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Story Notes:

This story is a commission done for anonymous. If you are interested in getting a commission of your own, email me at giantess9669@gmail.com and we'll discuss a price and timeline.

Alec couldn’t believe it! He thought for sure he’d get caught, but thankfully his father hadn’t been around when Alec stole his growth serum! Alec’s father had been working on many samples of the growth serum for a few years now, and Alec had foolishly taken a sample from his father's lab.

Alec was already out of the house and halfway to his friend Missy’s house. He kept studying the serum up and down, smiling mischievously as he contemplated the exact size it would render. Alec had been fantasizing an enormous Missy for months, and he was very close to making that dream come true! All he had to do was convince Missy’s mother, and then Missy herself! Most mothers probably would say no right away… but Missy’s mother has known Alec since he was a child, and she was pretty laid back with just about everything.

It didn’t take Alec too long to arrive at Missy’s home, and he eagerly rushed up to the front door as he knocked repeatedly. He tapped his foot impatiently as he heard the bumbling footsteps of Miss Clarkson as she made her way down the stairs. It was just after noon, and Alec noticed that Missy’s mother was in her bath robes.

Miss Clarkson opened the front door, after seeing that it was Alec who had been knocking so loudly, “Alec? Why must you knock like a madman? Come on in my boy!”

Alec quickly entered her home, looking around the house to see if Missy was anywhere to be seen. She wasn’t…

“Is Missy home?” Alec asked, holding the growth serum behind his back as he looked up at the rather tall woman.

“She’s upstairs darling, go ahead and make your way up there,” Miss Clarkson said.

“Actually…. I needed to ask you something first…” Alec said, starting to become slightly nervous.

Miss Clarkson raised an eyebrow, “Oh? And what is it?”

Alec held the growth serum out in front of him, showing Miss Clarkson. She seemed rather confused, clearly having no clue as to what it was in Alec’s hand, “I don’t understand darling, what is that?”

“It’s… a growth serum,” Alec answered, taking a big gulp.

Miss Clarkson laughed, “A growth serum huh? Boy you sure are the imaginative one aren’t you!”

“No I’m being serious!” Alec assured, trying to convince the woman.

Miss Clarkson raised an eyebrow, “I’m sorry, is this a joke? If so, I’m afraid I don’t get it… I’m sorry.”

Alec shook his head a little in frustration, “No joke misses Clarkson, I grabbed this serum from my fathers lab! It’s real I assure you!”

Miss Clarkson let out a nervous laugh, “Um… ok…”

Alec realized she wasn’t about to believe a word he said, and he couldn’t blame her either… Alec looked around the entrance hall, his eyes spotting a small fern in the corner of the room, “Here… watch this!”

Alec headed over to the fern, and popped the lid to the serum off. He very carefully poured no more than a single drop of the serum, making sure not to waste any more of it. The drop landed atop the fern, the plant instantly absorbing the liquid.

Miss Clarkson decided to play along with Alec’s little game, and crossed her arms as she looked over at the fern. At first nothing happened… and Alec feared that the serum he stole wasn’t what he thought it was. However to his surprise, the fern did indeed begin to grow, right before their very eyes!

Miss Clarkson’s mouth fell wide open, “Wh… wh-what!? How did you do that!”

“I told you! It’s a growth serum,” Alec explained again.

“A growth serum… incredible! What is it for?” Miss Clarkson asked, holding her finger up to her chin.

“Well…. I was wondering if you’d let me use it on Missy?” Alec asked, feeling his heartbeat speed up a bit.

“On Missy?! Oh Alec… I don’t know dear, that sounds rather dangerous!” Miss Clarkson had her doubts.

Alec shook his head, “It isn’t I promise! My dads tested the serum a bajillion times! It’s perfectly safe I promise!”

“But what if she harms someone? I imagine it’s quite hard to step around at such a size!” Miss Clarkson warned, “and how long will she be big for? Is it permanent!?”

