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Prologue (From New World Order)

Dylan ran out of the carrier as soon as Lance touched down.  “Rosie!  Jenny!  Sharon!”  There was no response.  Seth ran towards Dylan, Aidan having landed next to the carrier, and stopped next to him.


“Did it work?”


“I suppose.  There would be giant women all around, wouldn’t there?”


“Seth!”  Seth spun around and saw Anna, wearing the same clothes she had on as a giantess, now back to her normal height.  Seth ran straight to her and kissed her for what felt to him like ages.


“You’re back to normal baby!  Oh my gosh, it’s been way too long!”


“I’m so sorry honey!  We never should have volunteered to take that formula!”


“You still looking to get married?”


“Are you kidding me?  When can we start?”


“Dylan!  You want to marry us?  A bit informal, but the world is a bit different now.”


“Maybe another time.  I need to find my family.”  Harvey walked over to him with Penny by his side.  She was now normal sized and looked quite happy to be a petite little woman again.


“I guess their clothes shrunk too.  Interesting,” said Harvey.


“Do you see any of my family Harvey?”


“Dad!”  Jenny ran straight into Dylan’s arms and hugged him tightly.  “It worked!  I’m back to normal!”


“You are sweetheart you are!” Dylan said through tears.  “Where’s your mom?”


“Dylan!  Jenny!  Oh my gosh you guys are alive!”  Dylan ran straight for Sharon and heaved her up by her waist, kissing her as long as Seth had.  “Honey, I’m so sorry.  Our house is ruined, the world is ruined, and people are dead and it’s all my fault and-“


“It’s not your fault, the formula messed with your head.  I’m just glad you’re safe.”


“Not for long!  You traitors will pay for this!”  Linda, now much less menacing at her tiny 5-foot height, stormed over to the group.  “I am still in charge and you are all going to pay for rebelling against my order!”


“You were never in charge of anything!  You appointed yourself and became a dictator.”


“Exactly!  So I order you all to stand down!”


“Listen here Linda.  I played your game long enough, so this has been long in the making.”  Anna swung hard against Linda’s face and she fell to the ground, out cold.  “Finally.  I’ve had enough of her.”


“So where is Rosie, daddy?”


“I don’t know.  She must be here somewhere.”  Everyone else that had been affected by the cure were just getting up, some shocked to be back to normal, others appalled that they had done the things they had done.  “Rosie!  Harvey, can you get in the air and try and see her from up there?”


“That won’t be necessary Dylan.”




“I found her.”  Harvey pointed at the sky and Dylan looked up to where he was pointing.  What he saw nearly made him pass out.  Rosie was affected by the beam, but she wasn’t cured.  She had just came out of it worse.  She was now in space, the size of the moon, and looking down upon the Earth with a hungry gaze. 



“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.” - Albus Dumbledore


Dylan was in shock.  Rosie was beyond human now.  Beyond giant.  She was the literal goddess she had been proclaiming herself as for the past few years.  Now, his daughter was bigger than the planet.  “How is this even possible?” he asked, horror struck. 

“Doesn’t matter!  We need to take evasive action!” Harvey yelled as he got Lance to fire up the dropship.  They would have to send a fleet to round up the once giant women, but for now they would have to leave them.  Together again, Dylan, Sharon, and Jenny climbed in, the two women wearing large blankets to cover themselves.  Seth and Anna were running in, hands locked, and Linda was dragged in by Aidan. 

“Can’t leave this woman behind!  She may be a whack, but me might as well bring her in!” he yelled over the roaring engines.  As soon as Dylan was in the co-pilot’s seat, he plucked on a headset to talk to Harvey, who had just put a pair on in the cabin. 

“How do you expect to fight her?!  Tell me you have a plan!”

“For now, we just need to get home as fast as possible.  Lance?”


“Punch it into overdrive.”

“You sure about that?  We never tested it!”

“It’s our only chance.  We may be able to defend ourselves if we get home quick enough.  I’m just hoping Rosie isn’t too keen on destroying life as we know it just yet.”  Dylan braced himself as Lance flipped a switch, and the world seemed to warp around them.  He was ready to feel the force of the speed they traveled at, but he remained still in his chair, untouched by the forces that should have been fighting him.  Within seconds, Lance flipped the lever again, and they were in their headquarters.  A few dozen troops stormed out, all panicking and rushing to prepare the loading dock.  Two large bay doors opened, hidden beneath the ground, and the dropship carefully landed, buckling a bit as Lance hadn’t cared to go through landing procedures. 

“Sorry about that!  Trying to get in quickly!”  The landing ramp descended, and Harvey was first out.  Dylan threw off his headset, left Lance to power off the dropship, and grabbed Seth on the way out. 

“Come on hotshot.  This ain’t over yet,” Dylan said.  Seth pecked Anna on the cheek, then ran off with Aidan in tow.  The three men maneuvered through the underground base, finally getting to Harvey in the conference room.  The large table was littered with blueprints and notes, signs of Harvey’s work on his cure.  “What’s your plan doc?”

