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A series of short stories that are heavily inspired by BootyPartrol's Death By Booty. It will heavily involve Scat and Watersports, along with various other kinks.


All recognizable settings, characters, etc are not my property. This story is purely for entertainment purposes, not for monetary gain.

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Published: March 09 2018 Updated: February 06 2019
Story Notes:

Hope you enjoy ;)

1. A Cruel Turnaround (M/f) by Pizzatime2300 [Reviews - 17] starstarstarstarstar (1785 words)

This chapter will involve a male giant.

2. Irony can cruel sometimes (F/m) by Pizzatime2300 [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (2129 words)

As stated, this will be a female giant. This story contains a Mom/son thing. Not incest necessarily, but if you're really not into that, here's a fair warning. 

3. A Foul Grave (M/F) by Pizzatime2300 [Reviews - 1] (4879 words)

Well here's a chapter on a story I bet you all thought was forgotten. Regardless I hope you enjoy.

4. Duchess in the Dumps (F,M/F) by Pizzatime2300 [Reviews - 0] (5882 words)

This is something I cooked up in my head today and decided to put to words. It's sort of different from the norm, but will stll involve heavy odor and scat, Hope you enjoy :)

5. Breton Booty (F/M,F) by Pizzatime2300 [Reviews - 0] (5178 words)

A chapter set in The Elder Scrolls universe. I hope you guys enjoy! ;)