Alec shook his head, “It’s perfectly safe I promise! She’ll be in full control of her body even at a large height I promise! And there's a reversal serum, so once we’re done Missy can return to a normal size no problem whatsoever!”

“I’m not sure Alec…” Miss Clarkson simply wasn’t convinced.

Alec wasn’t about to admit defeat, but he was to determined, “if at any moment you feel like she's too big, we’ll stop I promise!”

Miss Clarkson thought about Alec’s proposal, “you promise? If things get out of hand… you stop instantly?”

Alec nodded, “I promise!”

Miss Clarkson let out a long sigh, “if I say so, you guys stop ok? And I want you two to be ABSOLUTELY careful! Stay in the road, and away from others property got it!”

Alec nodded his head vigorously, “Understood! Thanks a lot Miss Clarkson!” Alec thanked, rushing up the stairs to Missy’s room instantly as Miss Clarkson sighed to herself from the bottom of the stairwell.

Alec hurried down the hall towards Missy’s bedroom door, knocking just as loudly and obnoxiously as he had at the front door. Missy quickly opened her bedroom door, smiling to learn that it was her friend Alec, “Hey! Don’t knock so loudly next time you goof!”

“Sorry! But you seriously need to see this!” Alec explained, holding the growth serum out to show Missy, “I asked your mom and she totally said we could do it!”

Missy raised an eyebrow, “What is it though?”

“It’s a growth serum, it’s gonna be awesome!” Alec was jumping up and down with excitement.

“A growth serum? Pfft, yeah right!” Missy laughed, thinking Alec had just told her a joke.

“I’m being serious! I already proved it to your mom… I made the fern next to the front door grow!” Alec explained.

“You can’t be serious… even if it was real, why would I intentionally drink something that would make me freakishly big?” Missy complained.

“It’ll be awesome! You’ll be taller than a house! Multiple houses! You’ll be as tall as the clouds! It’ll be fun I promise!” Alec was really hoping to get a yes for an answer.

“Pfft, no way!” Missy replied, crossing her arms and looking in the other direction, “Besides… it looks like moldy water!”

“Oh come on!” Alec pleaded, “it’s tasteless, and we’ll have a LOT of fun! Please!”

Missy shook her head, continuing to look in the other direction. Alec frowned, rather disappointed, “Missy… come on! Do this for me? You owe me for that gift card I gave you last week! It was a hundred dollars!!”

Missy let out an annoyed grunt, “Ugh… I should’ve known you’d use that against me! FINE! But this better be as ‘fun’ as you say it’ll be! And I’d better not get in trouble with my mother… ”

Alec grinned, “Your mom already gave permission I promise! It’ll be loads of fun, you’ll see! Now drink it!”

“Not yet! Let me get into something that won’t rip apart first…” Missy hissed.

Alec watched as Missy walked over to her dresser, pulling out a deep blue bikini outfit. Alec flushed red, becoming nervous as he watched Missy head into the hall and towards the bathroom. He had never seen Missy in a bikini before, which was surprising considering how long the two had known each other. Though they were close friends, Alec would be lying if he said he wasn’t somewhat attracted to her.

Only a few minutes passed as Missy was heard exiting the bathroom. She walked back into her bedroom, her blue bikini outfit showing off her slim figure and smooth skin. Alec couldn’t help but gawk, his mouth agape.

Her long raven black hair rested just below her exposed elbows. Her green eyes matched her soft heart shaped face. Her cute little nose poking out at him. Missy gave a hearty smile, her perfectly white and aligned teeth shining back at him. Though she was slim, she certainly had tone arms, which Alec felt matched her tone and silky smooth legs.

Alec’s eyes then moved towards her breasts. They weren’t large or anything, just a regular pair of size B breasts. But they were very perky, and Alec found himself almost drooling over them.

“Well? What do you think?” Missy asked.

