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Author's Chapter Notes:

( Hey people! avid reader, but first time poster here. ^_^ We finally decided it was time for us to dip our foot in the pool and test the waters so to speak. This might grow to be a very long story, pending how it feels out...so please give feedback! It is GREATLY appreciated. Also, we are looking for input and direction on what folks might like to see too. No promises, but feel free to express to us! )

The morning had been like any other, absolutely without note to the red haired young woman who sat at the back of a crowded bus, making it's trek through the city, as it carried a myriad of folks to their jobs, school, or whatever else their days would bring. It was so utterly without note, that Erin barely paid any mind to the people around her, even while cramped next to an Asian business woman, who had partially encroached upon her seat with a bulky leather purse, and was tapping away on her phone the entire trip as if nothing existed around her, or the pixie cut purple haired college girl, who sat Indian style across two seats to the side of her, and was stealing quick glances as she rendered a sketch of the red head with charcoal. No, one of these people mattered, nothing did, except getting to work and spending another day inputting peoples numbers into a database, just like every other day.

To Erin this was like every other day, and as such, she rose up from her seat as her stop neared, and paused to smooth out her black dress slacks and adjust her blazer and glasses as her free hand snatched hold of the bar above her head. Little did she know this would be the last thing she did that made sense this day, as reality was about to quickly shatter around her, queued by the bus hitting an abrupt bump, causing Erin to spill to the floor and drop her purse in the process. As she fell, she closed her eyes and braced herself, tumbling to the floor of the bus, all while an throbbing pulse rocked in her skull, and a loud ringing sounded in her ears. As embarrassing as the tumble must have been, it all became far less so as she opened her eyes, and realized suddenly....absolutely everything was different.

The first thing she noticed, was everything was louder, and nothing looked right. The jumble of shapes and colors was baffling, and as Erin pulled herself to her knees, she was busily trying to make sense of it all. It all clicked at once, and a deep sense of dread shivered down her spine, as Erin felt the air rush beside her, as the very clear shape of a woman's black leather flat landed beside her, planting itself firmly on the ground. It was massive, far longer than she was tall...and the pale ankle to leg that emerged from it soared far up above her. As she marveled at the sight, she would look to the left now, as the dread grew stronger at the image of the matching shoe a short distance in that direction, though this one shifted some, as whomever the girl was, shifted her ankle from side to side till her heel slipped free of the back of the shoe, and it slowly began to drag itself out. It was then her gray eyes finally looked up, locking onto the face of a young girl, starring directly down at her with a wiry grin resting on her lips. She was not only shrunk, she was SEEN. And that first footfall had been absolutely deliberate in the hopes of cutting off any exist the tiny woman might have made in attempting to flee.

"Oh...oh god....this can't be happening..."She managed to mutter, just as the image of the girl's unpainted toes revealed themselves as her foot pulled fully free of the shoe, revealing a thin sheen of sweat across her pink hued sole, and curious, even eagerly wiggling toes reveling in their freedom.

As Erin tried to process what this was, why this girl even removed the shoe, the question was answered for her, as the girl smiled kindly down at her, then using her bright blue eyes, she looked between Erin and that shoe, and soft lips mouthed a direction down to her.

"Go inside.......now."

Her body tensed, and a bitter chill settled in the pit of her stomach. Whomever the girl was, she was not asking, as the word choice, and the fiercely possessive look in her eyes made very clear. Teeth clenched together as she shoulders the shame of someone likely much younger than her, commanding her to such a bizarre, and shameful course of action. Erin's fists closed tight, and slowly she would rise up to her feet and maintain that eye contact. Defiance shot up strongly, a glare that would make clear she had no interest in humoring this girl, or anyone else. Even in this strange situation, she mustered all of her strength and courage and pointed up at her, preparing to unleash a salvo of defiance, and demand to be helped in the very least. At least, in her head that's how this plan was to go, but before she could even get out a word, the girl above her furrowed a brow at the look she was getting, and in what was a simple motion to her, lifted that barefoot up just a bit more, then swept it over and stepped right down on the tiny woman. Erin's world fell under that sole, as the darkness of the girl's shadow consumed her....and just like that she was hit by the force of the girl's damp toes, which wrestled her down to the floor and began to firmly push and prod at her squirming form. She screamed at the top of her lungs, utterly muffled under sweat slicked flesh. She swung punched, kicked her legs, all to find the girl's toes making short work as blows were barely felt, and digits pressed down more and more, securing her more and more under the arch of them. Erin was in absolute panic now, chest heaving as she inhaled the strong scent of shoe leather mixed with the girl's sweat, all before eyes shot wide and two toes closed over her head, making her vanish from site completely as she was now securely held to the ground, the fight being absolutely smothered out of her.

Above, Hannah had no idea really what to make out of what she had found. The fourteen year old was on the way back home from her father's, sitting side by side with her matching red haired mother on the usual busy bus. The young ballet dancer was dressed in a simple pink and white stripped tank top, and blue denim shorts. Of course, at the start of this encounter the freckled young lady had been wearing a pair of black leather flats, with no socks, but by now she was only wearing one. She'd not seen Erin at the back of the bus, nor did she really notice the stranger fall. No, her attention had only been caught when the bus jerked, and her head bobbed down just in time to see the bewildered tiny woman trying to gain her bearings. What in the world was she? A fairy? Some sort of strange doll? She had no idea...but what she did know, was that so far it didn't seem like anyone else had seen her, and that meant she was going to take her and do whatever she wanted. The more she starred at the form by her shoe, the more curious she got at what it might feel like to toy with this tiny creature, with the object of her budding talent, those feet that deserved praise.

So it was that the entitled young lady directed her newfound plaything to take her place in that shoe, like a good girl. Her shocked eyes peered down as the little thing stood up to her, took a defensive posture and actually seemed like she was about to argue? If she wasn't worried about alerting her mom, she would have giggled, but for now she held that back and instead scoffed at Erin, before swinging that foot over and quickly stepping down upon her before she could try to flee. This lead to the delightful feel of Erin struggling, the unexpected sensations of tiny limbs trying to combat her unpainted toes. It was...wonderful. Hannah drew in a sharp breath as she felt it, using each moment to gain more and more advantage, as Erin's struggle only exposed more chances to work the desperate woman more and more under the arch of claiming toes. She took her time, control totally in her hands, or toes in this instance, her immature mind basking in the power she felt over someone else, for the first time in her life. After what felt like a blissful eternity, she would finally coax Erin's head under the crevice of her big and second toe, sealing away the tiny woman entirely, as she squeezed down mercilessly upon her, and pressed her sole flat to the bus floor. Coating the rapidly subdued figure in her sweat, as she mimicked a viper, suffocating out the life of her prey....A moment or two more, and she was sure there would be no chance of this tiny woman resisting her directions again....

Chapter End Notes:

( First taste, I hope it was worth a read! We thrive on feedback, so please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know what you think, or what you might like to see, or liked seeing! Thanks for reading! )

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