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Amy smirked to herself, ready to set her plan into action. Typically, she would walk home from school with her friends on the same route as always. This time, however, she was taking the long way to her house, because she knew that her target usually walked home on this road. She walked into a cafe and, without ordering anything, sat down at a table and opened a book. She didn't actually read it, though she would occasionally pretend to in order to avert suspicions. In reality, she was just there to look out the window. 

Soon enough, though, Amy's target walked into view. Chris looked down as he walked, paying more attention to the road in front of him than his surroundings. The moment he was out of view from the cafe's window, Amy got up and began following him. Despite her height, Chris typically took a while to notice her presence. Not out of stupidity, but more because he was unaware of his surroundings when he walked. 

Eventually, Chris reached his neighborhood. Tired from carrying his bag for so long, he sat down in an attempt to relax. However, a mere three seconds later, he heard a voice that made him quiver.

"Guess who?"

He immediately stood up and tried to walk away, but was quickly forced into a headlock by Amy. He struggled as she lifted him into the air with ease. "Aw, you could at least say 'Hi' before running away," She said. 

Chris squirmed like crazy, despite knowing that his attempts were futile. He knew that her grip was far too tight for him to squirm out of. "A-Amy..." He squeaked out. 

Amy let out a laugh as she rested her fist on his head, proceeding to drill her fist against the young man's skull. "God, Ms. Colt was such a bitch today. Thankfully for me, I've got a little stress toy to noogie," She teased as he kicked against her leg. Chris squirmed and squirmed, but Amy didn't so much as flinch.

Just when it felt like he would never get out of her grasp, she let him down. He stood still for a few seconds, his eyes locked on Amy's smug face. She flicked him on the forehead before pushing him into the grass. Before he could push himself back up, she put her smelly tennis shoe on his torso, pressing it down against him to keep him pinned. "God, you're pathetic," She said. "We're both 15, but you only reach up to my breasts. And you're so frail. How tall are you, squirt?"

Chris attempted to push the oversized foot off of him to no avail. Her foot was nearly as long as the width of his shoulders. His breath got heavier and heavier.

"Answer me, maggot. Tell how tall you are," Amy said, much more sternly this time.

"I-I'm 5'4!" He immediately responded. 

Amy grinned. "That's more than two feet shorter than me..." She said, a hint of sadistic glee in her voice. "So pathetic. You're NEVER gonna get a girl if you stay short... But I've known you since elementary, I don't think you've grown in years. Looks like you're gonna be short and lonely for the rest of your life~" She said as Chris squirmed against her shoe. 

She finally raised her shoe off of his torso. "Come on, get up maggot-boy," She said, grabbing his arm and forcing him to stand up. His eyes were closed, a few tears streaming down his face. "Aww, looks like I made you cry~" 

Amy shook her head, still grinning as she reached into her bag and grabbed a tissue. She wiped his tears off for him and walked off. "I'll see ya tomorrow, maggot~" She said, waving. 


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