“Uh… umm, you… y-you look very pretty!” Alec stuttered.

“I meant do you think this will rip when I grow?” Missy crossed her arms, raising a brow at Alec.

“O-oh! Uh, I’m not sure… I don’t really know how big you’ll get,” Alec responded.

Missy rolled her eyes, and grabbed the tiny vial out of Alec’s hand, “you went through all this trouble and you don’t even know how big I’ll get? Sheesh you’re a silly one Alec!” Missy was about to pop the cap off before she paused, “Wait… shouldn’t I drink this outside?”

“Oh… yeah you’re probably right,” Alec agreed, “we don’t want you to grow through the roof!”

Alec followed Missy as the two left her bedroom. The two headed down the stairs swiftly and out the front door as Miss Clarkson was humming from the kitchen. She heard the two rushing out the front door, “Wait! Hold up!”

Missy and Alec froze at the front door, Missy rolling her eyes as she turned around to see her mom walking up to them, “Missy, be VERY careful ok? And stay in the middle of the street!”

“Yes mother…” Missy groaned.

“If you feel uncomfortable at any time, Alec has a reverse thingy for you ok?” Miss Clarkson smiled.

“It’ll be fine MOM,” Missy groaned, rushing Alec out the front door.

“Be back before dinner!” Miss Clarkson shouted, as Missy slammed the front door behind her.

The two made there way to the street, making sure that there were no cars or pedestrians around to interfere. Missy popped the cap off of the vial, “Well… here goes I guess… ”

Missy tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. She poured the serum into her mouth and let it pour down her throat as she swallowed every last drop. Alec watched her throat as it moved up and down while she swallowed the serum. He traced it down her chest, towards her stomach where the serum would land.

Alec found himself staring at Missy’s smooth stomach, a sort of fixation occuring. He wasn’t sure why, but he found her stomach very enticing, and hard not to admire. Her cute navel especially catching his eye. Her stomach was so smooth and perfectly flat across the rest of her body, Alec wished he could almost touch her perfect belly.

Missy finished the serum, and began to rub her stomach as she awaited for the effects to take place. She looked up an noticed Alec was staring at her, his eyes seemingly below her chest, “what are you looking at?”

Alec stumbled, “Oh… uh… I was looking at your stomach…”

“Why?” Missy asked, slightly confused about why her stomach was so interesting.

“Oh… uh… I don’t know. It’s… a nice stomach?” Alec wanted to slap himself… how could he say something so utterly ridiculous? Was he TRYING to get Missy to laugh at him?

“It’s a nice stomach huh?” Missy smiled deviously, “wanna touch it?”

Alec began to sweat nervously, “Uh… what?”

Missy began to stride over to him teasingly, walking in front of him and grabbing his right hand. She slowly moved it towards her gut, and placed the palm of his hand against her belly.

“Like how it feels?” Missy asked, giving Alec a sly wink.

Her smooth skin felt amazing against his hand, and he could her belly button beneath his palm. He felt her stomach gurgling, as if she was hungry, and it rumbled beneath his palm. Her stomach was utterly perfect, and he wish he had the right words to compliment it, but he was far too nervous to respond coherently, “I… uh… umm…”

“You’re so cute when you stutter, you know that right?” Missy flirted, giving Alec a kiss on the forehead.

Alec nearly died inside, have no clue how to react to the sudden flirtatious behaviour that Missy was displaying. He was about to say something in response, but found himself distracted by something else. He noticed that her skin was expanding, right in his own hand. Alec looked back at her stomach, and noticed that her body was starting to grow.

“Missy, you’re growing!” Alec pointed at her stomach.

Missy looked down, smiling excitedly as she saw herself growing before her very own set of eyes. She was a bit surprised not to have noticed, let alone feel it! Alec placed both of his hands on her stomach, as it began to grow more and more. Alec looked down at her feet, noticing for the first time that her toenails were painted green. Her feet had already grown at least four shoe sizes, and they showed no indication of stopping there.

