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Story Notes:
I try to keep a good balance between the giantess and the shrinkee as much as possible. I also plan on exploring the shrinking mechanism so that’s gonna be fun.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Stacy is gonna seem at the very least crazy while at the worst inconsistent, but it happened will be explained later.
Stacy was on her way home from her job as a lifeguard with the California sun unrelenting in its desire to give her a tan. While Stacy was a lifeguard her white skin refused to do nothing but burn and return to normal no matter how aggressive or how long the sun beat down on her, it’s really the only feature she didn’t like about herself.

Who could blame her too? If you saw Stacy Freedmen you’d probably be disappointed her lifeguard uniform consisted of a red t-shirt with a white “+” and red athletic shorts. In summation it wasn’t a bikini and that seemed like a crime. Her raven hair at best reveling her beautiful face and at worst hiding one of her mythical blue eyes. Full red lip all the way down to her buxom bust, to the flat stomach, and being hit by the one two punch of her firm, round ass and thick thighs. She makes self replicating cells fall for her.

The apartments that Stacy shared with her long time friend Gwen was a short distance away from the beach she worked at so walking or sometimes rollerbladed from wasn’t a real haste and took 5 to 10 minutes. Stacy didn’t mind it using the exercise as an excuse to stay In shape despite her natural advantage.

Arriving at the apartment complex Stacy started to pick up the pace wanting to get home and relax before she started a very important school project that accounted for a large majority of her class. Her job taking up most of her day also didn’t help how stressed she is. Making it up the stairs taking full advantage of her long legs she started skipping one to two steps with the result being that her respectably large bust started to jolt with each step.

Reaching the door Stacy quickly retrieved her keys from her purse and unlocking the door. Stacy was greeted by the aggressively cool breeze and made a note to yell at Gwen for putting the air conditioner on too high, they were hardly making ends meet as it is. The apartment wasn’t anything special consisting of a kitchen two bathrooms and one bedroom. Considering Gwen didn’t care all the much what the living room looked like Stacy had full reign over how a majority of the apartment looked like deciding to cover the room in as much of her favorite color as she could. From blue curtains, to blue plastic wears, blue covers, all blue carpets except for the main one being a slightly worn grey. Her Favorite color is blue by the way, the only places not being blue is Gwen’s bathroom, the one connected to the room and half of the room itself being that they shared it most of the time.

Coming up to the door of her room Stacy willingly choose to ignore the sock on the handle Gwen and her boyfriend left Stacy simply decided to yell “I’m coming in!” Opening the door and experiencing a flash of light so quick Stacy thought she merely imagined it.
Gwen and her 7 month long boyfriend were taking part in their ritual like foreplay when the flash happened. The situation had a hands worth of wild cards. On one hand what became known simply as The Flash(no not him) was already a pretty well documented occurrence despite how random it was. They knew when it happened with Stacy opening the door and that the three of them in the room where all experiencing the flash. The result of the flash is a little more complicated and not too well understood.

First off all reported instances of the flash resulted in shrinking. Men and women where both affected with no apparent proof that race or personality or any other factor for that matter played into how much a person shrank despite what others may say. However men are always affected to some extent while women sometimes are not.

The three of them being roughly around the same age have all grown up with the presence of the flash so everyone knows at least that much.

When Gwen came to she knew precisely how the flash effected her.

“Steven, I have some bad news. We both shrank”

“Good thing Stacy barged in” Steven replied to Gwen’s immaculate deduction.

Both now standing gazing at what can only be described as a confused giantess they both instinctually felt two things. One Stacy was very massive, very scary, and the chances of the two of them getting her attention where scarce. The second thing was the need to come closer together as their smaller size meant the cold just felt colder.

Wanting to share in the heat that they could both produce together Gwen quickly grabbed hold of her big muscular man while Steven watched as Gwen ass and purple hair came closer.

“WHERE’D YOU GUYS GO?” Stacy asked a little confused by their absence.

Steven and Gwen on the other fell to their knees grasping each other in nothing but basically their sleeping attire.

“We have to get her attention Steven you know how important the initial shrink is!” Gwen said looking at Steven “I know we could die”

“Stacy!” Steven yelled looking up at the massive body of the titan. Steven couldn’t help it he was actually kinda aroused by looking up at Gwen’s friend fitted in her relatively tight uniform. The power she just hold over them...

“Stacy! We’re down here!” Gwen yelled noticing the bulge in Steven pants letting him go as she yelled at Stacy.

Stacy on the other had hadn’t heard anything. The slight noise cancelation from her headphones and the massive distance between her ears and the insects sniffing out the sound. Instead she she walked over to the opposite side of the room to change. Sending vibrations to the time couple she quickly closed the distance in a few strides to take her uniform off reveling navy blue undergarments with a bra that showed ample cleavage.

Steven could help but stare at the massive beauty bend down reveling an ass that matched Gwen’s and arguably beat it in quality, hers only wining by size.

Gwen took note of this and yelled “Stacy you bitch look over here!” But once again the sound did not reach Stacy despite her taking her headphones out.

Stacy put on a light blue shirt, if you could call it that her boobs stretching the fabric to it’s limit and covering such an abysmal amount of her torso, reveling her toned midriff.

