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Author's Chapter Notes:

Just some mini-giantess stuff in this chapter. Much more to come later! I hope this pleases you my Goddess ;)

It was an exciting day. The beautiful girl I met online was coming to visit and I coudn't have been happier. Her name was Loren and she was coming all the way from the UK to visit me, her most loyal slave. I drove to LAX to meet her and when she stepped off the plane my jaw dropped. She wasn't anything like the pictures she sent me. No, she was better than the pictures!

The living Goddess before me stood at an astonishing 6'8" which alone would have been enough to glue me to the spot. What made it even more flabbergasting was that she was drop dead gorgeous! Her dyed blonde hair cascaded down her back, eyes that were as hypnotic as they were blue searched for me in the crowd and her blood crimson lips parted into a smile as her eyes finally found me amongst the throng of people waiting for family or loved ones.

As she walked she stamped her strappy platform heels haughtily, her mere presence commanding the attention of everyone around her. The crowd parted as she floated gracefully through. Next thing I knew she stood inches from me in her full glory wearing a tight little dress with the Motorhead logo proudly displayed across her breasts. A sexy leather jacket and thigh high heels completed her ensemble. She parked her luggage and put one hand on her hip, gazing imperiously down at me over her shapely breasts. I was only 5'6" myself so I craned my head up to look at her very nearly 7' frame, my eyes pausing along the curves and swells of her body until I met her eyes. She sized me up for awhile before suddenly placing her other hand atop my head.

"Come here, slave. Your Goddess wishes to embrace you."

Our bodies crashed together and I was in utter bliss as we laughed like old friends meeting again after a long time. Her body was warm and she smelled like heaven. I almost cried when we finally seperated.

"Its so good to see you my Mistress," I said with glee. "Let me pull my car around and I'll load your luggage in, we can get something to eat after."

"That sounds lovely," Loren says as we walk to the exit. I look up at her longingly and she smiles since she already knows what I want. With an approving nod from her I wrap my arm around her boastful hips, the both of us not caring about the stares we recieve as we walk out.

I thought I had a good sense of just how huge she was until she ducked down low to enter my car. She looked like she was in a children's toy as she struggled to fit. Eventually she situated herself in the backseat and giggled as she placed her feet in my lap, honking the car horn. I got some stares after that but she looked so content as I took in her sultry form. I must have gotten lost in her because a crisp snapping of her fingers in front of my face brought me back to my senses.

"Aww, you're cute but shouldn't we be on our way? There'll be plenty of time for that later," she winked at me and I revved the engine and took off.

"I'm so pleased you're here with me, my Queen, what would you like to enjoy first?"

"Oh, I think a bit of sightseeing will do for now," Loren sighs as she pulled a vial of blue liquid from her deep cleavage. "I always wanted to feel California beneath my feet,"

I grin and look at her through my rearview mirror, her pumps weighing heavily on my lap, and catch my breath in my throat as I see her eyes take on a seductive stare and a menacing grin spreads across her lips. The weekend was just beginning and I knew my life would never be the same again.

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