“Alec, this is so cool!” Missy felt her body, watching her arms as they extended further and further, “I’m sure glad you talked me into this!”

“I wonder how big you’re gonna get?” Alec pondured, watching in pure amazement as his deepest fantasy began to come true.

Missy had begun to grow noticeably larger than Alec, and he found himself having to look up at his now large friend. She had probably grown to nine feet by now, and she wasn’t about to stop there! Her legs continued to grow, her belly becoming larger and larger. Her hands had become the size of his head, maybe even a little larger?

The two continued to enjoy the moment, waiting to see how large Missy would grow before the serums effect would wear off. As her growth had begun to start off slow however… a sudden change in pace instantly caught Missy and Alec off guard.

Instead of a few inches every other second, she began to grow much quicker the larger she got. As Missy had reached ten feet high, she found that her body started growing several inches rather than a few, and once she reached fifteen feet her body began growing a couple of feet every few seconds.

“Woah…. Uh Alec I’m growing pretty quickly here!” Missy shouted, wondering when the growth would pass.

Alec simply stared up at her in utter shock, a grin crossing his face. This was far greater than he could have ever imagined, and he simply waited to see how much larger Missy would get.

“Alec!?” Missy was a little nervous, but noticed that Alec had a smile on his face. If he was calm, then she decided she probably had nothing to worry about.

Miss had far outgrown her house now, and she was probably around twenty five feet at this point. She found herself a bit imbalanced, and found herself taking a step backwards to regain her equilibrium. She stumbled however, and her now enormous foot ended up crushing a neighbors BMW.

“Oh… oops!” Missy giggled, slightly amused as she moved her foot aside to see the now totaled car.

“Hey! That’s my car!”

Missy and Alec turned towards the front door of the house, the angry neighbor holding his fist up in anger as he looked up at the enormous young girl. The man froze in terror once he realized that Missy was literally the size of a giant before his very eyes. His eyes widened in shock and horror as he looked up at the colossal Missy.

“Wh-where’s your mother!? H-how are you so… BIG!?” the man asked in terror, “You… y-you’re mother is paying for that!” The man threatened, wondering if it was wise to threaten somebody who so easily crushed his car beneath their foot.

Missy giggled mischievously, “Oh? Will she pay for this too?”

Missy lifted her foot teasingly, which was still growing at a fast rate. She hovered her big toe over the little garden to the side of the man's house, and brought it down which completely destroyed it.

“My garden!!” the man held both of his hands to his head in terror, completely devastated at the loss of his pristine garden, “My poor garden!”

“Missy!?” Miss Clarkson had come out of her house to see all the commotion that had been going on. She looked up in awe to see how large her daughter had become, and quite frankly it wasn’t exactly what she agreed too… or at least not what she had expected.

“Missy, you need to learn to respect others property!” Miss Clarkson scolded.

“Sorry mother…” Missy apologized, feeling a slight amount of guilt.

“Hey Missy!” Alec shouted, “let’s head into the city! Everyone will marvel at your incredible size!”

“I don’t think that’s a very good idea!” Miss Clarkson protested.

Missy, who was now about sixty feet and continuing to grow… held a finger up to her chin as she contemplated the idea of walking through the city and between it’s skyscrapers. The thought was marvelous indeed, but she knew she’d have to be weary of all the tiny little pedestrians in the streets.

“Sure… let’s give it a shot!” Missy agreed, bending down carefully as she prepared to pluck Alec off the road.

Alec marveled at Missy’s titanic hand as it reached towards him. His eyes widened as his body became a bit stiff, hoping that Missy would handle him carefully. She was well over seventy feet now, her pinky toe alone able to crush his body at this point! Just looking up at her was breathtaking, and he couldn’t imagine how much larger she might be in the next few minutes if the serum didn’t wear off.

