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On the date of February 10, 2018, 10 kids went missing. Nobody knew where they went, and nobody will ever know as long as you are not talking to the scientist who caused it, Cindy Maltervitz. 
Cindy worked at Cougar High as a Chemistry teacher, and she taught her honors students how to make shrinking and growth chemical. Plenty of people wanted to know about how to make them grow, but there was one girl who said she wanted to know how to make a shrinking potion. The teacher never questioned why she wanted to have a shrinking potion, but she was concerned about why the quiet girl finally spoke and wanted a shrinking potion. She did the biggest mistake, and she let the quiet girl make a shrinking potion. She told her only one ounce of the chemical that shrinks something because more than one ounce begins to shrink them a bit too rapidly. As usual, nobody listened to the Chemistry teacher, and she poured in double the ingredients and three times the chemical solution that would cause the shrinking. This would make someone turn into nothing more than a piece of unwanted crumb on someone's dinner plate. This was the start of her reign of terror.
This girl decided it would be a great idea to shrink someone she hated, and it was a kid who bullied her since they first met each other in middle school. The guy acted like her friend and waited until she revealed her deepest and darkest secrets, and before too long, he revealed all of them to everyone. For a very long time everyone made fun of her until she hit 10th grade, because some of her fears did come true... her father and mother both died, and she lived with her grandma. 
So she shrunk him along with another boy who was well known with being her friend, but she wanted him more than a friend. She waited patiently as she knew both boys hung out around the lunchroom when school was let out. 
There was a massive amount of people in the lunchroom, but this girl was able to pick out each one. She saw the one she hated first, so she simply walked up to him, and the kid saw her as she had a grin. This was not pleasing to him, but he tried to be kind with her. "H-hey J-Ja-" he said as she did not speak, she simply jabbed him with a needle, and he instantly knocked out. She grinned as he quickly shrunk down more and more. Eventually he was nothing more than the size of a food crumb. She grabbed him and put him in her back pocket so he would suffer when she sits down. Next she saw her best friend, and she walked over to him smiling happily.
The kid saw her, and he seemed pretty happy that she was finally smiling. It is very rare for her to smile, but he did know that some people were afraid when she smiled. He was the one who didn't care about that, he wanted everyone to be happy. "Hey Jazzy" he said with a smile.
"Hey there my little Ratthew!"
"H-hey I said we keep my fetish between us okay?"
"Yeah yeah, listen I shrunk the kid I told you about one year ago who ruined my life in school."
"You did?! You didn't use it on me?" As he said that, she pulled out a very big vase, and there were numerous small flasks. "Oh dang.. so you plan on using one on me?"
"Yes, but I don't want you at his size. You wouldn't be able to even speak with me. I warn you, I am not going to be as kind as I am now... I kinda want to feel like a queen of some sort." "Well as long as you do not crush me, I will let you okay?" She nodded and gave him a flask.
"Only drink half of it" she said, and Mat drank exactly half of it. He did not pass out since it was half the contents of what she put in it, and he shrunk to the size of her big toe. She giggled and towered over him with that massive smile. "You ready?"
"You bet. Where am I going?" She took her right shoe off and let him assume. "H-heh.. come one seriously? You realize your just pleasing me right?" She nodded, and without further due, he quickly hopped inside of her shoe. She put it on nice and slowly, and the bell rung to leave school. She simply smiled and walked off.
The worst part about Jane is that he has short term memory loss. She killed both of her tiny pets throughout the weekend, and nobody even noticed either one of them was missing. It was so odd that she would do that to them even when she knew she would forget about them, but she hoped she would remember about one of them, but she never did. She was too busy thinking about what to do with all of these potions. It then hit her that she would shrink the rest of the people she hated which were 10 people in the whole school. She simply got up and walked out the door. Nobody found her during the whole weekend.

Chapter End Notes:

So this is the start of the story. I put all of the tags that will fit and tie in with this story as we progress, so we shall see what will happen to each student shall we? Join me as we go on an adventure! If you have any ideas you would like to suggest to me, please do tell!

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