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   "Okay... Breathe in, breathe out. Simple. This'll be a cake walk," Alec said to himself, as he nervously paced with a brisk gait through the frigid February night. His held low to the ground, he tried to talk himself out of just bailing on this party entirely.

    Alec had been invited to the after party of one of the dance department's performances of ASU, his college of choice. He'd been running tech for the show as an attempt to get more familiar with the sound system of their performing arts hall; he was planning on becoming a tech operator for traveling bands and performing artists, and saw it as a great way to get started. In the process, he'd become fairly good friends with some of the performers- mostly made up of super-athletic guys and, much more frighteningly, some of the hottest women Alec had ever met. As a result, one of the girls, Lily- who he had a major thing for- had invited him to the party, claiming it was going to be the "party of the century". She was gorgeous, standing at nearly 6'3", with long red hair and a bright smile. She had these great freckles, too... Alec couldn't stop thinking about her, and this offer came out of left field.

    Alec had never touched a drink nor a pipe in his life. But, being a male, he did not decline out of fear of looking small in front of a beautiful woman. He was beginning to regret his decision more and more as he neared the sound of awful trap music muffled by the dingy drywall of a college house. Checking his phone to verify the address one last time, Alec stared at the imposing figure of the house. Brushing his messy blonde hair out of the way and adjusting his glasses, he took one last gulp of fresh air before knocking on the door firmly. He did his best to adjust his old leather jacket and way-too-tight skinny jeans as the door swung open, revealing a short blonde girl with some vicious wingtip eyeliner and an outfit that Lady Gaga would call revealing. It was Kim, one of Alec's fellow techies for the show. Behind her stood what must have been more than 40 college kids in a room far too small to hold them, dancing the night away and screaming the lyrics to their favorite songs as multicolored lights filled the air.

    "Hey hey! Long time no see!" she grabbed Alec and yanked him inside with a hug like a vice-grip. Clearly intoxicated, she was practically screaming to be heard over the trap music. "I'm SO glad you came! This party was so boring!"

    "Thanks, I do what I can," Alec said flashing an awkward grin. His aviator glasses did not reveal the panicked expression in his eyes as Kim handed a red solo cup full of an ambiguous orange liquid. "What's this?"

    "Vodka and OJ! If you haven't had it before, it's SO GOOD! Oh my gosh, I am so glad you came this party was, like, super boring before!" Kim said, hanging on Alec's shoulder and nearly falling to the floor as she laughed. Alec took a sip- it burned like hell, but he choked it down. Suppressing a cough, he nodded with delight and smiled awkwardly once more. He scanned the room for Lily once more to no avail, though he did see plenty of people he recognized. He choked down another drink and began to explore the frenzied environment splayed out before him.

    The main floor was clearly designated for drinking and dancing, and the basement was so full of pot smoke that Alec nearly had an asthma attack when he opened the door, so he elected to steer clear. The second floor was all locked bedrooms- all of course full of couples either fucking or making out. Alec suspected he would not come to use these rooms at any point. The backyard had been established as the "kegger zone", and several beer bongs had been set up too. Wild screams of delight filled the freezing winter air as one of the more popular performers, Dante, drank for a full 40 seconds without coming up for air. He pumped his fist as the froth poured from his mouth, and the cheers surged once more. His eyes met Alec's, and he made his way over. His eyes were red from smoking, and his speech slurred from the booze.

    "Aleeeeeeeeec. My dude. Welcome!" he threw Alec into a bear hug, nearly crushing him in the process, "So glad you made it my man. You killed it with those lights tonight, just like always!"

    "Thanks! Yeah, I aim for consistency, if nothing else-"

    "Yooooo, that's awesome man. Hey, how many of those have you had?" Dante gestured towards Alec's drink.

    "Oh, this? Just the one..." Alec had managed to gulp down maybe half of the beverage as he had explored the house.

    "Dude! Chug it down! That's not too much!"

    "Chug it!? Uh, man, I've never been great at chugging, I kinda just sip away-"


    And with that, the rallying cries that had once surrounded Dante now filled Alec with immense pressure. Not thinking, he did as he was asked, and downed the whole drink, nearly vomiting on the spot. His throat and stomach burned, but he managed. Imitating his better, he pumped his fist victoriously to immense cheering from his friends. Maybe I CAN do this! he thought to himself. He was handed another drink by a stranger, and he gladly began to drink it right away.