Missy carefully placed her index finger and thumb around Alec’s tiny body, picking him up so carefully that she might even be able to handle an egg without cracking it! Missy adjusted her hand and allowed Alec to slide down towards her palm where she figured he’d be safe.

“Missy! I really don’t think the city is a good idea…” Miss Clarkson tried to reason, looking up at her now colossal daughter with dread, “you might hurt somebody!”

“Don’t worry mother, I’ll be very very careful! I’ll be back before dinner I promise!” Missy assured, taking Alec and beginning to walk down the street as each of her steps caused a mini quake.

Miss Clarkson tried to protest, but her daughter was far too tall and already a mile away. She simply let out a deep sigh, hoping that her daughter would indeed be cautious…

“Yo! You’re paying for my car and my garden right?”

Miss Clarkson turned her head to see the neighbor, crossing his arms and glaring at her, his body shaking with fear to show both his concern and anger simultaneously. She rolled her eyes, “yes… let me go get my insurance information…”

As Miss Clarkson took care of Missy’s mistake, Missy and Alec were already halfway to the city. Each step she took was long enough to span a football field at this point! Alec could still feel Missy growing, the skin of her palm expanding beneath his feet. It was insane, and exhilarating!

“Alec?” Missy’s voice boomed now, and her enormous eyes looked down at him.

“What’s up!” Alec shouted, hoping it was enough for Missy to hear him.

“You look super adorable from up here!” Missy winked at him.

Alec blushed, “you look pretty good from down here too!”

Missy giggled, her voice echoing into the distance. She raised her palm up towards her lips, and Alec began to sweat nervously. Her lips were the size of two semi trucks, only instead of a hunk of metal they were plush and soft. Alec froze as Missy’s lips completely engulfed him, as a smooching sound ensued.

Missy had given Alec the biggest kiss he’d ever receive, literally! Her lips were incredibly soft, even at over one hundred feet tall! They were moist too, and they felt like the most comfortable pillow in the world!

“Misfff...MISFFFF!” Alec tried to scream for her attention, but simply couldn’t speak. Though her lips were comfortable, he was beginning to slip in between them.

Missy felt Alec’s body as he slipped into her mouth, but she didn’t prevent it from happening. She could feel his little body thrashing about on the tip of her titanic tongue, and she giggled with joy.

Alec was completely drenched in an ocean of saliva, and he looked around as he realized he was now inside Missy’s whale sized mouth… possibly even the size of three whales! Her giggles emanated from the back of her throat, and they were so loud he was forced to cover his ears.

Missy lifted her tongue upward, deciding to play with Alec a little before letting him out. Alec found his world turned upside down as she flicked her colossal tongue upwards sending him down a sort of slide as he slid down her textured taste buds.

“Mmmm, mphf.. You taste… mmm, good!” Missy said carefully, not wanting to burst Alec’s eardrums.

“Well don’t EAT me!” Alec shouted, but his voice went unheard as Missy bumped her tongue up and down.

Alec felt as if he was on one of those bull rides, where the goal was to stay on for as long as possible. Only the bull was replaced by Missy’s tongue, and instead of falling off you were trying to avoid her gigantic throat!

Missy could sense that Alec was reaching his tipping point, and decided to cut him some slack. She held her palm up to her mouth and gathered and enormous glob of spit in her mouth with Alec sloshing around inside of it. She spit the glob of saliva out of her mouth, and directly into her palm. Alec immediately took a breath of fresh air, holding his arms up in disgust as he looked up and down his saliva coated body.

Missy giggled as she looked down at the little guy, “Sorry! I wasn’t sure how else to get you out of my mouth… you’re too small!”

“Don’t sweat it!” Alec shouted up to her, giving Missy a reassuring smile.


Missy hadn’t been paying attention, and had collided into one of the skyscrapers. The building collapsed instantly, and she took a step backwards in shock. Unfortunately, she stepped directly onto an enormous parking lot, crushing about forty cars all at once under her enormous bare foot.