Feeling that somethings off Stacy head back to Gwen’s bed. The weight from her footfalls creating stronger and stronger tremors as she got closer.

Steven admiring Stacy body as she gets closer, admiring her colossal size. Gwen’s present anger from this and the past turned to fear as she looked up at the Titian.

“St-Stacy down here look! Help me Steve we have to get her attention!””Stacy help we’re on the bed!” Both Steven and Gwen started to frantically jump up and down trying to get their saviors attention, all while the vibrations from her walking vibrated harder as Stacy continued to approach.

Stacy came up to the side of the bed a few feet away. Stacy stood their staring at the scanning it from end to end till she finally noticed two small figure....

“STACY!” Both Gwen and Steven screamed as loud as they could when the giantess seemed to make eye contact. It was more based of general head movements as they could see the Stacy’s entire face past her two blue globes.

“Shit!” Stacy aggressively whispered as to not damage the little ones ears.”I am not dealing with this right now, I just got home” Stacy decided to relax before acting on this headache she found, and she thoughts it’s only fair to have the tiny couple to help out.

What the tiny couple witnessed next was both swift and overwhelmingly powerful. Stacy bent over eclipsing the the pair under her shadow and quiet gently scooping the pair up. Steven reflexively tried to squirm out of the giantesses grip but regardless of her light touch he was no match for Stacy’s even micro fraction of strength. The thought that she just so easily overwhelmed to grown adults brought Steven a type of tension he’s never experienced before, and he hoped neither Stacy nor Gwen noticed this tension for fear of being crushed or of what Gwen would do to him.

Gwen felt Just a hint of jealousy over the display of power as fallowed by anger for Stacy grabbing them without warning. “Stacy we need to call the hotline we shrank for god sakes!”

“For god sakes Gwen that can wait. I got you now and you’re under no real rush” Stacy put her to-friends on the foot of her bed after moving her blue comforters reviling a blue mattress sheet of matching shade. Stacy was very deliberate in her actions keeping the majority of her weight away from the pair as she put her body on the bed the mattress giving a little to her weight, fallowed by her swinging legs into the bed landing in the vicinity of the pair. Her leg closets to them bent to where they had a personal view of her perfectly blue polished toe nails.

For the two on the bed it was a surreal experienced witnessing such a massive and powerful being act so fast a graceful with her movements ending as if it all happened at once.

Gwen and Steven were staring at the huge foot when Stacy spoke up. “NOW CLIMB UP. YOUR VOICES ARE REALLY WEAK SO YOU SHOULD COME TO MY FACE SO I CAN HEAR YOU” the little pair getting used to voice that Stacy now had didn’t fall to their knees. What did happen is that even now they were shaken by Stacy’s deep yet feminine voice.

Not wanting to keep the giantess waiting Steven started to climb on the tow. Luckily his old height of six foot even helped him to clear this hurdle with relative ease waiting for his girlfriend who hasn’t even move.

“COME ON GWEN, I WONT TELL ANYOME IF YOU DON’T TALK TO ME FIRST” Gwen taking a few hesitant steps forward looked over her old friends toe to see her boyfriend standing on top of a shiny blue surface offering his hand. Gwen’s past rage at him lessened slightly and she too his being propelled up the toe plateau, standing with Steven.

Once they were both present Stacy repositioned, straightening her leg but making sure the footing for her little friends was still pretty stable “HURRY IT UP LOVEBIRDS”

Finally the pair started to move, carefully working their way past Stacy’s perfect foot as it when down on an incline. Stacy couldn’t hold the anticipation of feeling two full grown human being walk across her body.

Before they knew it they have traveled to the first leg of mount Stacy. Getting to her thighs their feet sunk ever so slightly, feeling the warmth come from the giant women.

As Steven got closer he could help but tell that Stacy’s blue cotton covered mounds hid more and more of her face. He thought that soon he wouldn’t be able to see any of it at all. Gwen felt so weak. She was walking on a mound of flesh that could change at any moment and she could neither fight it not stop it.

Stacy on the other hand felt like she was In heaven. As the human bugs got closer she started to realize how small and weak they were. And the walking? Their tiny little feet on her skim felt less like a bug and more like ecstasy.

Something awe inspiring happened at Stacy’s navy blue panties. Before Steven could register where he was looking straight forward he saw Stacy’s boobs fully eclipse the face they were in front of. Feeling her mounting ecstasy Stacy started to arch her back and pump her huge
chest out into the air using her abs she started to bring her entire torso up.

What Gwen and Steven saw was two mammoth sized tits each one big and heavy enough to kill the both of them start to rise towards the sky. Steven couldn’t hold it the overwhelming and all consuming scent of the goddess started to overwhelm him as he a wall of flesh rose so far above him. Gwen starting shaking watching this unfathomable amount of flesh rise like a sun casting her in shadows.

“OH YOU BOTH ARE SO SMALL” Gwen felt her bones rattle. Stacy let out a soft moan as Steven fell to his knees his sense overloaded

This is when Gwen’s fear turned to anger....
Chapter End Notes:
Story is inspired by Johnny scribes work “dorm room dreamer”
Also partly inspired by “sisters forever” by Notken. I pray he returns to us in his second coming
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