. I'll try to make it kid friendly as much as I can, but please don't expect too much. I can promise one thing though, this will be a gentle giantess story where the giantess is gentle with our other main character. This is based off an RP like my first story.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Roberta and Nate will meet for the first time. This is their intro stories.



Once, there stood an enormous palace in the Deep Cosmos, which lived a beautiful godly being called Omega Goddess Roberta, who was the ruler of the Omega Realm. She was a very friendly (and sometimes evil!) goddess that was very happy whenever she helped her people or when they gave her offerings and such (as well as destroy those that opposed her). She always worked very hard to aid her worshippers and people. But now, she wanted to find a companion to cherish and love, and plus she wants to take a tour of the blue planet in another solar system in another dimension to whom she will find that special someone...

Nate, a young human who lived on the planet Earth had a big heart that was very nice to everyone he meets. He was always happy even during terrible times. His wish was to meet a beautiful, friendly giant woman that would care fof him and to be with her forever. He is 19 years of age and has waited his whole life to meet someone that met this criteria. But on this very day, he will be able to get his wish sooner than he may think...


Chapter 1: A Fateful Encounter


One beautiful summer Monday morning, people were going about their as they made their way to their jobs, school and other things that they did commonly. Nate had woken up to another beautiful day where as he was a student at the local college 20 miles from the hotel he was staying at to attend a job fair that was in town. Nate was not too thrilled for this event, but he went on and took his shower and started to get dressed. “Nate, the Job fair will begin around 11:00 am. Are you ready to go?” one of Nate's classmates said to him. “I shall be there in about 15 min, Just let me get some breakfast.” he called back to his friend. “Alrighty then, I will go on ahead, be sure to arrive when you finish up okay?” his friend told him...




A beautiful day has come to the Omega Realm and its Omega Goddess, Roberta was planning a trip to the planet Earth, a planet located in the other dimension where the Milky Way Galaxy to take a vacation to take in the sights on the blue planet, so she got all her suitcases ready to take in the magnificent sights, though she would be too big to explore the inside of the planet's buildings. Despite this, she was still eager to visit the planet, so asked her maid, Millia took her bags to the Ritual Room as she was finding her favorite neck scarf and red beret, to which she spotted on her bed, in which she grabbed both to put them on and she headed to the Ritual Room where her bags were sitting on the floor, waiting for her. She grabbed and held on to her bag and cast the ritual to open the portal to Earth. “I shall be waiting for you here, my lady. Be sure to come back soon!” Millia said to her Goddess as she gave her a small hug. “Do not worry, my servant. I will definitely return. Take care of things while I am gone.” Roberta said kindly as she stepped through the portal to the Earth.The earth will soon get a massive visitor....


As the city was getting into the afternoon hours, the people in the city noticed a massive portal form in eastern side of the city, opening up to who or whatever would come out. People all around the city continued to look until a woman, 10 miles tall, carrying a large suitcase, came out of the portal and emerged onto the city, as she smashed a few skyscrapers into debris with her shoes, causing a massive quake, startling the people as they became afraid of her. “Wow, this must be Earth! The city looks so small from my view! Where should I go first?” the massive woman spoke to herself as she started to walk in the direction of the hotel. People started to run away as she moved, fearing for their lives!

“RUN!! She's gonna crush us!!” One man yelled out.




Roberta came from the portal and she knocked over a bunch of skyscrapers. “Wow, this must be Earth. The city looks very small from my point of view. Where should I go first?” she said to herself. Before she came to a conclusion, she walked in the direction of the hotel to which she heard a loud voice calling out to her, to which she responded, “Is someone there? Hmmm....” So she went in the same direction where the voice was coming from, to her surprise, she noticed it was coming from the hotel she was approaching. She made her way to the hotel, unaware as she was crushing cars under her massive platforms and when she arrived, she kneeled down at the hotel, scanning it a bit closer, and to her surprise, she saw a tiny young man, to where the voice was coming from. “Hello, I noticed you calling out to me. I'm Roberta, an Omega Goddess from the Omega Realm. What is your name, little young man? “I-I-It is Nate, miss.” he responded back to her. Smiling down at him, Roberta told him that she was visiting the Earth on a tour of the planet. “Awesome, ma'am. You are a very beautiful woman by the way. May I come with you, Goddess Roberta?” Roberta was smiling at him and replied back to him, “Of course you may, Nathan darling. You are welcome to accompany me on my visit here, as she extended her finger out to him, carefully placing him on her shoulder. “Shall we go, my dear?” Roberta said to Nate as he sat and relaxed on her massive shoulder to which he nodded yes in response.

Chapter End Notes:

Well that is all for the first half. Stay Tuned for Chapter 2 and the conclusion of this story!

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