“Oh no! I didn’t mean to do that!” Missy instantly felt regret, realising her mother may have been right about coming to the city. She lifted her colossal foot to look at her sole. She could see a few cars had stuck to her foot, a few of them with blood stains.

“What’s the matter?” Alec asked.

“I think I crushed a few people… my bad,” Missy wiped the remains of the cars and the people off of her foot, hoping that their families would be ok.

“Do you want to go home?” Alec asked, wondering if Missy had enough growth for one day.

“What? Of course not! It’s not MY fault they were in the way… they oughta be careful around a goddess!” Missy proclaimed, seemingly uncaring that she had mistakenly crushed a few innocent people.

Alec was taken aback, surprised that Missy was so dismissive of the innocent people whose remains were now a simply stain upon the sole of her foot. He began to think it was best to give her the reversal serum, and end this before it went much further. But Alec felt conflicted, as he was far too attracted to Missy’s size to turn back now.

“You aren’t… afraid of me… are you?” Missy looked concerned, hoping that Alec didn’t take her comment as a threat.

“No… never!” Alec replied.

Missy smiled shyly, “do… do you like me being this big?”

Alec nodded, “I do… you’re so beautiful!”

Missy blushed, “I… I am?”

Alec nodded, and Missy turned her head a little as her cheeks flushed red, “how come you’ve never told me that before?”

“I… I was to nervous I suppose…” Alec explained, realizing that Missy was becoming nervous.

“Do… do you ‘like’ me?” Missy asked, looking back at Alec.

“I… I….” Alec froze, unsure how to proceed.

Alec was about to answer her question, but his eyes widened in horror when he noticed something flying towards her from behind, “Missy! WATCH OUT!”

Missy turned her head slightly to the left, her eyes opening wide as she quickly moved her head to the side. A projectile of some kind flew past her, and she turned around to see where it had come from. It was a helicopter, a tiny man with a rocket launcher visible inside.

“Hey! That could’ve seriously hurt me!” Missy shouted in anger.

“She sees us! Abort! ABORT!” the soldier cried, as the pilot began to fly away.

“Oh no you don’t!” Missy shouted, extending her hand outwards. Her fingers retracted inwards, trapping the helicopter inside her fist. Alec watched in astonishment, surprised at how quickly Missy was able to react at such a size. In one swift motion, Missy squeezed her fist. The helicopter was reduced to nothing more than a pile of rubble, the men inside no longer apart of the living.

“Missy…” Alec was unable to find the words he wanted to say, and instead he watched as Missy opened her hand, allowing the remains of the helicopter to tumble downward.

“Pfft, those morons nearly killed me! That’ll teach em’!” Missy hissed, happy with her handywork.

Missy looked down at Alec, seeing the look of shock on his face, “Oh… Alec… are you mad at me?”

Alec looked up at Missy, seeing the absence of guilt in her eyes. Alec looked around him, realizing how much larger Missy had grown. It had appeared to slow down, but not before she had grown to approximately one hundred and fifty feet. She had to be that tall at least, because he noticed the apartment buildings around him were no longer taller than she was.

He noticed the Red Raven Hotel was about the same height as she was, and that building was one hundred and sixty feet if he recalled correctly. Was Missy truly that big now? Had the serum finally wore off?

“Alec… why aren’t you talking to me?” Missy pouted, worried that her actions might have put Alec off.

Alec fixed his eyes back towards Missy, a smile crossing his face, “That… that was freaking awesome!”

Missy felt a huge amount of relief, “Phew! I thought you were upset with me for a second!”

Alec shook his head, “No way! This is so much cooler than I could’ve imagined!”

Alec looked down below, his eyes settling on Missy’s now titanic stomach. It was still as flat and smooth as it was when Missy was still a normal height. Alec remembered how it felt to be inside her mouth, and remembered how worried he was if he were to fall down her gigantic throat. It gave him an idea… a very grim one at that.