“I’ve been developing a shield.  Something for exactly this situation.”

“A shield?” Seth said.

“Planetary.  It gathers energy from the core, converting it into a shield strong enough to withstand the worst nature can throw at us.”

“Rosie isn’t normal nature,” Dylan said.

“No, but we have to try.  It isn’t perfect, but I will need all of you with me to make sure the shield is stabilized.”

“Well what are we waitin’ for?  Let’s do this!” Aidan yelled enthusiastically.  Harvey led the way to a room with a large machine pointing skywards.  It looked like something out of a sci-fi movie, and what it was going to do was out of a sci-fi movie.  How the world had changed. 

“Aidan.  Watch those readings on that computer over there!” Harvey said, pointing to a computer set next to a large amount of machinery.  “Seth, put these gloves on and hold those tubes connecting to the portal.  Make sure they don’t fly off.”

“How am I going to make a difference?!”

“It’s all in the mind Seth, just do it.”  Seth begrudgingly did as he was told.  “Dylan, hold that lever up.  It’s going to fight you, so put all your strength on it.  Everyone ready?”  They all nodded, and Harvey pressed a button on his tablet.  Immediately, the lever Dylan was holding tried snapping down, nearly crushing Dylan’s hand.  He pushed at it, both hands feeling numb already.  Seth was clearly struggling, a bright blue light streaming in the clear tube.  Then, a laser shot into the sky, passing through the ground as if it didn’t exist.  “Readings, Aidan?”


“Let me raise the power!  OK, what about now?”

“80-no 90%!”  Dylan felt like his hand was going to be crushed, just as Aidan yelled, “100%!”  Immediately, the machine died, and the pressure gave out on the lever. 

“Did it work?” Dylan asked. 

“Let’s go outside and see.”  The four men jogged to the surface, and upon exiting were visited with a brilliant sky of blue, darker than the blue that usually filled the sky.  Rosie was still clear on the horizon, but her look had changed.  Suddenly, she spoke. 

“WHAT’S THIS?  MY SUBJECTS HAVE BLOCKED ME OFF?  THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  WHERE ARE MY LOYAL SUBJECTS?  I WILL BREAK THIS BUBBLE, BE WARNED.  GODDESS ROSIE WILL HAVE HER VENGEANCE.”  The giantess, with incredible speed, swung her hand at the earth, but the shield absorbed her blow, ripples cascading from the point her moon sized fist had struck.  The giantess then let out a scream that shattered every window across the globe and causing many to go deaf from the volume of it.  Thankfully, those far enough away were just left with a terrible ringing in their ears. 

“I guess it works, for now,” Seth said. 

“For how long?” Dylan asked.

“Hopefully until we find a solution,” Harvey said. 


               Anna woke from her sleep, sweat covering her body.  She had just been through another nightmare involving her being Rosie’s size.  She had been huge before, and she never wanted to go back.  The power scared her, and all she wanted was to go back to her old way of life.  No one could though.  The damage was done, and now Rosie was the biggest casualty so far.  It hadn’t taken long in the few months since Rosie grew for the world to organize again.  The resistance no longer called itself that, but became the capital for the world, connecting with world leaders across the globe, most of them women.  Few men were left, and those that were still hid.  Dylan had become the leader of this new government, out of a popular vote, and Seth was his second in command.  Anna, of course, became the commander of the armies.  Not that they needed any, especially with their only opposition being the planet sized goddess floating just outside the shield. 

               Rosie had not left the earth, always taunting the people and smashing the shield.  Obviously, food was of no use to her now.  She must have grown out of needing many things.  Things like oxygen, water, sleep, and food.  She was a new being.  It hadn’t taken long for Harvey to figure out what happened to her.  Being the largest giantess at the battle, she had taken the energy expelled from every giantess in the world.  Harvey admitted to it being his fault.  He hadn’t accounted for the energy expelled and didn’t realize it would go somewhere.  Thank goodness it was Rosie though.  If it had been Linda, the earth would not have lasted long enough to power on the shield.

               Linda had been imprisoned in the capital ever since Anna had knocked her out.  She paced in her cell, now silent.  She used to scream and fuss, vowing revenge, but now she merely watched the guards and sat in her chair.  Anna wished she would just try to escape for once.  The silence was unnerving. 

               The rest of the women seemed to be moving back into society with ease.  Not one person was not without guilt, and they immediately put their work into the unified government.  After a month, everyone was unified and reporting to Dylan while rebuilding took place.  The world was on the brink of destruction with the war and the formula.  Then, the world fell into chaos with the new world order.  Now, there was a silver lining, even if it was small.  Everything fell onto Harvey to cure Rosie, and hopefully before she broke their shield.     


Chapter End Notes:

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