    The night progressed at lightspeed from there. Alec drank four cups of jungle juice on top of what he had already had, and he even had one girl, Jeanette, teach him how to smoke. He found himself getting lost in the hedonistic craze of the party. Smoking, drinking- they became second nature as he immersed himself fully in the culture of the party. The whole night, though, he hadn't seen Lily once, which bummed him out. He had plenty of people to hang out with, but it just wasn't the same without her.

    He found himself in the smoke-filled basement talking to his friend Nancy, a brunette with piercing blue eyes. They shared a blunt as they discussed the evenings festivites.

    "So, hey, this party's lit, dude." Alec said, his body flopped down on the couch.

    "Haha! I know! This is the craziest one I've been to in a while. But just wait, it's gonna get crazier. You know, uh... Lily! Lily, right?"

    "YES! I LOVE HER!" Alec blurted out. He blushed instantly, regretting his choice of words.

    "SAME. HONESTLY," she said, seemingly not catching the Freudian slip, "BUT FOR REAL. Lily is about to crank this party up 11." Before Alec could inquire what she meant, he heard the familiar angelic voice of the woman herself upstairs. The music had been turned down, and she loudly spoke so everyone in the house could hear.

    "YOOOOO! WHAT'S UP PARTY PEOPLE!? I GOT A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! EVERYONE GET UP HERE PRONTO!" You didn't have to tell Alec twice. He sprung to his feet and dizzly hustled up the stairs. Everyone was gathered around Lily- who towered over most everyone there- who was holding was looked like a small metallic box with a dial and a button on top.

    "The REAL reason you're all here has arrived! So... for those who are unaware, my roommate is a STEM major and she rented out this baby for a 'school project'. But we're gonna get fuckin' WILD and use this BITCH ALL WE WANT! That's right mother fuckers, we got a MINIMIZER!!!" Screams of delight followed her speech. Alec was flabbergasted. Minimizers were extremely expensive, and plenty of people on campus thought it was just a rumor ASU had one at all. In theory, the Minimizer can shrink anything for up to 12 hours, including organic material. However, shrinking PEOPLE was considered very criminal unless very specific paperwork had been filled out- which of course it hadn't. And yet, here Lily was, waving it around like a kid's toy! Were people seriously going to shrink!?

    "Alright everyone," she said, silencing the crowd as she raised a finger, "A couple of house rules. EVERYONE, SHOES OFF, RIGHT NOW. If somebody gets shrunk and they end up on the floor, we don't want them to FUCKIN' DIE," a laugh followed the last remark as everyone began removing shoes, socks, and heels; Alec followed suit. "SECOND. If you are SHRINKING, DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE. You can stay the night, but please, DO NOT LEAVE. We don't want anyone getting eaten by a stray cat or anything. FINALLY, EVERYBODY HAVE A BLAST!" With this last statement, she raised the box in the air and everyone cheered. A line formed, and the unthinkable began to happen- people started volunteering to be shrunk. 

    At the front of the line was a ton of party girls and guys who had had far too much to drink. With a flash of eerie bluish white light, they were all an inch tall. Cheers and hollers followed as the bare feet of surrounding partiers stamped towards the miniscule individuals. One guy picked up his girlfriend, and they immediately ran upstairs. Two girls- one of which Alec recognized as Jeanette- began grabbing literal fistfuls of squirming, cheering party-goers. They ran to a table covered with red solo cups and began to play what looked like some twisted variation of beer pong where people were thrown into the booze, and then had the beer literally sucked off of them. Surprisingly enough, the tinies seemed to enjoy this massively.

    More and more students started to shrink themselves. Their sizes varied- some shrunk to around 1 foot, some shrank to what looked like ant-size. Alec began to see the party devolve even further into its hedonistic state. He saw couples the size of flies fucking while regular sized partiers watched and cheered on. He saw one guy shrink himself so small that his girlfriend could put him in her locket. Nancy was giving what she called a "$5 Carwash", which essentially entailed her sucking off shrunken guys for money, which she did in plain view of everyone. Whatever illusions of shame were present had all but gone- people were being used as sex toys, women shoveling hungry men into their pussies and enjoying the best eating out of their life. 

    Lily approached Alec, box in hand. She smiled wryly. 

    "You ready to shrink?"

    "You want me to try it?" Alec nervously spat out. He was frankly terrified of what could happen in a diminished state. Parties were scary enough as is.

    "Uh, HELL YEAH. Everyone's doing it! I'm personally staying my regular giant self to keep an eye on everyone," she laughed, "But if you want you can hang around with me, Lily-zilla! I hear seeing someone giant for the first time is like the first time you see the ocean... it's, like, incredible."