“Missy… I think I know how we can get these insects to obey their new goddess!” Alec revealed.

Missy raised an eyebrow, “How?”

Alec smiled devilishly, “the next person to defy you… you should EAT them!”

Missy pondured the proposal, a crooked grin spreading across her lips, “Well… I’ll admit you tasted pretty good when you were inside my mouth! Maybe that’s not such a bad idea!”

Alec was ecstatic to hear that Missy agreed with his idea, because quite frankly the thought of watching Missy devour a person was sexier than he ever thought it might be.

“Attention! Giant young lady!”

Missy and Alec’s attention was drawn down below, both a bit surprised when they saw a line of police cars at Missy’s feet. There were some army trucks as well, soldiers with their rifles aimed upward.

“I order you to surrender! Or we will apply violent force!” the man shouted, whom Missy and Alec assumed to be the ‘man in charge’ or whatever.

“I don’t think they know how to properly treat a goddess,” Missy stated, “perhaps now is a perfect opportunity to show them what happens when they defy their new master?”

Alec said not a word, he simply smiled as Missy began to bend her knees. She slowly lowered her body towards the ground, her free hand extending outwards towards the man with the loudspeaker. The man's eyes widened in horror, as he turned around in an attempt to run away.

He was far to slow however, as Missy’s fingers had already plucked the man off the ground. The soldiers and officers all froze in terror, unable to react as they watched this enormous young girl grab the man without a flinch.

Missy brought the tiny man up to her eyes, her giant green eyes looking into his frightened eyes. The man was shaking feverishly as he tried to anticipate what she would do with him.

“Yuck, you don’t look very appetizing!” Missy snared, showing a look of disgust.

“Wh-what?” the man stuttered, confused as to what Missy was talking about.

“You have to assert dominance if you want their obedience!” Alec reminded her.

Missy nodded solemnly, “Right… well in you go then!”

The man screamed in terror as he watched Missy’s gargantuan lips part like the red sea. Her truck sized teeth threatened to mash the man to mush, and he looked towards the back of her throat where her colossal uvula swung around like a pendulum.

“No! Wait! PLEASE!” the man cried, but his whimpering went unheard.

Missy tilted her head back, and raised the squirming morsel over open mouth. The man looked down with dread, realizing his fate was about to be inside this young girl’s gut. The soldiers and officers merely froze in shock, unable to attempt anything out of fear.

Missy’s tongue protruded outward, her hot slimy breath washing over the bug sized man between her fingers. Her fingers parted, hurtling the man downwards as he landed on the tip of her saliva coated tongue. He began to thrash about like a mad man, trying to make his way off of Missy’s tongue. Missy had already retracted her tongue back into her mouth however, her lips closing to trap him inside permanently. The man cried and begged, strands of saliva surrounding him as he took in his surroundings.

Missy raised her tongue slowly, her head tilting backwards as the man began to slide towards her throat. He fought violently to get a grip on her tongue, but it was in vein. He slid slowly into her open throat, as the base of Missy’s tongue pressed upwards firmly as it forced the man into her throat.

Alec watched in awe, as he witnessed Missy’s throat bulge as she swallowed the man alive. Though Alec was young, he began to feel a tingling sensation below. His eyes watched as Missy’s finger began to trace down her throat, as she felt the man slide all the way down into her awaiting stomach. She licked her lips with satisfaction, moaning as her hand rested on her gut. She began to pat her belly, letting out a sound deafening burp as she looked down and smiled at Alec.

Alec could hear her belly gurgling all the way atop her palm. He stared at it like a child looks at candy. He could hear her stomach growling as it prepared to digest it’s new meal, and it sent chills of pleasure down Alec’s spine.

Missy then looked down at the soldiers, giving them a threatening glare, “any others who wish to defy their new goddess?”

