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"Why did I have to say yes?... There was no way I could have sucked up to Cap more than I already did. I mean it wasn't my fight! Sure those pyscho assassins sounded like they could have done alot of damage but like... how could they even hope to take on the Avengers and win?! It doesnt matter that they were having a disagreement at the time, if there was a threat to the world, the Avengers would handle it! They didnt need me man! I got sent to some shitty prison in some shitty ocean because I just couldnt say no to the great Captain America! Where I was confined to my shitty cell with my shitty bed and got served shit to eat two times a shitty day!"


Louise sat in his recliner and knodded every time Scott finished a sentence, even throwing in some "Mm hms", "yeps" and "for sures" to gime the impression he was still listening, and not entirely focused on playing Halo on his X-box. He never thought it would be him getting annoyed by someone constantly talking. Its usually the other way around.


Scott contined to drone on for nearly half an hour, until his phone began to ring.


"I swear Louise. Unless Cap calls me in when hes back in the good graces of the law, there is no way I`m saying yes to that guy again... [BEEP].... Hello?"


"What up Tic Tac? Its Sam. Listen man, Cap needs you to come in. We really need your help."


"Say no more say no more I'm there. Where to?"


"Thats what I like to here! Sending you the coordinates now. Get here as soon as you can."


"Got em. Dont you worry Sam my man, I will get there faster than you can say...[CLICK]... Hello? Sam? Samuel?"


Scott pockets his phone.


"Hm... must have lost service. Well Louise I'd love to stay and chat but I have important hero work to do with Cap.", Scott brags.


"Yeah, for sure.", Louise mumbles.


"Do you know where I left the suit by the way?"


"Mm hm... yeah."


Scott stares at Louise and waits for a reply.


"Soooo, where is it?"


"Yeah you right man."


"Louise!!!", Scott snaps, catching his friends attention. "Where is the suit?"


"Its in the bathroom man relax! Good lord..."


Scott retrives the ant man suit then goes out to his car. He places the suit in the back seat and throws a blanket overtop to hide it from peepers looking in his window. Scott pulls out his phone to check the location the coordinates pinpointed. They were right here in San Francisco!? The Secret Avengers came to him! Scott was ecstatic, they must really be starting to like him! It looked like they were about a half hour drive away so Scott starts up his beater car and begins to drive to the destination.

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