    "O-okay," he stuttered, "I think I'll try it."

    "Alright, what height? Just a quick note: real men stay below an inch," she shot him a wink.

    "Great. Um, I'll do half an inch, then."

    "Sweet! See yah on the other side, dude!"

    And with that, that familiar alien light shot right at Alec. He went temporarily blind before seeing the room once more. It was the biggest thing he's ever seen. The couch he had once slumped on was a distant mountain. The kitchen was a far-off kingdom. And right before him was a woman nearly the size of the Eiffel tower. Her toes, now wriggling with delight before him, stood larger than his house. Lily's goddess voice boomed.

    "LOOKING GOOD DOWN THERE, LITTLE GUY! HOW DO YOU FEEL?" Her immense toes wriggled once more. Alec thought he picked up hints of her foot sweat in the air, but chose to ignore it. The most beautiful thing he'd ever seen stood before him. A literal goddess. Just as he was opening his mouth to speak, a second voice boomed.

    "ALEC! OH MY GOD! YOU SHRUNK!" A pair of titanic, albeit smaller than Lily's, nylon covered bare feet stamped towards him. It was Kim, her voice still rich with drunkenness. A gigantic hand descended towards Alec, so large he could make out every ridge and crease in its skin as it flew at him. He was grabbed with a familiar vice-grip, and pulled into a god-like hug against Kim's chest.

    "COME WITH ME! WE'RE GONNA HAVE A BLAST!" She began running upstairs, with Alec squirming about in her omnipotent hand. Alec reached back towards Lily, to no avail.

    He found himself in one of the previously inaccessible bedrooms, on a pink comforted bed with what must have been 20 other tiny men and women. He recognized and said hello to a few friends as Kim's gargantuan form shut the door and locked it. She approached the bed, her stocking covered feet creating earthquakes as she moved.

    "So... I've been on my feet all day... And the pheromones comin off these guys are PRETTY STRONG..." she said, inching her way on to the bed. She revealed her bare, blackened feet, covered in debris from a day of walking around. "So you all are gonna PARTY IN MY STOCKINGS AND CLEAN ME UP A BIT! HAVE FUN!" Surprisingly, cheers from his fellow shrinkies surrounded him. Kim returned her stockings to her feet, and in a sultry manner pulled them open with one, giant finger. The giantess then began scooping handfuls of people into her two stockings. They slid down her legs, some stopping along her legs, others making their way to her glorious bare feet. 

    Alec found himself scooped up once more, the last of the tinies. Kim shot him a wink as he fell into the stocking of her left leg, sinking all the way down to her sweaty feet. Sliding down the smooth pale skin, he fell directly under the ball of her foot, surrounded by sweat, dirt, and grime. The smell was utterly oppresive, and the soft foot flesh enveloped him like a warm, smelly bed. He found himself... oddly... turned on. She was right. The pheromones from her sweat had begun to drive him mad. Without even a second of hesistation, he began eagerly licking and sucking as much of the sweaty surface he could, as his cock swelled to immense, unthinkable sizes. He smelled and sucked with the pure bliss of a dog at a pizza buffet. He could hear his fellow tinies doing the same. Thunderous moans of pleasure echoed from above as Kim pleasured herself to the feeling of dozens of tiny worshipers getting intimate with her bare, writhing toes. Alec began to use this to his advantage. Her toes would splay from sheer pleasure, and he would use this window of opportunity to pleasure himself with her wriggling digits. As he finally came, he passed out from sheer pleasure.


    He awoke the next day returned to his full size, groggily splayed out on the floor next to a pair of torn nylons and a dozen other people. He quick realized his entire body smelled like Kim's foot sweat, much to his dismay, and it seemed some of her toe refuse had grown back with him. Brushing himself off, he slowly made his way downstairs, and saw similar scenes unfolding throughout the house. The beer pong table was entirely smashed, Nancy had some guy's dick on her face, and huge pools of beer covered the floor, presumably having grown with the shrunken people covered with the stuff. Lily was awake, picking up various bits of refuse off the ground, and moving people to less compromising positions. She smiled when she saw Alec.

     "So, how was last night? Sorry if things got a little crazy," she chuckled, "You hungover at all?"

    Alec realized his head was pounding, and instantly felt the worse for wear. He smiled through it.

    "Yeah, but frankly," he grinned, "I'm just wondering... when we can do this again sometime?"

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