The soldiers all looked at one another in terror. Before most of them could react, a police officer discharged their gun. The bullet hit Missy in the kneecap, but didn’t do much other than sting a little.

“Ow! Hey!” Missy shouted in anger.

“FIRE!” shouted one of the soldiers, as the rest began unloading their magazines. Bullets flew through the air, and Missy closed her hand around Alec to protect him.

Bullets hit her everywhere, stinging as if it were a bunch of bees poking her with their stingers. Missy thought for sure that devouring their leader would force obedience, but clearly she was wrong. She was beginning to throw a tantrum, and she decided that enough was enough!

“Fine! You want to defy me?” Missy hissed.

Missy lifted her colossal barefoot, letting it hover over the army trucks. The soldiers looked up, screaming in horror as they began to scatter. It was too late for them however, as her enormous foot smashed downward causing a mini quake to ensue as the trucks and soldiers squished beneath her smooth sole.

“Wow, that actually feels pretty satisfying!” Missy said with glee, “Hey Alec, did you see that?”

“Mpphmm!” Alec shouted.

“Oh… right,” Missy opened her palm back open, allowing Alec to peer down at the carnage that Missy had just caused.

“Woah! You crushed them with your foot?” Alec looked at Missy’s colossal and smooth foot, which for some odd reason was adding to the unusual tingling sensation he was getting inside his pants.

“I sure did! Watch this!” Missy said, before facing her back towards the rest of the soldiers and officers.

The armed men below peered upward, as Missy’s perky little butt was now facing them all. The men all looked at one another, uncertain of what their fate was about to be.

Missy let her ass fall downwards, laughing hysterically as she did so. The men all screamed in horror as Missy’s ass fell towards them, the shadow of her butt engulfing them all. Her titanic ass cheeks collided into them all, instantly reducing them to bloodstains on her cheeks.

“Geez! That was amazing!” Alec was laughing with joy, which caused Missy to laugh even more.

“Well… do you think we should stop now? Before even more soldiers arrive?” Alec suggested, “Besides, I think your mother might be expecting our return by now!”

Missy shook her head, “Nuh uh! No way!”

Alec gave a confused look, “I… I don’t understand.”

Missy gave Alec a wink, “I already told you, I’m a goddess now! This city is MINE!”

Was Alec dreaming? Was Missy planning to remain this big forever? “But what about food? What are you gonna eat?” Alec asked.

“I have a city full of food right here! Those who defy me will be my food!” Missy proclaimed, “You aren’t going to defy me… are you?”

Alec gulped audibly, looking up at Missy for the first time with fear. Was she being serious? Would she really eat her own friend?

“I’m kidding! Sheesh, lighten up!” Missy snickered, “I’m exhausted, I’m gonna go find a field to sleep in… but I need to keep you safe.”

“What will you do with me?” Alec asked with uncertainty.

Missy grinned, “Oh… I have the best spot for you! I’ve seen you ogling at my body all day today… so it’s quite obvious you have a crush on me!”

Alec’s heart sank, had Missy known all along? Was it that obvious??

“You’ll be mine forever Alec! Hope you’re ok with that!” Missy said devilishly, “I’ve always had a bit of a crush on you as well…”

Missy lowered Alec towards her bikini bottoms, pulling them open as she hovered him above the opening, “M-missy?”

“Shhh, you’ll enjoy every second and you know it!” Missy snickered.

Missy let go of Alec and sent him tumbling into her bikini bottoms. She snapped them shut, and patted her crotch as she felt Alec worm around. She started to feel a bit tingly herself, something she didn’t expect so quickly. It felt good though… and she didn’t fight it.

Missy simply headed off, crushing cars and people as she headed into the distance… looking for an open field to sleep in. She was a goddess now, who no longer needed a mother or father. She does what she wants, when she wants. She eats whomever, whenever. The world was hers now, and nobody could get in her way…


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