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Author's Chapter Notes:

Hey! This is my first ever story on this site, and first time writing a fetish based story as well. Any reviews and criticism is helpful. I'll try to update weekly, depending on if people enjoy this story or not. Suggestions are always welcome. This first chapter is character introductions and some giantess stuff.

Rain poured down from the sky as Kevin sat looking out his window. Sat in his desk chair watching the water drip down his window, he was dressed in his common atire. A pair of pajama pants, a black shirt with a band logo, and his long black hair covering most of his face. He wasn't what you would call "in shape" and he tended to be rather inactive and reserved. Especially now. The day prior, him and his closest friend got in an argument. One that resulted in lots of crying. Kevin sighed as he replayed the events of that day in his head. He struggled with self esteem and anxiety as is, and that fight didn't help. Thats when his phone began to buzz. Looking down, he noticed a text from his friend Emma. She was 16, having just reached the same age as Kevin not even two months ago. They had only been friends for about a year now, yet they were still decently close. Emma stood at his height of 5'8 and was what most people described as a nerdy girl. She was typically very lonely and also struggled with anxiety similar to Kevin. They had met through a mutual friend.

"I'm here" the text on his phone read. "Crap... I forgot she was coming over" Kevin muttered to himself. Quickly, he threw on a jacket and walked downstairs to the side door. Upon opening it, he saw Emma standing there. She was dressed in a gray sweatshirt that fit her a bit loosely as well as black leggings. Her hair was dyed blonde with  her dirty blonde roots starting to show, and in her hair was a blue and white bow. Emma was a cheerleader and judging by her slightly messy hair that easily reached her b-cup breasts as well as the odor of sweat, she had just gotten done with cheer practice. The one thing Kevin's eyes were immediately drawn to was her shoes. Ugg's slippers with her white socks exposed from the middle of her sole down. For a girl of her height, her feet were actually rather large at a size 9 1/2. Kevin, not wanting to seem like a creep with a foot fetish (which he kinda was), averted his eyes and looked back up towards her face. Her eyes were brown and she wore glasses. Some acne was scattered across her forehead, and she had very prominent cheeks when she smiled. "Hey!" she said, her voice a bit nasaly. "Hey.." Kevin responded back, his voice low and with a hint of sadness. He lead her through the kitchen and then upstairs into her room. Immedaitely, she took a seat on his bed as Kevin went to sit in his computer chair.

"Want something to drink?" Kevin asked, reaching down to grab a water bottle from the supply he keeps in his room. "Nah, I'm good." she responded as she fidgeted with her thumbs. Kevin noticed she seemed a bit uneasy and decided to ask "Hey, is everything okay?" Emma took a second to think before responding "I should be asking you that." Kevin rolled his eyes and leaned back in the chair. "You know I hate talking about my problems" he said, not wanting her to press the issue. "I know. That's why I came over to make you feel better. We don't have to talk, cuz I have other ways" she said, a small smile spreading across her face as she finished the sentence. "Other ways?" Kevin questioned, raising an eyebrow as he took a sip from his own water bottle. "Yup! Remember how you told me about your fetish for feet not long ago?" she teased, scrunching her socked toes within the confines of her slippers. "Fuck.." Kevin muttered, remembering the night well. It was exactly three months ago from today when he and his friends had attended a party. They were drunk, as the party hosts didn't care about anyone under 18 drinking or not, as long as they paid for their fill. Kevin, Emma, and a few other friends were going around and sharing their most embarrasing secrets, and on Kevin's turn, he admitted the fact that he didn't want to have sex or anything like that. One of the few things that aroused him was feet. Pushing the memory from his mind, he nodded. "Yeah, I remember. Why?" he questioned Emma, his voice becoming a bit shaky. "Well... Close your eyes. I have a surprise." He could feel a chill run up his spine as he obeyed. Closing his eyes, he suddenly heard a rather weird beeping sound followed by what sounded like a computer starting up. Emma fiddled with the toy-gun looking device, adjusting the settings to exactly what she wanted. "One inch tall... no extra durability..." she muttered to herself. Finally, she raised the device and pointed it at Kevin. A small blue beam shot from the front and hit Kevin's chest. Immediately, Kevin felt his chest tighten as he gasped for breath. Now he physically couldn't open his eyes. He broke out in a cold sweat as he gasped. Bile rose from his stomach as nausea overtook him. Eventually, he passed out. The last thing Kevin heard was the sound of Emma giggling.


As Kevin woke up, he found he could open his eyes. It was bright. Very bright. He could feel a dull, throbbing pain in the back of his head. Eventually, his eyes adjusted to the light. And what he saw was terrifying. His posters that had littered every wall in his room seemed miles away. His trash can that barely reached his knee was now the size of an office building. He reached down to grab at his chest in an attempt to feel his heart beat, but immediately realized he had no shirt on. Looking down, he saw that he was fully naked. Kevin attempted to calm himself, taking in deep breaths as he tried to comprehend what was happening. That was when he heard massive thuds. He hadn't thought to look behind him. He was greeted with the sight of a brown wall. Not just any brown wall. One that appeared fuzzy and soft, despite the heavy scent of mud and... socks? His mind began to piece together his location. He was in his room... and he was with Emma. Emma smiled as she stood over the tiny, looking down at him. She knew how scary this must have been. However, she knew this would make both of them (but mostly her) feel better. "Hey, little Kevie!" she called out, her voice sounding like a bomb to his small ears.

She placed her hands on her hips as he looked up at her. She was like a mountain. A slender, cute, and sweet mountain. But a mountain nonetheless. Tired of waiting for a response, Emma slowly and dramatically lifted her right foot from the ground. From Kevin's perspective, he could see all the little bits of dirt and gunk fall from her shoe's sole. He estimated he would probably be only 3/4ths as tall as her big toe. As she hovered her foot above Kevin, she tilted her ankle and pointed the toe of her shoe at him. Slowly, she poked him with it, knocking him on his back. She did her best to hold back laughter as she covered his tiny body underneath her dirty sole. "This will not only make you feel better, but me as well." she said down to her tiny friend. "Now start cleaning!"

Chapter End Notes:

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. More to come in the near future. 


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