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Story Notes:
Consider it a story that will focus on a small cast of characters mainly two of the biggest players Kristy and the new girl Veronica. Maybe a few one offs that take place in the same world that might impact the story in some way.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This is gonna be my first story with characters and like a plot and not just fetish stuff so reviews are helpful
Kristy looked down at the peasants before her, all barely breaking the height of her trunk like thighs, each thicker than any of the girls she just cornered.

"So ladies why are we here?" Kristy said to the small group of girls she cornered due to breaking her kode.

"W-we ah didn't didn't bow" one of the girls in the corner replied desperately trying to gaze up past the basketball sized pale tits being hardly contained by a black tank top. There had to be a dress code in this school right? Or at the very least a distance that someone of that size has to keep in fear of causing most people to soil themselves.

"No try again uhm Stacy" Kristy said not actually caring what her name was.

"Karen stop stuttering she's just a person, listen bitch I'm sorry we didn't salute or whatever but we were having a nice conversation till you cornered us in the halls. Now PLEASE move we have to get to class" the tallest girl said practically to kristy crotch.

"HAHAHA you must be new here." To kristy herself it felt like a normal laugh but to the tiny things below her it seemed like a roar from a large beast. How could you blame them when day to day kristy talks with whisper like tone much quieter than she normally would talk.

"Yeah I'm new so what?" Veronica said to kristy yoga pant covered crotch, not like it was a choice.

"So what?" Kristy said moving to cast a shadow over the crowd causing them to instinctually cower and hurdle together.

"There's a code those under me must fallow. Poor little Stacy should have told you." As kristy said this she leaned down closer to the ants with keeping her back straight causing Veronica's vision especially to be filled with kristy flesh.

While the group practically threw themselves at the corner to put as much distance as possible between them and the giantess that took up their entire world. Veronica held strong. Taking a step forward to almost mock Kristy intimidation.

"Her name is Ka-" right before she could finish her sentence the trees seemed to have moved in on either side of Veronica and came together.

Unfortunately for the tall girl she was between the two trees that cut off her speech and started to crush her. A muffled scream came from comparatively tiny girl.

"Rules like greeting your queen. Rules that require punishment if they're not fallowed" looking straight up Kristy for some reason loved this part. She didn't quite understand it but she loved showing the weaklings their place. They might as well have been ants with how much affect the tiny little things struggling was helping her situation and boy was she struggling; like ants it's not like she could see them past her boobs so why should she care.

Finally the rest of the group couldn't take it anymore. Watching someone who stood up for them be tortured like that. Together they acted, one pair tried to pull Veronica out why Karen and the rest worked on loosening the clamps that were the giantesses thighs. It eventually got to the point where they stopped trying to pull the pair of thighs apart and just started punching them.

Alas though it was pointless. The pair of girls were too weak to budge Kristy thighs while the rest couldn't muster enough force to make Kristy feel anything more than what could be akin to dropping some change into her lap. While Kristy, well Kristy loved it letting out a quiet moan as group tried their best to make her feel anything at all.

The "little" girl continued to scream while stuck in between the cold almost solid flesh only giving a bit of give to the shape of Veronica's body, a testament to the muscle Kristy must have.

The status quo took a turn when a young man who was already late for class as the bell had already rang saw what was happening to the group of girls and had to step in. He ran up to the monolithic body that stretched up beyond his reach. Coming up to the pink logo of The Amazon of the right wing as Kristy Hughs became known as. The ass that was before him made feel like a scrawny and weak person being able to fit his whole head into her crack so plenty of room to spare. Looking up slightly to the tank top that couldn't possibly cover the entire torso looked back to realize the women buried within those huge thighs he sprang back into action.

"Hold on!" He yelled trying to pry the women out. Kristy met this additional force with more moaning. While the combine might of all these people was finally leading somewhere Kristy just found it more stimulating.

Before Kristy could play with all her new toys seriously though a voice interrupted her.

"Hey Kristy it's time to get to class don't you think." Looking over her shoulder she saw a massive Asian women who almost equaled her own height.

Moving her wavy blonde locks out of her face Kristy replied "oh, hey Maria! I guess I'm done disciplining" Kristy let go of Veronica who immediately dropped to the ground the pair trying to free her by trying to push a tree over caught the taller girl. In the same moment the helpful stranger stepped away from the huge women so she could see him past her breasts.

"Aw little guy look at you trying to help. Go get'em and as an order let them know how things work." Kristy patted the teenager on the top of the head and swiftly moved towards the Asian beauty and sovereign of his own halls.

"Come on girl, academics is important" Maria said as she adjusted her miniskirt and white dress shirt out of habit.

Kristy finally came to meet her closest friend who just reaches the top of her massive boobs. "Yeah yeah let's just go"

With that the group of girls troubles have just begun.
Chapter End Notes:
Mainly story next chapter so it may take longer to make if the story is wanted at all. Also like no feet. Sorry guys I write what I like and there’s enough feet on this site
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