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Why was Ethan the one who had to deal with all of this? Why was he born at such a small, pathetic size? Why couldn't they have chosen someone else? Why couldn't it have been one of the other tinies from the orphanage? Why did they have to pick HIM?

Ethan was a 17-year-old tiny. Abandoned by his parents at a young age, he was taken into care of Red Mountain Orphanage. Though no one he knew had ever met his parents, it was likely that they couldn't manage to get enough food to take care of him, so they had no choice but to leave him. This was far, far too common with tinies.

Despite being called an orphanage, it was far more like a pet shop. Legally, tinies were not allowed to adopt, so the orphan's potential foster parents would always be gigantic in comparison to them. Thus, whenever someone looking to adopt was visiting, they would look through the glass cages at the tinies. Many times, however, people only came to view the pitiful creatures. They weren't seen as people or children. Though they would never admit it, all of the people who visited saw them as one thing only: pets.

Ethan, being rather shy, was typically hiding near the back of the cages to prevent himself from being seen. He didn't have any real friends at the orphanage, despite all his time there, but he felt staying there would be safer than going to some unfamiliar, possibly dangerous house. Not only that, but he had heard many, many horror stories from tinies who had previously been adopted before being sent back to the orphanage. Tales of abuse were far too common, sometimes even resulting in rape or death. The only reason they were able to escape their hell was because their tormentors became bored with them.

So of course, Ethan was NOT happy about being adopted. Not that he'd let it show- He didn't want to upset his new masters. That day, a family of four had been visiting- one mother and her three daughters. Ethan shivered as the youngest daughter loomed over his cage, looking down at him. He stared up at her, deer-in-the-headlights style. The words that came out of her mouth, though, are what scared him the most.

"This one's cute, can we get this one?"



He stood in his container, trying not to get carsickness along the bumpy ride to the family's house. He was cautious, stepping back whenever one of the daughters looked at him. The youngest, the one who picked him out, had a smile on her face the entire way home. But it wasn't the warm, inviting smile of a caretaker. It was the smile of a predator that was merely inches away from its tasty prey. The other two looked at him occasionally, but the youngest practically had her eyes glued onto the minuscule teen. He couldn't hide anywhere in this new container, as it was just a small, empty aquarium.

The car came to its stop. The family walked out of their vehicle, allowing Ethan to get a view of where he would be staying. His view, however, would not be for too long, as the family headed inside.

Upon reaching what Ethan could recognize as a living room, the aquarium was placed atop a small coffee table. The lid to the aquarium was swiftly opened. The youngest daughter swiftly stuck her hand inside of it, pulling her new brother out in seconds. The rush made Ethan nauseous as he desperately squirmed. The girl held him in front of her. "Y'see? I picked the cutest one!" She declared.

Her sisters investigated the tiny boy closely. The tallest, which Ethan assumed to be the oldest, grinned. "I mean, he's not the CUTEST... But he is pretty cute."

The last one, the middle child, didn't seem too enthusiastic about him. Without saying a word, she walked off. Not that Ethan minded this rude gesture; less people meant more room.

The youngest poked him. "Oh, tell me your name!"


"Huh? I can't hear you, speak up!"

"E-Ethan!" He yelled, covering his ears.

"Well, Ethan, my name's Mia! I'm your sister now! How old are you?" 

"U-um... Seventeen?" 

Mia giggled, using her finger to prod her brother. "I'm nine, so you're like... Eight years older than me!" 

The oldest sister sat on the couch, crossing her legs. "Hey, Mia, don't ya think you should give him some room?" She asked. Mia opened her hand up a bit, dropping her brother onto the couch. "He's just a little guy, you can't be too loud. You'll hurt his ears," 

Mia rolled her eyes. "He's fine... But whatever, I GUESS I'll be a little quieter," She said. 

Sophie yawned, still grinning at her new little brother. "He IS really cute though... But I think you just picked him because he looks like that one singer you have a crush on."

Mia's face turned red as she took in air. She puffed her cheeks into a pout. "I did NOT. And for your information, I DON'T have a crush on him! I just... I think his music is great..." 

"Mhm, whatever you say sis," Sophie responded, carefully plucking the little guy up. She gently placed him into her lap, giggling to herself as he nervously stared up at her. 

"So, you said your name is Ethan, right? Cool. My name's Sophie, but you probably figured that one out," She said. Ethan, though he was still nervous, felt strangely comfortable in the lap of this stranger. She carefully stroked his hair with the tip of her finger, causing him to make a purring sound, similar to cat. "And yeah, sorry if my sis is a little clingy. She can be kinda suffocating for a bit, but she's nice."

Almost subconsciously, Ethan began hugging the finger that was stroking him, which made Mia more than a little jealous. SHE was the one who picked him, so naturally SHE should be the one having her finger hugged. Yet her sister seemed to gain Ethan's affection much earlier. Mia groaned, holding her hand out. "Give him back..."

Sophie, in what felt like a moment of betrayal to Ethan, handed her brother over. Mia marched to her room, isolating herself with Ethan. She looked around her room for a few seconds before sitting on her bed, placing her brother in her lap. The room itself was filled with stuffed toys and posters of celebrities, one of which greatly resembling Ethan. 

The young man squirmed as he felt the tip of Mia's finger on his head. In an attempt to emulate her sister, she began petting her brother. The results, however, were not what she was hoping for. Ethan merely stood there, shivering as he waited patiently for it to stop. Eventually, Mia pushed him off of her lap and onto the bed.

Ethan squeaked and groaned as Mia picked him back up. He heard a voice echo throughout the house, which Mia turned her attention towards. 

"Dinner's Ready!"

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